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Hamilton Daypipe

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Product Description

Hamilton Devices Daypipe is a revolutionary dry herb device. Daypipe has an ingenious design that enables you to chamber and deploy 8-0.2g bowls (1.6 grams totals!), all while being durable and reliable. Simply load up the ultra-portable daypipe and enjoy fresh bowls all day long without any ashy messes in between sessions.

Key Features:

  • Light and inhale to use
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • Capacity: 8 – 0.2g bowls


1 Daypipe, 1 Cleaning Brush

Oil and wax vaporisers are made to use concentrates, whereas dry herb vaporisers use whole herbs in their natural state. If you smoke marijuana, a dry herb vape will give you the same taste and smell without the smoke.

To use a dry herb vaporiser, you must first grind your herbs as you would for smoking and then place the ground herbs inside the oven of the device.  

The oven heats up when the device is turned on, warming the herbs to the point where the active ingredients begin to vaporise. You can eject and discard the used herbs after your session is finished.

Hamilton Daypipe is an example of a dry herb vaporiser.

What does Hamilton Daypipe look like?           

This incredibly slender pipe has 8 different slots or bowls. This pipe looks stunning and is shaped somewhat like a bullet (or oversized lipstick!). The body is incredibly durable and made entirely of anodised stainless steel. 

For simple cleaning, the entire body can be divided into 4 pieces. The 8 distinct zones that can pack herbal materials become visible when you pull out the internal inner sleeve. 

Each chamber is divided from the next by a removable inner mesh tube, which, when in use, functions as a screen.

How does Hamilton Daypipe work?

Grab the inside sleeve after taking apart the device. You cannot load in the 8 bowls at once unless the mesh inner tube is in place. Therefore wait to load till it is in place.

With herbal substance, fill each space. Nicely pack it down. Put the Daypipe back together. 

A slimmer section (red or graphite portion) at the very top resembles a dial. This pipe works because this dial is turned. A brand-new bowl or chamber will be revealed every second turn—four bowls per level.

The bowl will close with just one turn, so it takes two turns to get a new one. When you’ve used them all, pull up, and the next four new bowls appear. Twist again to reveal each one separately.

A bowl can be lit from above, just like regular pipes, once it has been twisted into place. 

Disassemble, clean, and reload when ready after all 8 bowls have been ignited.


Three things to avoid when using a dry herb vaporiser

Burning herbs

You must heat the herbs to the right temperature for vaporisation—enough to cause the plant to release its compounds but not too much to push the spices to burn. The recommended temperature range for vaporising is between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit because temperatures below 350 won’t produce any vapour and above 450 will ignite your weed. The temperature at which different herbs vaporise varies; thus, you must be able to control the temperature to avoid burning some herbs or not vaporising them at all.

Bad herbs

Your herbs will contain more moisture the fresher they are. Water in your herbs provides the best vapour generation because vaping temperatures are above boiling but below the point of combustion. Don’t erroneously interpret this statement to imply that your herbs need to be damp or even excessively moist to the touch. Just make sure the spices you use for vaping aren’t too dried. They are too dry to be vaporised if they disintegrate into dust or powder. Even cured herbs can be used because they often still have the proper moisture.


To put it plainly, burning is not vaporisation. Many portable gadgets that advertise themselves as dry herb vaporisers only burn your herbs, not vaporise them but not Hamilton Daypipe dry herb vaporiser does.

Benefits of dry herb vaporiser

The main advantage of dry herb vaporisers is that they let you enjoy the benefits of your preferred herbs without the smoke.

Without any of the coughing and sore throats that come with smoking, a vaporiser provides an entirely smooth experience.  

Due to the absence of harsh smoke that would have obscured the flavorful terpenes in your herbs, you’ll discover that vaping is much better for flavour than smoking.

How often should you clean?

It would help if you cleaned your dry herb vaporiser as often as possible. But more specifically, after each session, you should clear out the leftovers and debris. It only requires a fast clean; you don’t need to give it a thorough scrub.

Nevertheless, you should give it a good scrub after 10 to 20 sessions. In contrast to the quick post-session cleaning, this requires a deeper cleaning and extra accessories.