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The CBD growth is catching up even in the pet world. The incorporation of CBD in different products has made it possible for CBD companies to come up with exciting treats for pets, mostly dogs. 

Other brands we stock include CBD Mountain24K CBDApplied Nutrition CBD and more. 

One such brand is HOWND Hemp. The long history of the brands started in 2013 after the founding couple started a company initially called Butch and Bess. Over the years, the company has grown including being featured on BBC's Dragon Den where the founders had gone to pitch for funding for their products.

The award-winning company is not only known for its delicious pooch CBD treats but also for a variety of other pet grooming products driven by their love for pets and their passion to provide pets with a better quality of life.

At Flawless CBD, we help HOWND, and other pet-loving CBD brands achieve their goals by providing them with a reliable platform where they can sell their products to the thousands of our customers who shop from Flawless CBD each day.

Hemp Wellness Treats

HOWND wellness treats are designed to cater to pets with different needs. The treats are designed to be tasty and easy to go down for your pooch.

To guarantee the safety of the products, the treats are made from 100% natural ingredients that will support the lifestyle of the pet.

The treats contain protein supplements and essential fats like Omega 9,6 and 3. HOWND also ensures that each of the treats is gluten-free, grain-free and produced to human-grade standards so your pet can also enjoy the quality they deserve. 

HOWND has made it possible for your dog to find the appropriate CBD products depending on its age by having different treats designed for different dogs at different ages. Some of the available options that you can consider include:

  • Playful pup for young puppies. (This CBD treat also contains calcium and rooibos infusion)
  • Golden Oldies for dogs aged 7 or older (fortified with Chondroitin and glucosamine)

There are also varieties engineered for dogs with specific conditions. These include:

  • Keep Calm (has chamomile).
  • Got an Itch ( has turmeric)
  • Yup You Stink (with parsley and dried mint).

Quality CBD Treats for Your Dog

HOWND is not only a self-proclaimed warrior for quality CBD products for pets. They have walked the talk over the years and even gained recognition for their innovativeness and quality for their various pet products.

Some of these awards include the PetQuip Marketing award as well as the SCOOT Headline Award. In addition to the awards, the brand has also received endorsements from other pet professionals and lovers.

It only goes to show how dedicated the brand is to make sure that your dog gets the best possible products that will support lifestyle and health. You can also attest to the quality based on the neat, elegant and hygienic design of the packaging, ensuring that your pooch will always get his treats fresh at all times.

UK’s Leading CBD Shop

When it comes to CBD products, no one understands them better than us. Whether you’re looking for CBD products for yourself or your pet, at CBD, we have a comprehensive collection of products for you to choose from.

Over the years, we have looked into various CBD brands and selected the ones that share our mantra of quality above everything else. Today, we have distribution rights with almost every high-end CBD company in the UK and outside. That makes us UK’s leading CBD shop hands down.

As you would expect, we only stock the highest quality CBD products which can be traced right to the origin. Before stocking any brand, we make sure they meet all the requirements, and they are licensed to handle non-GMO and organic commercial hemp. Each of the products must also be accompanied by a comprehensive lab report.  

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

There are plenty of places and ways you can get your CBD products. But, buying them from Flawless CBD comes with plenty of benefits and advantages for you. Some of these include:


We don't hold back when it comes to the quality of the products we sell. We make sure each of the products is of the highest quality and has a full lab report to back it up. With us, you will always get what you're looking for.


You will have thousands of CBD products and hundreds of brands to choose from. We know that every CBD lovers have a unique experience and preference they are looking for and we work hard to make sure they get exactly that. 

Free shipping 

With Flawless CBD, you can save money on your purchase by using the FREESHIPPING coupon code on checkout when you buy products worth £30 or more.

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