Floyd's of Leadville

Floyd’s of Leadville is a brand built on passion and experiences from the founder who was a world-class athlete.

Floyd, the founder of Floyd’s of Leadville was a professional cyclist who has gone as far as winning the Tour De France and with it has come to its fair share of challenges like injury and depression. He has undergone a hip replacement, fought drug abuse and dealt with excruciating pain in his journey.

It is these experiences that drove him to start Floyd’s of Leadville to help other people discover and enjoy the benefits that CBD offers.

Floyd’s of Leadville Product Range

Floyd’s of Leadville has a variety of CBD products. Most of these target active CBD users who are always looking to take good care of their bodies and helping the body to recover from strenuous exercise. Some of these CBD products include;

On the Go CBD Gem

the On the Go CBD gems are a delicious singular gummy packed with 25/50mg of pure CBD isolate. These gummies are perfect for relaxation and recovery. They come in different flavours both sweet and fruity depending on what you prefer. If you’re a sweet tooth looking for a creative CBD product, you will love the On the Go CBD gems from Floyd’s of Leadville.

On the Go CBD Recovery Tonic

This is an all-natural tonic infused with 50mgs of CBD isolate. The tonic comes in two flavours; Orange and shap grape and is a low carb drink. The tonic helps in rehydration, and addition of glucose into the body. You can use the CBD tonic before, during or after exercise.

CBD Recovery Bar  

How about a sweet chocolate treat to reward yourself for meeting your fitness goals every day? Floyd’s of Leadville has a creative way to reward yourself with this treat and still reward your body with the CBD recovery bar chocolate peanut butter. This delicious snack is perfect for refuelling your body after an intense workout and contains 25mg of CBD as well as other ingredients like chia seeds, quinoa and flax seeds.

On the Go Soft Gels

The On the Go soft gels are made from organically grown hemp. They are infused with CBD isolate. The gels are easy to take and tested for quality and purity.

On the Go Hydration Fuel

The On the Go hydration fuel is the best method of rehydrating after a sweat-drenching workout.  The hydration fuel will help boost performance in addition to restoring electrolytes in your body.

On the Go Recovery Protein

Protein is an essential compound. It provides your muscles with the building blocks to grow and remain strong. With this protein CBD product, you can give your muscles the nutrients they need as well as other CBD benefits. The snack packs 27g of protein with no additives.

All of Floyd’s of Leadville CBD products are made from CBD isolate to ensure safety and zero THC contamination. This makes them perfect for fitness buffs and athletes looking for natural ways to rejuvenate and relax their bodies after extraneous workouts.

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