Love Hemp

Love Hemp has entered the market of CBD and CBD hemp products carrying exact specifications. Only the best EU has grown natural hemp is used, refusing to settle with inferior hemp stocks. There is no pathogen content and has been quality checked by tests done by third parties.

Other brands we stock include Cannasa CBDVita CocoTwo Wise Chimps and more. 

They will give you the most common percentage content of CBD hemp oil ranges from 8% to 40% to provide you with different choices as to budget and of course on the needed dosage for effectiveness. They are being known as one of UK's best-known manufacturer of high-quality CBD oil and products like their CBD gummies.

Some of our other Vape Brands include Mari Pharm, Mint Wellness CBD, and Momo CBD.

Love Hemp FAQs

Who is Love Hemp?

Love Hemp is a UK-based CBD brand that was established in 2015 with the goal of making high quality, trusted, and innovative CBD products. Since it was founded, Love Hemp has grown to become a staple in the UK market with an excellent range of CBD products.

What CBD products does Love Hemp offer?

Love Hemp offers various products that include CBD oils, edibles, cosmetics, and vaping products like CBD e-liquid. The extensive range of edibles includes CBD water, gummies, and chocolate bites.    

Do Love Hemp CBD products contain THC?

All of Love Hemp CBD products are THC-free. However, some are infused with terpenes to optimize effects and enhance the experience without the user having to worry about the high that comes with taking THC.

What makes Love Hemp products stand out?

What makes Love Hemp CBD products stand out is the new product development process. The brand takes time to design, make, test and test some more before unveiling any new products ensuring every new product is of the best quality and highest standards possible. This is why Love Hemp has been considered an On-trend wellbeing brand by some of the leading local media.

Will I test positive for a drug test after taking Love Hemp Products?

You don't have to worry about a THC drug test when using Love Hemp CBD products. The brand uses THC-free CBD to make its products. CBD alone cannot turn the test positive. This allows CBD lovers to freely enjoy CBD products without the concern of failing a drug test.

Is the hemp used to make Love Hemp products organically grown?

All the CBD used to make Love Hemp products is organically grown. There are no pesticides, herbicides or artificial processes used to grow the hemp ensuring the best experience and utmost natural benefits from the plant.

Which is the best way to use Love Hemp CBD products?

The best way to use Love Hemp products depends on the products you choose. Each of the products has directions for use on the label. To enjoy maximum benefits, it's advisable to use the CBD products according to the direction and use them around the same time each day to sustain the levels of CBD in your body.

Are Love Hemp products legal in the UK?

All Love Hemp products are processed and handled in compliance with the UK regulations. As such, the products are legal in the UK.

Are Love hemp products third-party tested?

Part of Love Hemp's goal is to provide quality CBD products. To achieve this, the company has put together rigorous quality assurance protocols, including third-party testing with the certificates available on the company's website.

How much CBD is in each of the products?

Love Hemp tries to appeal to all CBD lovers. As such, the amount of CBD in their products varies from one product to the other. Ensure you check the packaging before making the purchase.

What is the best time to use Love Hemp products?

Every time is a great time to use Love Hemp products. But depending on the effects you're after. You can take the products in the morning when you want to kick start your day or in the evening when you want to relax.

CBD Oil or Hemp Extract

CBD oil is also known as hemp extract, an extract from the hemp plant, naturally carrying flavonoids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and other phytonutrients.

THC, which is the content to be blamed for the “high” feeling of marijuana, cannot be found in CBD extract, making it completely legal in all states.

The Extraction of Hemp Oil

The oil comes from the hemp plant, but only a strain is well selected because of its high CBD content. This strain is grown and cultivated. The process generally uses alcohol or CO2, similar to the method of extraction for other essential oils. The amount of oil varies with the manufacturer, but the technique will include diluting the concentrations and then adding flavour.

Products offered by Love Hemp

CBD Infused Mask

CBD-infused masks are a great option for users looking to improve their skin's appearance and health. The masks are made from high-quality, naturally grown ingredients that help the skin to remain vibrant and young for longer.

The sheet mask is made from THC-free hemp oil and other plant extracts and ingredients that will help the skin stay hydrated and healthy.

CBD Body Salve

CBD users looking for topical CBD solutions can benefit from CBD body salves. CBD body salves leverage the skin's power of absorption to deliver CBD directly into the bloodstream bypassing body processes like metabolism and digestion.

Using a CBD salve ensures you deliver more CBD to the bloodstream and, consequently, to the ECS system.

Love Hemp CBD body salve is made from organic argan oil, rosehip oil, CBD-rich hemp extract, lavender essential oil, organic beeswax, and organic coconut oil, among other responsibly sourced organic compounds to guarantee the safety and quality of the body salve.

The Body salve does not contain any THC. For maximum benefits, apply and massage the body salve on the affected areas of the skin.

CBD E-Liquid

The vaping trend has gone rampant in recent times. With so many methods of taking CBD already in place, it was only a matter of time before a CBD brand came up with quality CBD E-liquid.

Love Hemp has a variety of CBD E-liquids that come in different flavours. The E-liquids come in different CBD strengths and quantities to suit the needs of different CBD users.  

Some E-liquid varieties also have terpene-infused varieties that allow you to enjoy the entourage effect without the risk of vaping THC.

In addition to a comprehensive range of CBD E-liquids, Love Hemp also offers vaping hardware, including vape pens and coils, to ensure you have everything you need to start vaping CBD.

CBD Softgel Capsules

For CBD users that are looking for a fast, discreet and effective method of taking CBD, soft gel capsules are the best choice. The capsules are easy to take and make it easier to track how much CBD you're taking.

The capsules are made from natural cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, and flavonoids, ensuring you get the best possible effect after taking the capsules.

The capsule gel is made with food-grade ingredients that emphasize safety and quick breakdown to release the CBD locked inside.

The soft gel CBD capsules come in concentrations of 300mg or 750mg, allowing you to choose an option that works best for your CBD intake.

Leading Online Supplier in the UK

Cannabidiol, or CBD is the second most abundant cannabinoid molecule produced by the hemp plant. At Flawless CBD, we are proud to provide you with only the best products available, including most of what Love Hemp has to offer.

UK's Leading Online Shop

Leading the market with high-quality products and a variety of products from vape to CBD oils, we provide our customers with the best service. We ensure that we do not disappoint and that all of our hemp oil products have gone through a quality test, especially those that we manufacture ourselves.

Look through our online shop, and we will not disappoint. We also cater to the majority of the high-end shops in the country.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

Since many are getting interested in hemp oils and CBD oils, a lot of shops have entered the market. But for Flawless CBD to stand out, we ensure affordability, and only the best quality be yours. You also won't be looking elsewhere because of the wide variety of options we can give you.

We will not sell a product that did not undergo a laboratory quality test and should just come from suppliers that are licensed to manufacture organic, non-GMO products. Since we are also directly linked to various manufacturers worldwide, we are the first to offer you discounts and offers before any other store can. So rest assured that with Flawless, your hemp oil shopping will be enjoyable.

How to take Love Hemp CBD

Sublingual absorption

Sublingual absorption involves CBD products like oils and tinctures. It's the most popularly advertised way of consuming CBD. Even though it's effective, you'll find out that it's not the most efficient.

After measuring your CBD dosage, place a few drops of CBD oil or tincture under your tongue. Hold it for around 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. The CBD molecules will reach your bloodstream through the mouth's inner lining loaded with blood capillaries as you hold.

Sublingual products are noticeably faster than edibles since they avoid first-pass digestion. They also score relatively high bioavailability ratings because there are no digestive losses.


  • Oils and tinctures are easy to use without requiring any apparatus.
  • Their effects hit faster.
  • They offer high concentrations in compact dosage amounts.


  • Even though they hit faster, the effects don't last as long as other alternatives.
  • Droppers are tricky to use before you get used to them.

Digestive absorption

Digestive absorption features CBD edibles like gummies, cookies, chocolates, and capsules (All CBD-infused products you swallow, like teas and coffees, fall under the edibles category)The most fun and discreet ways of taking CBD. They allow you to take the plant compound with your everyday treats.

Unfortunately, edibles are low on the bioavailability totem pole (Less than 20%). A lot of this has to do with the digestive processIt’s not the most efficient.

As CBD molecules pass through the stomach, small intestines, and liver, they are broken down, and very little reaches the bloodstream. Therefore, you'll have to consume more CBD products to feel the desired effects.

Nonetheless, that's not to say CBD edibles are not worth it. Because the CBD molecules go through various systems, their effects are more profound than those of CBD sublingual products like oils and tinctures. On top of that, they also last longer.  


  • CBD edibles like gummies and chocolate are fun and delicious.
  • They discreetly fit into everybody’s daily routine.
  • They often come in fixed doses per piece (You no longer have to worry about droppers).
  • They deliver long-lasting effects (For up to 12 hours).
  • CBD edibles offer more profound effects that affect all body systems.


  • It takes longer for their effects to hit.
  • You have to consume more to feel CBD's effects.
  • It depends on the individual’s metabolism. At different times of the day, the metabolism rate changes—Which might lead to dosage inconsistencies. However, you can deal with this by having an optimal routine.

Topical intake

It features CBD products applied to the skin. The most popular ones include face masks, creams, lotions, balms, salves, and bath salts.

Unfortunately, even though the skin has absorbent properties, it's more of a protective organ. Very little CBD penetrates into the skin's Endocannabinoid Systems. Therefore, CBD topicals have the lowest ratings of less than 10%. You'll have to apply many high-quality products to feel CBD's effects.

All in all, CBD topicals still have their uses. They are perfect for addressing localized issues like irritation and pain. They also contain other natural ingredients that can significantly boost skin quality.


  • They often come with other "superfood" ingredients that improve well-being.
  • CBD topicals are easy to use (Direct application).
  • They are discreet (No one will know its CBD).


  • Low absorption rates don't guarantee psychological effects (It never reaches the bloodstream).
  • You'll have to go for the highest quality products for satisfactory effects (They have the technology the improve absorption rate).

Respiratory intake

This form of CBD intake features products like joints, inhalers, atomizers, and vapes. It's, by far, the most effective and efficient way of taking CBD since it avoids first-pass digestion. On top of that, the molecules make it directly into the bloodstream via the lungs. 

CBD respiratory intake boasts impressive bioavailability ratings of over 60%. Joints, atomizers, and vapes are ideal if you want to experience CBD’s effects as fast as possible.


  • Are easy to use (You just inhale CBD).
  • They feature the highest bioavailability ratings.
  • You'll feel the effects faster than with all other absorption alternatives (In less than 30 minutes).


  • The effects don’t last as long (Up to 6 hours).
  • They are not the most discreet (Because of clouds).
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Worry-Free Guarantee

At Flawless CBD, we've got your back. If you're not happy with your purchase or encounter any issues, simply let us know. We guarantee that we'll take care of you and make it right. Shop with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

With Flawless, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our products and are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience. Your peace of mind is our guarantee.

Our mission

Our Mission: Elevating CBD Excellence

At Flawless CBD, we're on a mission to offer the highest quality CBD products available. Our extensive range includes CBD Vape Oil, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, and CBD vape pens. We've meticulously researched, partnered with top global CBD brands, and analyzed lab reports to ensure the purest CBD offerings. We strive to bring transparency to the CBD market, educating our customers about CBD's potential benefits.

As a part of the Flawless family, we maintain the same commitment to quality, serving as a leading online distributor in the vaping industry. With retail locations in Leicester, Loughborough, Rugby, and plans for more, we're dedicated to offering convenient access and expert guidance. Your satisfaction and well-being are our priorities, and our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to assist, whether in-store or online. Join us on the path to wellness and excellence in CBD.

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