Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie's Chalk Dust is an established vapour brand considered as one of the pioneering brands of today's vape market. As an industry leader in premium, e-cigarette and hemp-derived liquids including CBD, Charlie's chalkdust produce a number of ranges including:
  • Black & White Label
  • Mr Meringue
  • Pachamama
  • Camp Fire

As well as producing E-liquids Charlies Chalkdust have recently released a specialized range of nicotine disposables designed to be state of the art harnessing advanced technology to provide a convenient, quality disposable device. 

Don't miss Charlies Salts are available in ranges including Pachamama Salts and Charlie's salts. All available in a range of delicious flavours including Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Sorbet, Honeydew, Starfruit & more.

Charlie's Chalk Dust is the name behind popular names like Black and White, Mr Meringue, Camp Fire and vape juice powerhouse Pacha Mama.

Charlie's Chalk Dust was founded in California under the name Cosmic Charlie's Chalk Dust.  The brand became an instant hit among vapers because of their exceptional vape juice line that featured Bake Sale, Camp Fire and Mr Meringue. Later on, in 2016, they introduced Pacha Mama, which also became an instant hit.

Over the years, Charlie's Chalk Dust has become a highly regarded and award-winning mixologist winning prestigious awards, including Best Brand and taking Juice of the Month honours from several leading vape magazines.

The brand has also immersed itself in the CBD market with an excellent range of CBD vape additives and vape liquids with amazing flavour and performance. These include:

Pachamama Isolate CBD Grape Berry

This grape-flavoured vape liquid delivers a deep dark grape taste that blends seamlessly with the organically grown industrial hemp. The CBD extract is distilled twice for purity and tested in some of the best facilities in the industry.

The Pachamama CBD isolate grape berry is perfect for CBD lovers that only want to enjoy CBD and nothing else. It has a minimum purity of 99% isolate crystals and comes in strengths of 250 and 500mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. This range of CBD vapes comes in several flavours that include:

  • Strawberry Watermelon

This tropical splash flavoured CBD isolate takes you to days at the beach relaxing and sipping on margaritas. It’s made using Charlie’s Chalk Dust leading production standards. Like the grape berry flavour, this one also comes in 250 and 500mg 30ml varieties.

  • Minty Mango

This minty mango flavour packs a breath of fresh air with every puff. If you love tropical vape liquids and particularly the taste of mangoes with an icy touch, this will get your tastebuds excited. Enjoy this tropical delight that comes in a 30ml bottle and 250mg and 500mg CBD strengths.

Pachamama CBD Tinctures

Tinctures have been a staple in the CBD industry for a long time. Charlie’s Chalk Dust has worked its magic, creating various flavours for CBD users that find the bitter taste of CBD a little difficult to take down. If you'd instead stare down the bitterness, there's an option for you as well.

Here’s Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s range of CBD tinctures:

  • The Natural

The natural is Pachamama’s 30ml full-spectrum hemp extract. It has the full composition of the hemp plant’s natural compounds with the purest CBD content, complete with the earthy and nutty flavour. The tincture has a CBD strength of 750mg. The selected carrier oil for this tincture is MCT coconut which is where the tincture gets its nutty flavour and the unique health benefits that come with coconut oil.

  • Goji Cacao

Goji Cacao is among the flavoured CBD tinctures that Pachamama has to offer. For maximum efficacy, the tincture is made from full-spectrum hemp extract that results from full-plant extraction. It is infused with goji berries and cacao to improve the taste and also add beneficial antioxidants. The tincture comes in 750 and 1750mg options in a 30ml bottle.

  • Green Tea Echinacea

The green tea echinacea CBD tincture is packed with nature's goodness. It features full-spectrum hemp extract, green tea leaf extract, echinacea root extract and MCT coconut oil. From the list of ingredients, you can tell the product is packed with an unbelievable range of antioxidants and has a fantastic taste.

The brand has opted for all-natural ingredients which add to the benefits of CBD while improving the taste of the product.

  • Ylang Ylang holy basil

Ylang ylang is known for its fragrant and relaxing features. It’s paired with the rich basil flavours creating an aroma-filled and flavourful CBD tincture. Other impressive and natural ingredients included in this tincture include turmeric extract, MCT coconut oil, hemp extract and black pepper extract. It’s a great tasting tincture with endless health benefits.

  • Black Pepper Turmeric

This black pepper turmeric tincture is the perfect explanation of why Charlie's Chalk Dust is a trailblazer in the CBD world. It's not every day you find a brand bold enough to produce a spicey tincture. But Charli's has done it and done it to perfection, adding a desirable aroma as well.

The tincture incorporates various ingredients like black pepper extract, turmeric extract and MCT coconut oil.

  • Kava Kava Valerian

Kava is a tropical evergreen shrub native to the pacific islands, known for its relaxing effects. While valerian is native to Europe and Asia. People use its leaves to relieve anxiety, depression and improve sleep. This tincture flavour combines all these natural extracts along with hemp extract and MCT coconut oil to create a super blend with numerous wellness benefits.

Topical CBD Products

Charlie's Chalk Dust also has an impressive range of CBD topical products designed for various applications. Like all its other products, these are also subjected to rigorous quality checks and made from the purest CBD.

  • CBD Icy Muscle Gel Menthol

The Icy muscle gel is a topical CBD product that incorporates various other healing Chinese herbs and 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD. The gel is perfect for therapeutic applications and relies on the benefits of peony root extract, liquorice root extract and methol to battle various joint problems.

The gel is easy to apply and has a high absorption rate. Other ingredients include camphor, achyranthes bidentate extract, Poria cocos extract and Ligusticum chuanxiong extract.

  • Lavender Body Lotion

For CBD users that want a CBD product they can use daily for overall wellness, this body lotion formula is the perfect solution. It is a mixture of organic plant oils and broad-spectrum hemp extract that deeply hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy layer.

It is enriched with blue-green algae and Rooibos extract, Aloe Vera powder and Organic Geranium oil, among other vital ingredients.

  • Butter Athletic Rub-Topical

This a full spectrum CBD product that is designed for active people and athletes. It has an extensive range of therapeutic benefits owing to its diverse range of ingredients that include shea butter, cacao butter, shea olein, jojoba oil, almond oil, tocopherol, lavender oil and peppermint oil.

  • CBD Pain Cream menthol

The CBD pain cream is a blend of some of the best known natural pain killers like capsaicin, arnica flower extract, eucalyptus leaf, balsam oil, MSM and frankincense oil. It also has a dash of menthol to create a cool breeze for immediate pain relief.

FAQs About Charlie’s Chalk Dust CBD Products

What range of CBD products does Charlie’s Chalk Dust offer?

The brand has an impressive collection of CBD products that includes CBD tinctures, CBD isolates, vape liquids, creams and balms and CBD oil.

How much CBD do the products have?

It depends on the product you choose. The brand has done a commendable job of offering several varieties ranging from 300mg to 1750mg of CBD strength in various products. Ensure you verify the CBD strength of your preferred product before check out.

Are Charlie’s Chalk Dust CBD products lab tested?

Yes. Charlie’s Chalk Dust adheres to the best manufacturing practices and believes strongly in transparency. All their CBD products are third-party lab tested.

Do the products contain THC?

Some of this company’s CBD products are made from full-spectrum CBD, which contains trace amounts of THC. However, this is within the regulated amount, which is less than 0.2%.

Will I get high after using products that contain THC?

No, you will not. The amount of THC contained in the CBD products is too low to have any psychotropic effects.  

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