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The world of CBD is constantly evolving. The demand is always increasing, and manufacturers find new ways to keep CBD users intrigued and curious. Cbme is one of many CBD brands that is coming up with innovative CBD products that give you new ways of consuming CBD with an exciting and impressive experience.

Seasoned and new CBD users have a new reason to try out the impressive range of products that Cbme has on offer.

What is Cbme?

Cbme is a unique CBD brand founded by a mother and her son who have had extensive experience as CBD users. The idea to start the company was as a quest to help CBD lovers get quality CBD products infused with everyday value in the most natural way with little or no added sugar but with a great taste. It sounds almost impossible to achieve, but the founders had an ingenious idea that made this idea achievable and straightforward.

Unlike many CBD processors with a diverse range of CBD products, Cbme takes a different turn by focusing on a single product and finding incredible ways to make it versatile in taste and dosage while appealing to CBD users with different needs.

The brand specialises in the making of CBD-infused dried fruit, offering different flavourings for different users. Each CBD dried fruit is carefully blended with a unique selection of herbal elements for different purposes, all to support your body’s natural processes.

How is Cbme Different?

In the midst of hundreds of CBD products, CBD brands struggle to stand out from the rest. Cbme has done an exceptional job of finding a niche and filling it effectively to the benefit of its clients.


For a brand that focuses on one type of CBD product, Cbme has done an excellent job offering various CBD products for different functions. The brand offers multiple natural and delectable flavours that keep the experience riveting and exciting.

Natural herbs and elements

Cbme has taken an all-natural approach using nature's best to empower, relax and rejuvenate your body. Potent herbs like turmeric, ashwagandha and Griffonia seeds are among the ingredients featured in different Cbme products. Adding these herbs fortifies the blend and enhances the effects of CBD, giving your body all the nutrients it needs to bounce back.

THC-free products

Although most CBD users have embraced CBD wholeheartedly, the reception towards THC is different. Largely because it is still an illegal substance, it is addictive and has psychedelic properties.

Cbme puts its loyal customers' worries to bed by only using broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD that is fortified with CBG and natural terpenes to give you the full plant synergy without the concern of failing a drug test or getting high.

No added sugar option

CBD products are great supplements with immense health benefits. However, some users prefer a pleasant taste with their CBD products, while others would rather take their CBD products as is without any added sugar.

Cbme ensures each CBD lover enjoys their CBD just how they like it by offering a no added sugars option with their CBD products. However, considering that these are dried fruits, the taste is still awesome.

Vegan-friendly, gluten and nut-free

Cbme has a vegan-friendly, gluten and nut-free guarantee on all its products. Whether it is a lifestyle choice or a health-related decision, you can always trust that the CBD-dried fruits you get from Cbme are healthy, made to the highest standards, and safe for you.

Third-party tested

Any CBD brand that values its customers understands the importance of having its products third-party tested. This builds trust with the customers and creates transparency, allowing everyone to know the composition and concentration of the CBD products they are using.

Cbme has done the same for the transparency and quality assurance of its products. The third-party lab test results are readily available on the company's website for scrutiny.

Cbme Product Range

Cbme brings something new and one that you might not find elsewhere for the foreseeable future. It offers a range of CBD-coated dried fruit.

There are three packs, each with varying mixtures and blends to appeal to different users looking for specific CBD benefits.

At the moment, Cbme offers three types of dried fruits. These are:

  • Dried pineapple
  • Dried apricots
  • Dried papaya

The papaya package is dubbed Relax, the apricots is Relieve, and the pineapple is Uplift. All three options have amazing flavours and make perfect, healthy snacks to keep you going and keep your CBD levels high.

For CBD users who are sceptical about trying dried CBD fruits for the first time, Cbme has a ‘try me’ pack that is affordable and the perfect introduction to what will be your new favourite CBD product.


The Uplift package features dried pineapples mixed with various herbal ingredients that add a health boost. The fruits are coated in CBD distillate and formulated to give you a much-needed boost at just the right time.

Cbme adds ashwagandha, which is known for its ability to lower blood pressure and calm the mind, relieving physical and biological stress. This pack is also fortified with probiotics to improve gut health.


The relax package is designed to help you sleep better at night. It features dried papaya with magnesium which helps maintain normal blood pressure and keep your bones strong. But the main reason for adding magnesium, in this case, is to improve sleep patterns by keeping healthy levels of GABA.

Other ingredients used in the Relax package include 5-HTP and hops, a natural sedative that has been shown to lower body temperature and alleviate hot flashes.


Relieve features dried apricot, making it an excellent snack pack for CBD lovers. The pack also features the superfood turmeric and piperine (black pepper). The latter helps to increase the absorption rate by up to 2,000%.

Whether you’re looking to sleep better at night, relax after a rough day or alleviate pain, Cbme has an exceptional range of products that ensures you get what you need while enjoying some of nature’s best herbs and great taste.

Cbme FAQs

How much CBD do Cbme products contain?

The CBD concentration for Cbme products varies depending on the pack you want. The relax and uplift packages have 1050mg of CBD, while the relief package has 1500mg.

What type of hemp does Cbme use, and where does it come from?

Cbme is dedicated to sourcing sustainable hemp from approved hemp strains. The hemp used is grown in the Andean natural region of Columbia.

What is the essence of fortifying with CBG and terpenes?

Most brands don’t fortify with CBG because it costs almost five times the cost of CBD. But it’s essential in unlocking the full benefits of CBD. The addition of CBD also ensures there are enough cannabinoids in the products.  

Why do you use flower-derived terpenes?

Most of the terpenes from the hemp plant are lost through the CO2 extraction process we use. Because they are beneficial, we try to add them back in, and using flower-derived terpenes ensures the product remains natural. 

Are your products third-party lab tested?

All Cbme CBD products are third-party lab tested and the results are available for everyone to see. We encourage all CBD consumers to always look at the third-party lab results to ensure they get the right products with a suitable composition.

How do I calculate the dosing?

It’s slightly challenging to determine how much CBD you consume by eating dry fruits. But Cbme has a handy calculator you can use that will help you determine the quantity of fruit you should eat to keep up with your current CBD intake.  

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