Collagen Tablets

Collagen is the leading abundant protein that is responsible for your skin, bones and muscle health. However, over time, its natural production in the body drops, creating the need for collagen supplementation.

This explains the uprising sequence where people take multiple supplements, including collagen tablets, for their skin and bone health; but do the collagen supplements really work?

We've been on the supplements market long enough to understand what it takes to post quality collagen tablets. So read on to discover the secret to strong hair, radiant skin and healthy joints with our Collagen tablets today.

Should You Try Collagen Tablets?

In a supplements review conducted on 1125 persons in the US, it was found that those who used collagen supplements saw lesser noticeable wrinkles with improved firmness on their skin. Although the results were promising because collagen is responsible for the structural framework of your body’s cells and tissue, there’s more to the supplement.

This means whether you should try collagen tablets or not depends on your beauty and therapeutic interests. However, you must keep in mind the fact that the effects of these supplements vary from one user to another, depending on different factors.

Here are some ideas to guide your decision to use collagen tablets:

Personal Health Goals

Collagen supplements are responsible for multiple framework tissues and cells' well-being in your skin, muscle, and bone structure. Even as you consider the probability of using the supplements here, you must know lots of information about the benefits and general effects of the collagen supplements is yet to be found.

So, you cannot use collagen tablets for medicinal purposes related to the skin, muscles, and bones since they are only designed to function as boosting elements for the overall wellness of these body parts.

You must also consider the possible risk of health interactions with undiagnosed medical conditions that may expose you to mild side effects of collagen. To avoid these reactions, it would be best to consult with a healthcare giver to guide your decision on whether the supplement makes the best option for your skin, muscles, joints, etc.

Age and Lifestyle

Collagen is believed to be the key to maintaining a youthful life, especially considering that as your body ages, the natural production of the protein drops.  This, however, doesn’t make collagen tablets solely beneficial for aged persons only.

Today, more youths are gravitating towards the supplement form for moisturised skin to help them maintain youthful complexions. This comes with fine skin, reduced wrinkles, and a radiant glow that many are fighting to have today. But you must know it takes more than the building block proteins to maintain youthful skin, you must also balance your diet, ensure you are well hydrated, and use sunscreen protection in your consistent skincare routine.

Persons living an active lifestyle with busy activities that constantly wear and tear their muscles may be more inclined to try out the supplements for their joint and muscle health. Such active lifestyles may lead to different body concerns, including joint discomfort, muscle stiffness and fatigue, from the wear on your muscles, joints and bones.

Using the tablets in this state, of course, supports fast muscle recovery. But you must also balance your rest hours, take balanced diets, and keep the body hydrated to continue enjoying your physical activities.

Dietary Preferences

Common collagen supplements are derived from animal and marine sources. This may not sit well with anyone who’s specific about their dietary preferences, especially persons preferring a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

In that case, you’ll need to look for plant-based collagen tablets. These are often sourced from plant-based amino acids, minerals, and cruelty-free vitamins that support the body’s ability to produce more collagen levels.

Some vegetarian collagen ingredients you should look for on the product’s list of ingredients include collagen-boosting foods like legumes, mushrooms, papaya, soy, as well as sesame seeds.  So, instead of compromising your dietary principles, check your labels to ensure the collagen tablets align with your dietary choices.

Long-Term or Short-Term Use?

Collagen can serve multiple purposes depending on your individual need of using it. Even then, you have to consider whether you would want to use the collagen tablets for the short term or for the long term.

Short-term usage could be when an athlete is using the supplement to strengthen their muscles for an intensive training period, or, a beauty enthusiast using the tablets for a radiant and youthful look.

On the other hand, you can use collagen tablets for the long term to maintain your skin, nail, and hair health for an extended period. Persons ageing are also likely to fall under this category, considering their growing joint issues will need enough collagen supply over time.

How Do the Tablet Supplements Work?

In their own original formulations, collagen tablets cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream. Once you take the tablets, they are broken down in the stomach, releasing the collagen extracts. These extracts are further broken in the small intestines to release concentrated peptides which are broken chains of amino acids that are the key building blocks of proteins in the human body. The peptides, therefore, get absorbed into the bloodstream, where they are moved to different target areas, including the skin, nails, hair, joints and anywhere else where they are needed.

A remarkable aspect that’s made collagen widely popular is the peptide versatility aspect. This means the peptides can benefit the body anywhere they are needed, depending on the amino acid composition of the collagen.

However, you must know that collagen supplements are not a quick fix for any issues on your skin, hair, joints and muscles. This is because it may take days to weeks of regular use to see any significant changes.

So, if you are determined to achieve specific results with the supplements, you must be consistent with the timing and dosage of the collagen tablets.

Are Collagen Tablets Safe?

Collagen tablets are naturally safe supplements sourced from proteins and plant-based ingredients for vegetarians, making them suitable for all dietary preferences. Generally, the tablets are safe to ingest if used according to the outlined dosage. We, however, found a few issues that you must keep in mind when using the tablets:

Beware of Any Allergies

Before starting off your collagen journey, you must be aware of any known allergies to the different sources of collagen supplements. Most of these are often obtained from marine and animal sources such as fish and cattle for bovine collagen. Vegan collagen tablets are sourced from spinach, mushrooms, pumpkins, cashew nuts, almonds, papayas, sesame seeds, and a wide range of fruits.

For the utmost effectiveness of the supplements and prevention of allergic reactions, your choice of collagen tablets must not have any ingredients you are allergic to.

Pay Attention to Your Body’s Digestive Sensitivities

Sometimes, though this happens in rare cases, collagen supplements, including the tablet form, may cause some digestive discomfort. If you experience any of these effects, whether it is upset stomach or bloating that wasn’t felt before ingesting the tablets, you may need to adjust the dosage.

However, to reduce the trial and error with the right dosage concentrations, it is best to visit a healthcare professional immediately if you feel any discomfort with your digestion.

Go for Quality and Purity

The only way you can assuredly get guaranteed safe collagen tablets is by getting them from reputable manufacturers. This is where you can be sure of their quality and purity because such manufacturers will go out of their way to ensure they follow good manufacturing practices and also be open enough about their sourcing.

One way you can spot a reputable manufacturer of collagen tablets is by checking their customer reviews as well as considering their certificate of analysis from independent third-party laboratories.

Stick to the Dosage

Your safety from any side effects of collagen tablets largely depends on your dosage. Taking the tablets in excess may not necessarily increase the collagen levels in your body but could potentially lead to adverse results. The best way to ensure you maintain the optimal protein levels in the body is by taking the supplements consistently as per the recommended dosage.

What are the Side Effects of Collagen Tablets?

It is not common to experience collagen side effects, but if you do, there may be several factors at play, including improper dosage or collagen intolerance.

For instance, excessive collagen intake may have mild to moderate effects depending on your body’s response to the supplement. It's important to note that experiencing any of the issues listed below doesn't always mean it directly results from collagen use. Sometimes, these symptoms may coincide with underlying health conditions. This is why you should visit your doctor immediately if you experience any concerning symptoms.

Here are some of the most affected areas if a side effect manifests when taking your collagen tablets.


You may notice rashes, skin inflammation or acne breakouts on your skin. Some of the leading factors for this may be possible chemical additives in the supplements or your body’s sensitivity to collagen. In rare cases, it may be a result of contaminated natural collagen ingredients and sources.


You may feel heartburn or show signs of diarrhoea, constipation, along with bloating. You may also have reduced appetite, all factors caused largely by the possible presence of chemical additives in the collagen formulation.

Other cases one may experience, though they are rarely reported, include issues with the liver and kidney. These are, however, results of possible reactions of underlying health conditions already in the kidney or liver. You must, therefore, get a quick health check immediately if you spot any of these.

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