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HERBLIZ is passionate about the versatility of hemp. They sell a curated range of carefully crafted products as well as industry bestsellers like CBD and hemp seed oil, all in an effort to get even more people excited and informed about life's natural remedies for pure relaxation.

This brand is known for making itself stand out as every user's natural path to well-being.

They've made it an aim to help you relax and find more balance in your life.

Herbliz Berlin Range

Their CBD products are excellent for you and the environment because hemp is one of the most sustainable plants.

At Flawless Vaporisers, we're happy to introduce you to a brand that will assist you in exploring and learning about the amazing world of CBD. This brand manufactures CBD extracts with concentrates of 5%-10%, which are bath salt, mouth spray, and bath bombs.

Their range of products is below. Find out more here:


Herbliz CBD oil is available in 5% and 10% concentrations in various flavours, including a basic full-spectrum oil and unique flavours like olive fresh and strawberry.

CBD Bath Salts

CBD bath salts are more than a way to bathe yourself, literally, in your favourite weed. Once absorbed, cannabinoids influence your body's CBD receptors, stimulating the endocannabinoid system to provide real health benefits.

Soaking in a hot bath filled with cannabis bath salts can relax the mind and the body. Stress level drops, muscles relax, and distress can be dealt with at the source. Long soaks in cannabis-infused water can also improve blood circulation and hydrate the skin. It gives you a youthful appearance.

CBD Bath Combs

CBD bath combs are small, round balls placed in a hot bath to release CBD and pleasant scents. They are made from the most excellent natural elements and are infused with nano-CBD for maximum absorption.

CBD bath combs engage CBD receptors through the skin. The humid nature of the bath intensifies this absorption of the properties by the skin.

CBD reacts directly with your body's regulatory system that manages sleep and can induce REM sleep allowing for a deeper and more restful cycle

Taking a bath in the late afternoon can promote restful sleep, a good mood, and concentration: it's a great way to take care of yourself. Immerse yourself in this Cannabidiol Bath Bomb in the bathtub for an effective "reset" moment.

This product contains cannabidiol, better known as CBD oil, used for its relaxing properties without addictive effects.

CBD oil mouth spray

Cannabis CBD oil is a BIO-certified full-spectrum hemp extract for oral application, rich in cannabinoids such as CBD, which contains other active ingredients such as terpenes and is enriched with an extra CBD, acting together.

It was formulated with organic preservatives, which preserve the total concentration of its active ingredients until the end of its shelf life. Harmful elements have been eliminated thanks to its careful manufacturing process, thus avoiding unpleasant reactions.

How to use Herbliz CBD oil mouth spray

Start by spraying one spray on the oral mucosa to keep it in good condition. You can increase or repeat as needed, be careful not to ingest.

Herbliz Berlin CBD massage and body oil

The truth is that CBD massage's interest has grown considerably in the beauty industry. In this context, CBD body oils have a competitive advantage over regular massage oils, lotions, and creams. Once the industry recovers, CBD body oils should only take a few years to revolutionize the massage industry.

Why choose Herbliz Berlin?

  • Herbliz Berlin CBD body products help in skincare. Anyone would love the Herbliz Berlin CBD brand for its creative approach to product development. The company actively collaborates with CBD bloggers and experienced users to find original and efficient health solutions.
  • Their products are made in Berlin and EU certified.
  • No preservatives and no additives are present.
  • 100% natural.

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