Grass and Co

In the ever-expanding CBD market, passion is declining steadily, especially among manufacturers. Grass & Co is one of the brands that love all the things that matter to CBD lovers. They put passion into every one of their products, sustainable sourcing, and quality.

 The production of each of the CBD products is supported by thorough CBD research and testing before getting to the market.

If you're a CBD lover looking for a brand that aligns with your lifestyle choices, Grass & Co is the perfect brand.

Grass & Co blends its CBD products with botanical ingredients that have complementary vitamins with well-known health benefits and also enhance the taste of CBD.

Grass & Co Product Range

If you’re looking for CBD products made with passion, well-researched, sustainable and the best quality, Grass & Co has just the range for you. The vast range of options is carefully divided into three categories for easy selection. These categories include:

  • Calm
  • Ease
  • Rest


The Calm range features a variety of quality CBD hemp oils made using premium CBD. The hemp oils are blended with natural botanicals and vitamin blends known for their relaxation and calming properties.

These include Ashwagandha and chamomile. The hemp oil is also packed with Vitamin B and B12. These hemp oils are designed to support your psychological functions and mental performance. For maximum CBD absorption, the formula is blended with MCT oil. The unique blend and smooth flavour also have comforting aromatherapy scents that will calm your mind and body.


The Ease range features CBD products designed to help calm, ease and rest your body. In each product, sustainably sourced, high-quality CBD is the base. The products also feature other botanical blends and complementary vitamins known for various health benefits like soothing muscle aches and soreness, joint pain.

Products in this range include CBD oil and CBD balms. The products are designed to work with your body and help you keep moving throughout the day, even after heavy exercise.

Other Grass & Co products under this category include:

  • CBD ease bath salts
  • Ease Pillow Spray
  • CBD oil drops in various CBD concentrations to suit different CBD users


Resting is critical for the rejuvenation of the body. During rest, the body can replenish worn-out cells and wear and tear caused by overworking. Despite being essential in the cycle of the body, not everyone finds it easy to rest.

The Grass & Co Rest range is designed to help your body relax more easily. Natural products and nature's best botanicals work together to ease your mind, relax your body and help you get better quality relaxation. This range of products is designed to support a good night's sleep.

Some of the products Grass & Co offers in this range include:

  • Rest pillow spray
  • Res 500mg CBD oil drops (there’s also a 1000mg CBD oil option)
  • CBD body balm
  • CBD body oil
  • Rest Bath Salts

Grass & Co uses sustainably sourced industrially grown hemp grown in the EU. The brand believes in providing its customers with the best quality CBD products and, most importantly, maintaining transparency in the ingredients and processes used to make their CBD products.

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