Fly CBD is part of the larger AZTEC brand. AZTEC was founded in 2016 and even though it hasn’t been around the CBD or vaping circles for long, the brand has managed to carve out a niche for themselves by producing quality CBD and vaping products.

Other brands we stock include Aztec CBDBlue Moon HempERTH Hemp and more. 

AZTEC has managed to tap the thousands of years of CBD and lock them up in small packages that it sells as its products. The company is well-known and received in the EU and is quickly gaining traction in the UK and the USA as well.

By using organically grown hemp that is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, AZTEC can guarantee the quality of its products. The use of supercritical CO2 as their preferred method eliminates chances of contamination and ensures consumers get pure CBD products. 

Fly CBD Product Range

Vape Oil

Fly CBD has different types of products you can look into. Vape oil is one of them. The oil is broad-spectrum and comes with various terpenes to give you that entourage effect.

The vape oil is packaged in elegant bottles that stand out and indicate the concentration of CBD and the quantity inside the container.

CBD Oil drops

CBD oil drops are easy to take. You can also mix them with your food or drinks and the small bottle is highly portable and discrete. The Fly CBD oil drops have a concentration of 500mg. They are ideal for seasoned CBD lovers who have eased themselves into taking high concentration CBD.

Disposable E-Pens

There are many methods of taking CBD. With the rising popularity of vaping, CBD companies have come up with different ways to help vapers use vaping to take CBD. Disposable E-pens are one of the methods.

The vape pens come filled with different flavours of CBD vape juice so you can choose what appeals to you most. The most popular are:

  • Amnesia
  • Cherry
  • Cool mint
  • Mango Kush

Whether you like complex, or simple, minty or fruity flavours, you will find one that augers well with your palate in these four Fly CBD Flavours.

UK’s Leading Online Shop

Choosing the right CBD supplier is one of the best decisions you can make as a CBD lover. You need to find a supplier that is experienced, can quickly identify quality products and the best brands in the market and is capable of making fast deliveries. This is what Flawless CBD is about.

We offer variety, quality and rapid services to all our customers and guarantee the safety and quality of the CBD products we sell.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

There are numerous online CBD shops. But, there are a few factors that separate Flawless CBD from all of them and reasons why you should make us your preferred CBD supplier.

  • We provide our shoppers with free shipping for all orders worth £30 or more.
  • We guarantee 24 hours delivery within the UK. We also provide same day dispatch for orders placed before 5 pm on workdays to ensure your order gets to you in the shortest time.
  • We have processed thousands of products for customers all over the world. With us, you’re assured of getting the right order in the shortest time.

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