Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD is a unique company on a mission to help CBD lovers be the healthiest versions of themselves by channelling the power of plants. The company's values and the personal commitment to its customer base are a few of the aspects that get this company to stand out.

While the CBD market is highly regulated, Green Roads believes in instilling even stricter regulations in the sourcing, production, and packaging of its products. From first sight, it's easy to tell that Green Road CBD takes pride in producing high-quality products and providing packaging that matches. 

What's more, the company has an excellent transparency record that ensures customers have confidence knowing they are taking safe, tested, and pure CBD products.

Green Road CBD Product Range

Green Road offers an extensive collection of CBD products for both newbies and experienced CBD users. This vast range includes:


Green Roads offers a collection of pharmacist-formulated CBD oil premium blends that come in various CBD spectrums, strengths, and flavours, making it easier for customers to find oils that best fit their wellness routines.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are extremely popular, and you can find all your favourite options in Green Road CBD’s extensive collection which features gummy bears, fruit bites, froggies and chocolate bars.

Topical CBD

With the Green Road topical CBD product range, you can support tired muscles, and joints recovery, soothe irritated skin and target pains and sores. The range of topical CBD products includes roll-ons, joint and muscle creams as well as skin relief creams.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules and soft gels are one of the easiest ways to take CBD. With a variety of CBD capsules and soft gels that support your overall wellbeing and provide relaxation, Green Road CBD has everything you need to help your body be at its best.

CBD Coffee and Tea

If you’re looking to make your beverages just as beneficial to your body as they are refreshing, Green Road offers CBD coffee and tea. These make the perfect way to kickstart your morning or unwind after a tough day at work.

The tea includes other relaxing natural ingredients like chamomile and peppermint that enhance the effects of CBD.

CBD Bath bombs

You can make your bath at the end of the day extra special with the help of CBD bath bombs, and Green Road has just the variety for you. The bath bombs are made from ingredients known for their positive impact on the body and relaxing effects.

Green Road CBD is living proof that a brand can focus on various CBD products without compromising on the quality or efficacy. The brand has gone as far as producing CBD products for pets to make sure all your CBD needs are well taken care of.

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At Flawless CBD, we make it our business to ensure you have easy and reliable access to all your favourite CBD brands, including all your favourite Green Road CBD products that are featured in our collection.

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