Kaya Feel Lighter is a brand dedicated to providing natural high quality CBD to the masses, aiming to reduce the stress of daily life through the use of adaptogenic plant based products. 

Kaya Specialise in CBD products that fit in around a hectic schedule including Natural Chewing Gum, Adaptogenic Supplements, Adaptogenic Gummies & Adaptogenic CBD Oil. Kaya's products are also available in a daily Adaptogenic CBD bundle including all of their specially developed products. 

Kaya provide Broad spectrum CBD Products containing undetectable levels of THC. This caters for a wide range of users who can rely on a top quality products every time with accompanying lab reports stating quality and clarity of al thier products. 

With Kaya using adaptogenic plants alongside CBD to create their products by combining traditional and modern medicine techniques. This allows Kaya to harness the best possible properties and utilize active compounds within the products to allow them to easily and naturally interact with our bodies. 

Utilizing traditional methods to combine natural products including herbs, roots and mushrooms can help support our mental and physical capacities without the use of artificial contaminates.


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