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Impact CBD

The majority of CBD brands just focus on producing quality CBD products as health supplements. Impact CBD, however, has gone a step further in helping active and sport-loving CBD lovers use the benefits of CBD to enhance performance through its line of sports CBD products.

In line with the company vision, Impact CBD uses research from CiiTECH, a consumer-focused company dedicated to CBD research and commercialisation.

The connection between CBD and sports for Impact CBD is from the founders, who are former Rugby players. The company is based in the UK and has partnered with CiiTECH, an Israeli company that spearheads cannabis research. Tapping into this vital resource ensures that Impact CBD makes the best quality and high-performance CBD products for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Impact CBD uses the best quality EU-approved strains of hemp and supercritical CO2 extraction for the high-quality extract. The CBD products adhere to all UK guidelines of CBD and are research-backed.

Impact CBD Products

Impact CBD hasn’t been in the industry very long. But, by leveraging on the research done by CiiTECH, the brand has fast-tracked its product range without compromising performance or quality. Some of the CBD products you can enjoy from Impact CBD include:

Impact CBD Oil

Impact CBD has two CBD oil products in its collection. One comes in a tincture, and the other one comes in a spray.

Both CBD oils come in 10ml bottles and are made using a vegan-friendly formula that contains MCT oil as the base. Besides coconut oil and hemp extract, CBD oil doesn't contain any other ingredients and has 0% THC.

Using only natural ingredients and 0% is critical because athletes tend to get tested multiple times. Depending on your CBD needs and preferences, Impact CBD offers CBD oil in two strengths. There is the 400mg tincture, and there is the 1600mg tincture.


Impact CBD has a unique collection of CBD lozenges for fitness buffs looking for a fun way to take CBD even during their workout. These are an effective way of taking CBD and adding some flavour to your CBD experience.

The lozenges dissolve under the tongue and the CBD is absorbed in the buccal cavity for immediate effects. This makes the lozenges an excellent alternative to tinctures. The lozenges come in a refreshing mint flavour. They are not only tasty, but they also leave you with fresh, great-smelling breath.

The lozenges are made from vegan-friendly ingredients and don’t contain any animal products. They come in a tub that contains 25 lozenges which are enough to take you about a month if you take one lozenge per day.


CBD brands have come up with extremely creative products that deliver CBD to virtually every part of your body. Impact CBD hasn't been left behind in exercising its creativity. They have a unique line of deep-clean shampoo packed with CBD oil. The shampoo is perfect for all hair types and is paraben and sulphate-free.

The shampoo is enriched with vitamins and omegas that replenish the oils your hair loses through sweating and the destruction caused by the UV light from extended hours outdoors.

The shampoo provides your hair with thorough cleansing post-workout and helps to restore its shine and healthy look.

The 200ml shampoo bottle contains 200mg of CBD isolate. Like other products from Impact CBD, this one is also made from a minimal number of ingredients to guarantee the safety and efficacy of the product.

Impact CBD is an impressive brand for gym-goers and athletes. It has a range of high-quality, no-fuss products made from top-quality EU-sourced hemp, and the creation of the products is backed with research from CiiTECH, another highly reputable company.

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