Hugg CBD is a passionate UK-based CBD brand dedicated to making CBD products that infuse CBD into everyday routines.  What makes Hugg CBD products unique is not just the level of quality but also the fact that they are inspired by science with the backing of CiiTECH. The brand has worked with the University of Jerusalem – a well-known institution in the CBD circles for its CBD research and development efforts.

Most of Hugg’s products target female CBD aficionados with the goal of jumpstarting balance and wellness while promoting positivity using quality ingredients and the best manufacturing processes.

Hugg CBD Product Range

Hugg takes immense pride in its range of CBD products, which is not only diverse but also features a first of many.

CBD Skincare Products

Hugg has remained persistent in using science to come up with practical and impactful CBD products. This is evident in their line of skincare CBD products, which has lived up to the hype and is designed for the busy modern woman who wants the best for her mind and body.

The products are infused with the purest form of CBD along with top quality natural ingredients known for their positive impact on the skin.

Hugg’s skincare CBD line includes:

  • CBD body lotion
  • CBD infused body massage oil
  • CBD skin cream

You can find the full range of Hugg CBD skincare products right here on Flawless CBD shipped directly from the manufacturer to our warehouse.

CBD Daily Care Products

This line of CBD products is designed to make it easier to keep up with your CBD supplements even on your busiest days.

Having easy to take CBD products in small packaging means you can take your CBD with you everywhere you go and take it when you need to.

Some of the CBD products featured in Hugg’s daily care package include:

  • CBD oral drops
  • CBD roll away rollerball

Take advantage of Flawless CBD’s same day dispatch and fast shipping to try out some of these great products today.

CBD Drinks

There’s no better way to kickstart your morning than with an energising cup of CBD tea or coffee. With Hugg’s range of CBD drinks, you can make this dream a reality and give yourself the best start to the day every day, without worrying about the jitters.

These drinks are not only about CBD. They are also about the fruity and refreshing aromas that fill the room every time you brew yourself a cup. For CBD connoisseurs who don't like caffeine, caffeine-free CBD tea is the perfect alternative, especially when you want to unwind from a busy day.

Hugg CBD drinks range include:

  • CBD tea
  • CBD coffee

You can get all these and other Hugg CBD products from Flawless CBD. We stock an extensive range of Hugg CBD products at competitive prices and unrivalled quality.

Leading Online CBD Shop

At Flawless CBD, we have created a reputation as one of the leading online CBD shops in the UK. We have an extensive stock of CBD products from local and international CBD companies and thousands of CBD lovers that trust us and believe in our brand.

Our success is fuelled by our ability to provide our customers with a vast range of CBD products to choose from while guaranteeing that the quality of the products is uncompromised.

We only deal with reputable CBD brands who have their CBD products third-party lab tested. We also ensure that all the CBD products on our online shop carry a comprehensive lab report detailing the ingredients of the CBD products to encourage transparency and so that CBD users know precisely what is in their CBD products.

Why Choose to Buy from Flawless CBD?

Flawless CBD provides you with an easy and stress-free way to shop and enjoy your CBD products. Some of the reasons you should buy your CBD products from us include:

  • Extensive selection – We have thousands of CBD products from hundreds of CBD brands in our collection. Our diversity means you can find any CBD products no matter how elusive, and if you're the adventurous type, you can always find new products to try out.
  • Competitive prices – Your love for CBD doesn’t have to be expensive and unsustainable. We buy our CBD products directly from the manufacturers and in bulk, so we get great prices. That means we also price our CBD products affordably and competitively for our customers.
  • Free Shipping – When you spend £30 or more in our store, we will show our appreciation with free shipping. You can decide to use the budget for shipping on additional products or save it for a rainy day.
  • Fast shipping – Online shipping comes with endless waits for your order to arrive. With Flawless CBD, we guarantee the next workday delivery for all orders within the UK. Our rapid shipping process starts with providing same day dispatch for orders placed before 5 PM.

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