CBD brands never sleep when it comes to releasing new CBD products. CBD X is one such brand that has added to the list of high-quality CBD products with a range of Hemp tea.

Other brands we stock include Pure Sport CBDVC Naturalz CBDCBD King and more. 

What is hemp tea for CBD X?

Hemp tea refers to tea leaves infused with CBD oil. The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. The tea leaves are made in an industrial-grade laboratory to guarantee the safety and the highest standard of quality.

The key ingredient in the CBD X hemp tea is 100% pure chopped flower tops that are used to extract the best quality CBD. 

For CBD X, the hemp tea comes in different strains and concentrations of CBD. These include Finola that has a 6% CBDA, Kompolti Lush, and X-Ray, which has 14% and 20% CBDA, respectively. Other blends have between 6.5% and 16% CBDA.

The diversity of the CBD concentration is deliberate to make sure the hemp tea keeps up with the demand of CBD for different CBD users.


There are numerous ways to get your daily dose of CBD. CBD tea leaves are just one of the ways. However, there are unique benefits that make this one of a kind delicacy highly sort after. These include:

CBD tea is a refreshing beverage. It makes for a great drink to prepare at the end of a tedious and hectic day.

Hemp tea is easy to prepare and doesn’t require a lot of preparation or cooking. In most cases, all you need is a cup of hot water and some sugar or honey to dip your tea bag of CBD tea, and that is it.

How to make Hemp tea at home

You will need:

  • A teaspoon of dry hemp leaves for one cup of water
  • Boiling water

Take a teaspoon of dry hemp tea leaves in a cup and pour boiling water over the hemp. Let the blend steep for about five minutes.

After steeping, you can add flavours like honey, vanilla and cinnamon depending on your preference. You can also add milk or coconut oil to make it easier to absorb the CBD.

Will hemp tea make you high?

CBD X hemp tea is manufactured in accordance with UK law. This means that the amount of THC contained in the tea is not enough to make you high.

If you’re sceptical about consuming CBD tea made from full-spectrum CBD, you can browse our extensive collection to have a look at CBD brands that use broad-spectrum or CBD isolate to make their CBD tea since these do not contain any THC.

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