CBD Lube

If you have been looking for a bedroom Lube to boost your intimacy with your partner or even for solo play, as most ladies have it nowadays, then the Intimate Glide Nano CBD by Michael Ninn is the perfect lube for you. The lube is a clitoral stimulating lotion for women that Neo Sensual has specially developed.

This water-based gel formula is organically manufactured to promote blood flow circulation in the body, enhanced with a touch of peppermint and two vasodilators. This unique combination has been scientifically made to increase a woman's sensitivity, heighten sexual pleasure, and induce orgasms. The peppermint and vasodilators in the lotion help increase intimacy.

What is CBD Lube?

The CBD Lube is a clitoral stimulating lotion that is used to prevent unwanted friction during sex, keep the vaginal skin soft, induce relaxation, and generally enhance arousal. It is highly versatile and can be used for solo sex, penetrative, and anal sex. Moreover, the lube is latex friendly and toy compatible, thanks to its water-based nature.

Who should use the CBD Lube?

The good news is that the CBD Lube clitoral stimulating lotion can be used by just anyone, regardless of whether your body produces enough natural lubricant or not. This is especially the case, considering sex generally operates under one rule: the wetter, the better. You, therefore, don't have to wait until you experience vaginal dryness to try out this product.

That said, it is worth noting that the product is beneficial if you experience:

  • Vaginal dryness caused by menopause
  • Itching vagina during penetrative sex
  • Running out of natural lubrication after an intensive and lengthy session.

How to use CBD Lube?

The CBD Lube represents the pinnacle of CBD-infused lubes thanks to its ease of application and high effectiveness. To apply this product, you just have to rub it around the clitoris and wait for its effects to kick in. If you want to be generous with it, you can also apply it to the inner and outer labia and inside the vagina, which will help heighten the sexual experience.

How long should I wait for CBD Lube to take effect?

Although CBD Lube is built for an instant “wow” factor, it isn’t instantaneously effective and requires some time for its effects to kick in. Typically, you need to apply the lube 15 to 20 minutes before “getting into a session”. As such, it is advisable to indulge in foreplay or read a sex story as you wait for the effects of the lube to kick in.

What are the benefits of CBD Lube?

CBD Lube has several benefits which have helped popularize it in the market. Some of these benefits include:

  • Decrease inflammation and pain

If you usually experience pain during sex, you will find solace and relief in CBD Lube. This is because this CBD-infused lube has anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent pain and irritation during sex.

  • Ease stress and performance anxiety

The CBD component on CBD Lube enhances the production of the bliss neurotransmitter anandamide and oxytocin hormone, which in turn help you relax and set the mood for sex. A relaxed mind eases performance anxiety, thus allowing you to feel comfortable around your partner. Being comfortable during sex increases arousal and receptivity to touch, making it easier to achieve intensive orgasms.

  • It helps set the mood

CBD Lube promotes muscle relaxation and increases blood flow down there, making it easier to achieve arousal. It can, therefore, be said to be capable of inducing the mood for sex.

  • It doesn't stain sheets

Unlike oil-based lubes, CBD Lube is water-based and won't stain your bedsheets should they accidentally spill on them. You can therefore go about your bedroom activities without worrying about washing out stains from your beddings.

  • Long shelf life

CBD lube is made to last, meaning you won't have to worry about it degrading before you can get through your bottle of this magic liquid.

    What dose of CBD Lube should I apply?

    Like most CBD products, there is no fixed dosage of CBD Lube that you need to apply per session. To find the ideal dosage for you, start by applying the lube in small amounts and gradually increasing it.

    You will find that its effectiveness increases with the increment in dosage until a point where a further dosage increase has no impact. At this point, you ought to reduce the dosage to the previous one, as that will be the ideal dosage of CBD Lube that is effective for you.

    Moreover, it is helpful to note that you can always reapply the lube whenever you feel it has dried out.

    Can CBD Lube get me high?

    No. CBD Lube is incapable of inducing a high as it contains less than 0.01% THC content. You should, therefore, not let the fear of getting high inhibit you from trying out this sensational product that is taking the market by a storm.

    Although you are now aware of the positive impact that CBD Lube can have on your sex life, it is still advisable to contact your physician before switching over to it. The reason is that, as with other CBD products, CBD Lube can interfere with some of the prescriptions you are raking.

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