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As CBD continues to make a buzz across health forums and fitness blogs, and more people realise the numerous uses of this non-psychoactive compound derived from Cannabis sativa, CBD isolate is increasingly becoming more popular by the hour.

We offer CBD products in a range of forms, from CBD crumble to CBD tincture, CBD wax and more.

CBD isolates is a crystalline powder that has 99% pure cannabidiol. Also known as crystals, they contain only pure CBD. All the other substances from the cannabis plants such as the oil, chlorophyll, wax, and other cannabinoids are removed resulting in a product that is just CBD and nothing more...

CBD has done wonders in making a name for itself in the supplement field. There are now several ways CBD isolate can be consumed, and it is greatly based on the user’s preference on which option to choose. Vaping CBD has been common, but the essence of CBD isolate, and its benefits can also be consumed by ingestion. By ingesting isolate, studies show that a higher concentration of CBD is present; thus, it gives better-suggested results to the consumers.

CBD Isolates can be more convenient to use to fully achieved the right result that you want from the CBD.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a form of CBD but in its purest form. The isolate contains no additives and has no contaminants. CBD isolate is the best form of CBD for CBD users that are concerned about taking any amount of THC.

CBD isolates also lack other terpenes and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. The isolates can be identified by their white colour, lack of smell and lack of taste. Also, CBD isolates are 99+% pure.

Are CBD Isolates Safe to Use?

Some CBD users might be concerned about using CBD isolates mainly because of the concentration of CBD. But, they are not as scary as they sound.

Most users are often concerned by the fact that CBD isolates might be stripped of their benefits and they don't look anything close to other CBD oil products. However, this is incorrect. CBD isolates contain the same CBD other forms of CBD have. They only lack the terpenes, cannabinoids and THC, which is present in broad-spectrum CBD or cannabis products.

CBD isolates are safe and easy to use as long as they are used the right way and in the correct amounts.

Does CBD Isolate Get You High?

CBD isolates are stripped of all other compounds and chemicals found in the hemp plant. That means the product cannot cause a high, particularly because it doesn't contain THC. However, when taken in high amounts, CBD can cause you to feel an intense relaxation which is often confused for a high known as body high.

How to Use CBD Isolate

There are various ways you can use CBD isolates. The best of them depends on your preferred mode of ingestion.

  • You can place a piece of the CBD isolate in your mouth. This is the easiest and simplest method of taking CBD isolates. It works in the same way as taking tinctures.
  • You can also add the isolate to different drinks like smoothies, coffee or tea. You can also cook CBD infused meals by adding the isolate in your foods. CBD isolates can be added to just about anything you drink or eat. This includes sauces and salads.
  • Some CBD users have gotten extra crafty and have started creating CBD infused sweeteners. You can blend the CBD with some honey or stevia and use the blend as a syrup for pancakes or waffles.
  • CBD isolates can also be used to make topical creams using readily available ingredients. There are plenty of recipes you can use to make the creams and add the isolate.

What are CBD Isolates?

CBD isolates are formed when CBD is extracted from a low THC hemp plant. There are different methods of extraction that can be used, which include butane gas, rosin press extraction, or alcohol. Of the different methods available, the most effective and more preferred is supercritical CO2 extraction. This extraction method doesn’t use additional solvents. As a result, the CBD extracted is pure and clean.

What to look for when buying CBD isolates

CBD isolates are meant to have no THC in them. However, their purity depends on the process of extraction used and a hound of other factors. Before buying CBD isolates, you should be cautious and make sure you buy them from a responsible manufacturer. Some of the things to look out for include:

  • Make sure you buy the isolates from a facility with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • The CBD used to make the isolates should be extracted from organically grown hemp plants.
  • The CBD should have been extracted from pesticide-free hemp plants.
  • Make sure there is no residual solvent in the CBD isolates.
  • Only buy CBD isolates from manufacturers who provide complete third-party lab results for their products.
  • The CBD crystals should not contain any heavy metals.

How to Use CBD isolates

CBD isolates are revered because there are various ways to take them. For creative CBD users, there are numerous ways to use CBD crystals to make new products from the comfort of your home.

  • CBD Oil – To make CBD oil from CBD isolates, you need to add a specified amount of the CBD isolates and mix it with your chosen oil. Some of the commonly used oils include olive oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil.
    Place the mixture in an airtight bottle and place it in a bowl of hot water to heat through at 60 degrees Celsius. Leave it for about 10 minutes for the isolates to melt and dissolve.
  • CBD Edibles – You can also use CBD isolates to make your own CBD edibles. Place some butter in a pan and add the required amount of CBD crystals. Ideally, 1000mg of CBD crystals work with 100gms of butter.
    Allow the CBD isolates to dissolve in butter and use the mixture to make cakes or cookies. You can also use the combination to spread on cookies.
  • To dab CBD, you need a special pen that will vaporize the isolates to inhale.

CBD in the UK

CBD is legal and readily obtainable, albeit with some restrictions and requirements. At the moment, there are over 60 strains of hemp that are approved by the EU for production of CBD.

There are certain requirements that CBD products must meet for them to be considered legal. For instance, the composition of THC in full-spectrum products should not exceed 0.2%.

At Flawless CBD, we carefully analyse all our CBD products before making them available to our clients to make sure they meet all the legal requirements and are fit for human consumption.

Types of CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is often preferred because of its diversity. There is a wide range of products that are sold from pure isolate and even more products that use CBD isolate as their main ingredients. Some of the primary forms of CBD crystals include:


Before the formation of CBD isolates powder, the resulting product when CBD is isolated from the full-spectrum extract is a slab. The slab is then broken into small chunks that can be used for other CBD applications. The slab is often preferred by CBD users who dab or vape because of how easy it is used in these applications.


CBD isolate, and crystals are the most common form of isolate on the market. They are easy to use, and you can add them to almost anything.

The CBD powder is made from pulverising the CBD isolate slab. The powder is among the most preferred forms of CBD isolate.

Isolate-based products

Other than the resulting forms of CBD isolate, you will also find tons of products that are made from CBD isolate. Virtually every CBD product in the market has a CBD isolate alternative.


One of the downsides of CBD isolates is the loss of all the major cannabis compounds. To counter this, some companies often add some of the hemp-derived terpenes back into the isolate to create a terpsolate. The result is an aromatic product that is highly preferred for dabbing.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

There is no shortage of CBD products in the market. Each of them presents unique benefits to the user, and CBD isolate is not different.

CBD isolate’s greatest advantage is diversity. You can add the powder or crystals to just about anything other than water and water-based products. This provides you with endless opportunities to take CBD.

How is CBD Made?

Cannabidiol comes from hemp extract – via ethanol or supercritical co2 extraction. CBD isolate is made by using a more detailed extraction process. The extraction starts similar to the process used to make CBD or hemp oil. But once the initial extraction takes place, the concentrated CBD still contains the plant material found in the hemp plant.

That’s the primary purpose of using CBD as it aids our endocannabinoid system to get back on track and bring a proper balance on our whole system.

For manufacturers to get the pure form of CBD isolates, a purifying process follows the initial extraction. This process includes a filtration step where all plant materials are removed out of the extract. After the filtration process, the extracted oil goes through a ‘winterisation process’ that eliminates any of the remaining plant materials that remained even after filtration. The remaining extract is then decarboxylated and transformed into a crystalline structure with a post-processing technique. The result is a tasteless, odourless, fine powder with all the health benefits of cannabidiol.

CBD Isolate vs CBD Oil

While CBD is generally known to have either zero or trace amounts of THC, small amounts of it can still be found from cannabidiol oil that is made using an entire hemp plant. This type of CBD oil is known as full-spectrum CBD and is sold legally if it contains less than 0.2% of THC or less in the UK. Even though this amount isn’t enough to cause people to feel any psychoactive side effects, THC can still show up in a person’s system.

How can you use CBD isolates?

Since CBD isolates are odourless and tasteless, you can use it any way you want to. Some of the easiest and common ways of using CBD powder include:

  • Placing it directly under your tongue. Our tongue contains a network of blood vessels, putting CBD isolate powder directly under it is by far the easiest way to use the product. Hold the CBD powder there for approximately 60 seconds. CBD will then be delivered to your bloodstream via the vessels and mucous membranes, and since CBD isolate doesn’t have any taste, this method wouldn’t be too uncomfortable even for first-time users.
  • Creating your own custom CBD oil and other products. CBD isolate can be infused into a carrier oil (MTC oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil) to create a personalised oil that is precisely measured. This CBD oil can now be taken sublingually, or you can use it for baking or cooking. Still, it’s important to know that cannabidiol can lose its potency at higher temperatures (350-400 degrees Fahrenheit). CBD isolate can also be mixed with skin oils to create a topical cream or lotion.
  • Mixing it in your smoothie or morning juice. Adding CBD isolate powder to your morning smoothie or a glass of juice is one of the easiest ways to use it. The isolate will blend easily with your liquid, creating a drink with an extra boost of benefits and help you start your day the healthy way.
  • Trying it with tea or coffee. If you’re more of a tea or coffee person than a juice person, mixing CBD isolate into your everyday cup of joe will also work just fine.
  • Making a CBD sweetener. Although we have mentioned time and time again that CBD isolate is tasteless, you can still make a sweetener out of it. You can heat up honey in a double boiler and mix in the isolate powder until it dissolves thoroughly. This infused sweetener can now be used in any way your heart desires; on your tea or coffee, or on the top of your toast.

Other things to keep in mind when using CBD isolate is that the powder is 99% pure. A gram of CBD isolate can contain over 990 milligrams of untainted cannabidiol; for every 1 milligram of powder, you’re getting 1 milligram of CBD. Having this idea makes it easier for you to measure precise dosages and lets you know the amount of CBD you’re getting every time you use the isolate.

Leading Online Shop in the UK

Flawless CBD is a leading and one of the most trusted online CBD shops in the UK. Our goal is to help CBD users find their desired CBD products in various forms.

Browse through our extensive collection of organically grown CBD products from different brands. With us, you’re guaranteed quality over-the-counter CBD products and lots of options to pick from.

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Flawless CBD distributes some of the best high-quality CBD products and is one of the most well-known suppliers of full-spectrum CBD. We only select top brands that can offer CBD products that provide guaranteed satisfaction to our customers..

  • All the CBD products carried by Flawless CBD have been carefully selected and chosen from companies that are 100% lab tested with reports. We also choose companies that are licensed to sell organic and non-GMO products.
  • We are the sister company of one of the largest distributors of vaping liquids, hardware, mods, and accessories in the UK.
  • One of the advantages of shopping at Flawless CBD is that we get products in first before anyone else.

CBD continually takes over the wellness world by storm as it grows in popularity day and night. The hemp plant extract comes in different types that match specific needs and preferences. While full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD contains various cannabinoids and compounds, CBD isolate offers the purest form of cannabidiol.

The purity means CBD isolate has no THC or any compounds, making it the best choice for anyone seeking for an effective CBD experience.

This article explores the various methods of using CBD Isolate, dosage guidelines, safety precautions, and potential side effects. Read on to explore the options that best suits your goals.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol, a compound of the hemp plant. Like the term “isolate” CBD Isolate is separated from other compounds in the hemp plant, ensuring it delivers a nearly 100% pure CBD.

Manufacturers use various processes to extract CBD isolate to ensure all compounds are removed from it, leaving pure CBD.

In a simplified extraction process, CBD Isolate starts from the cultivation of hemp plants, where CBD is then harvested and dried. Once dried to the manufacturers liking, the extraction method undergoes with the help of various solvents.

The resulting CBD extract is then filtered to purify and later winterised to remove all unwanted materials from the crude extract. The process continues to decarboxylation, where inactive cannabinoids are converted into their active forms to increase the product's potency.

It then proceeds to further filtration and purification to ensure all impurities, including terpenes and cannabinoids, are removed.

The final extraction step involves drying the CBD extract using a vacuum oven to remove any solvents. This leaves the extract in a fine white powder-like structure, which is CBD Isolate.

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Benefits of CBD Isolate

Here are the key reasons why CBD isolate is a popular choice among CBD users:

It Contains No THC

CBD is generally a non-psychoactive compound with trace amounts of THC. As much as less than 0.2% THC is not enough to cause a psychoactive effect, it is still detectable in a person's system. This makes CBD Isolate the best choice, especially for persons who may have to do regular drug tests, where even small amounts of THC are a concern.

Precise and Consistent Dosage

The crystalline powder form of CBD Isolate is easy to measure out specific amounts precisely. This helps to ensure you consume the desired dosage, making it perfect for anyone that needs to monitor their CBD intake. This way, it's easier to achieve consistent and precise dosing.

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Odourless and Flavourless

CBD Isolate has no distinct flavour or odour, making it the best option for anyone interested in a neutral CBD experience. This also means you can confidently use the product in any recipe without worries about altered tastes or scents.

Best Ways of Using CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate offers different ways you can use it to personalise your CBD experience based on your needs.

These include:

Sublingual Consumption

Sublingual administration involves placing CBD Isolate powder directly under the tongue. You’ll then hold it there and let it dissolve for about 90 seconds, then wash it off and swallow.

With this method, the CBD extract gets absorbed into the mucous membranes and delivered directly into your bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system and liver absorption, thus, providing immediate relief.

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Adding to Food and Beverages

The powder-odourless form of CBD Isolate makes infusing it into your favourite food and beverage recipes possible. Measure your desired dosage, and add it to your recipe during cooking.

You can also mix CBD Isolate with carrier oils, from topical application to sublingual administration. When mixing with oils such as coconut oil, hemp seed oil or olive oil, ensure you stir, and shake well to ensure the powder is evenly dissolved.

Blend into Cosmetics

You can give your cosmetic products a CBD boost with CBD Isolate. Simply mix thoroughly with your favourite creams or masks, then ensure even distribution throughout the product. Remember to measure out your desired dosage when mixing up the powder into the creams for assured skincare effectiveness.


You can mix CBD Isolate with terpenes for a homemade vape. Mixing the pure CBD form with an existing vape juice is also possible. This way, you get to decide how much you’ll CBD you’ll add to control its potency.

Storage and Shelf-Life

To maintain its potency over time, here are some storage guidelines for CBD Isolate:

Avoid direct heat, light, and moisture exposure, as this can degrade the quality of the CBD extract. Instead, store it in a cupboard, away from heat sources.

Once you receive your CBD Isolate package, it is important that you transfer the contents to an airtight container. A glass container with a tight-fitting lid is the best you can have.

Avoid placing it in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations. CBD Isolate works efficiently at a stable room temperature. Placing it in high heating or freezing temperatures may affect its quality and potency over time.

Safety Precautions

CBD Isolate is safe for most people. However, since everybody’s response to the product varies, you should be aware of its potential side effects.

Here are some safety precautions to consider:

Consult with a Healthcare Giver

If you have any underlying sickness or are on medication, you should consult a doctor before using CBD Isolate. More research is underway about CBD Isolate's effects on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, so it's important that you seek personalised guidance before using CBD Isolate or any CBD product.

Start with a Low Dosage

Individual responses to CBD Isolate varies. Begin with a low dosage and gradually increase as you assess your body’s response.

Quality of the Product

Ensure you purchase CBD Isolate from reputable manufacturers who comply with third-party lab test certifications. This will assure you of the product’s quality and absence of contaminants. Advisably, it is important that you check for CBD Isolate extracted from organically grown hemp plants.

Possible Side Effects

Some people may experience different side effects from others. Some of the most common ones include dry mouth, which can be avoided by staying hydrated. Others are nausea, diarrhoea, and changes in appetite.

Remember, CBD Isolate is not intended as a replacement for any medical prescriptions.

If taken in higher doses, CBD Isolate may cause fatigue, or drowsiness, making it risky to operate machinery.

If you experience severe effects, stop using the product and visit a healthcare facility.


In conclusion, CBD Isolate is a highly pure form of cannabidiol that can be used sublingually, added to foods and beverages, or infused into your cosmetic creams. You must, however, consider its safety precautions to avoid any possible side effects.  If you doubt your health condition, consult with a medical practitioner before using CBD Isolate to help you meet your specific needs and preferences.

CBD Isolate FAQs

Is CBD Isolate Legal?

All CBD products, including CBD isolate, are legal in the UK. There is still some stigma surrounding CBD use which is why many people add isolate to regular products like cookies to allow them to take CBD discretely without the curious looks. 

Why are CBD isolates white?

CBD Isolates appear as a white powder or crystals, which have no smell or taste. However, considering that isolates are extracted from a green plant, first-time users might wonder why they are white instead of green.

Also, if you have used other CBD products, they have a dark shade of greenish-brown. The white colour of isolates is a result of the manufacturing process. A chemistry technique known as chromatography is used in purifying cannabinoids to produce things like the isolate.

The process eliminates all the terpenes which give CBD its flavour and colour. The pure isolate left behind is white in colour.

Is CBD isolate better than full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD?

Every CBD product has a purpose, and when used for the right purpose, they are all great. Full-spectrum CBD is for CBD lovers that want to enjoy the full benefits of CBD and the entourage effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD is similar in composition to full-spectrum but has all the THC removed. It's ideal for users who want to enjoy the entourage effect without the risk of triggering a positive drug test because of THC.

For the ultra-careful and regularly tested CBD users who only want to consume CBD only, there is CBD isolate.

Can CBD isolate get you high?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD there is. It doesn't contain any THC, which is a psychoactive compound. Therefore, it can't get you high.

How does taking CBD isolate make you feel?

It depends on who much CBD you take. Generally, taking CBD makes you feel alert, focused and energised. However, when taking in high quantities, CBD can make you feel lethargic and sleepy.

What are the effects of taking CBD isolate?

There have been mild effects reported on CBD use. Most of these are usually reported among new users or users who take too much CBD too early. These side effects include nausea, dry mouth, diarrhoea, and when applied on the skin, some rashes have been reported.

You should always start by taking low CBD doses and work your way up after monitoring the effects to build tolerance in your body.

What is the best way to consume CBD isolate?

One of the benefits of using CBD isolate is its diversity. You can add isolate to almost anything, including food, drinks, body creams, and vaping products. The best way of taking isolate depends on why you’re taking CBD. But the fastest and most effective method of taking CBD has always been vaping. It has the highest bioavailability and delivers CBD straight into the bloodstream. This is closely followed by sublingual administration.

How much CBD Isolate should you consume?

There’s no specific amount of CBD you should take. We recommend starting with the lowest dose possible, observing your body for a while before adjusting your CBD dose.  

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Need Assistance?

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