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Product Description

Introducing the MIQRO vaporizer from DaVinci. The MIQRO is the perfect vaporizer for anybody looking for a small, sleek and sophisticated loose leaf vaporizer guaranteed to offer a maximised experience at a size 33% smaller than the DaVinci IQ. 

MIQRO uses a 100% ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and air chamber which allows the user to draw the purest vapour you’ll ever taste in a vaporizer.


Removable Battery: Replace your 18350 battery for extended vaping sessions.

Adjustable Oven Pearl: Use fewer herbs while maximizing your experience on every draw.

Attached Lids: Packs your loose herbs for optimal heating.

Zirconium Airflow System: Enjoy the purest flavour in every session.

Precision Temperature & Smart Paths: Craft your own experience through 3 distinct control options.

All Ceramic Airpath; achieve elevated purity levels in flavour that stands out.

Box Contents

  • 1 x DaVinci MIQRO
  • 1 X MIQRO USB Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Kit
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Extended Mouthpiece

DaVinci, an American manufacturer, has done an excellent job of releasing great vaporisers over the years. One of their ever-popular vapes was the DaVinci IQ2. Like every shrewd manufacturer, DaVinci followed this success with the release of the even smaller vape – the DaVinci Miqro.

The Miqro has most of the same features as its bigger brothers but trims down about 33% of the size and weight. What comes as a surprise is despite the far smaller size, the new vape still keeps up with top-of-the-line performance and convenience as a leading portable vaporiser.

How the DaVinci Miqro Works

The Miqro is one of the simplest devices to use currently. If you have used the DaVinci IQ, the Miqro is even more streamlined and has a simpler process.

Start by popping the chamber open. Fill it with finely ground herb and tap it down slightly to help with the conductive properties.

Adjust the pearl according to the bowl size you want to hit, then reseal the lid and turn on the unit using the power button. After adjusting the temperature using the respective buttons, refer to the LED display to help you fine-tune the settings to your preference. It takes about 40 seconds for the device to heat up to your selected temperature. After that, you can start inhaling.

Temperature Flexibility

The Miqro brings with it the same versatility and temperature control that came with the DaVinci IQ. It has 4 preset ‘Smart Paths’ and a full precise adjustment that ranges from 176-2220C. The preset smart paths are perfect for beginners who don’t want to troubleshoot to find their sweet spots. Having preset options also makes the device easier to use.

For experienced vapers looking for a more customisable experience, there's plenty of room to dial in your preferred heat setting. The smart paths will gradually increase the temperature as you vape, so you can just enjoy vaping and forget about the adjustments.

Vapour Quality

Given the size of the Miqro, it’s understandable why most vapers seeing the Miqro for the first time would have concerns about its vapour production. But like in all other aspects, the Miqro also punches above its weight in the vapour quality category.

The device produces above-average clouds and the flavour is remarkable. Considering it is a conduction heater, the vapour quality and production are quite commendable. For the best results, it’s highly recommended to control your draws and avoid taking long draws for the best results.

The bowl of the Miqro though smaller than in its predecessor, is enough for one or two people. For larger groups, you might have to reload.

You can use the device with a bubbler that will cool down the vapour even better and provide you with large and smoother hits.

Manufacturing Quality

Everything about the quality of the Miqro scream. From the packaging to the products themselves, every detail is world-class.

The device feels sturdy, elegant and holds very nicely in hand. It has some nice weight to it without being too heavy. The accessories that come in the Explorer kit are also well built and machined. It's clear to see a lot of attention has gone into the details.

Some of the other accessories you can get with the explorer kit include the card grinder, cleaning swabs and spare gaskets.

Battery Life

The Miqro comes with 18350 batteries with 900mAh. With the Explorer set, you will get two batteries. Each battery is good for about 3-4 sessions which converts to about 8 sessions for both batteries depending on your preferred heat setting and usage.

For most vapers, the two batteries are enough to take you through the day. You can also purchase an external charger to ensure you always have a fully charged battery with you to avoid any downtime.


As far as portability is concerned, the DaVinci Miqro shines. It is a bite-sized device with amazing features. It's smaller than most of the other battery-powered vaporisers in the market and is just the right size to carry with your wherever you go.

With the explorer set, you get a carrying case and carrying can that stores the battery and your herbs in separate compartments. The carrying can is convenient and offers the device ample protection from the rigours of being on the road.