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Mello Moose

Mello Moose is a subsidiary of Glen Affric Brewery. The brewery started in 2016 after several years of the founders working in China's craft beer industry. The Mello Moose brand is a unique one that focuses on creating refreshing, adventurous CBD products that are fun and come in various flavours.

With the sole focus of providing quality CBD drinks, the brand produces a sugar-free, calorie-free and vegan-friendly range ideal for active and health-conscious people and is a great way to unwind. There are no shortcuts taken to make this excellent range of CBD beverages, with each of the drinks expertly crafted to extract as much flavour as possible.

Mello Moose Flavour Range

The sparkling drink is Mello Moose’s most popular product. It comes in three delectable flavours you will fall in love with.

Mixed berry

This light sparkling CBD drink reminds you of wild, black and juicy berries with its slightly tart taste. True to the creation of Mello Moose, the drink doesn't contain sugar or calories, but it's not short of flavour and excitement.


Relieve the tropical experience in the comfort of your home with this tropical-flavoured CBD drink. A fine blend of all your favourite tropical fruits like mango and oranges, all the fruity goodness is squeezed and preserved in one little can that you can take anywhere with you.


There's always a space for watermelon flavours, especially for experienced and frequent CBD users. With a careful balance of flavours, the watermelon CBD drink from Mello Moose is a perfect choice for a refreshing experience throughout the day and all levels of CBD lovers.

If you're uncertain about which of the three flavours you should try out, at Flawless CBD, we have packaged all three at a great price, and you can have all of them and give them a try while saving yourself some money.

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