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Nooro CBD

Nooro is unlike any CBD brand you’ve seen before. Instead of having a multi-faced approach to CBD products, the brand has horned down on CBD snacks and perfected the art.

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Given the vital role that snacks are designed to play mainly in the modern, fast life, the brand founders set on a journey to produce quality snacks with names that consumers could pronounce and most importantly those that have a positive impact on the body of the user.

Nooro’s range of snacks is a by-product a team of snack and CBD experts. It’s designed to release energy slowly with delicious flavours that will get you hooked to their products.

Why Nooro CBD?

More people are starting to realise the essence of leading a healthy life. Even with the influx of products made from refined sugars, there's also an increase in demand for a healthy alternative. However, most of the efforts are frustrated by a market filled with healthy, awful tasting products.

The purpose of Nooro was to provide CBD lovers with healthy snack alternatives that pack the benefits of CBD and pack a mouthful of flavour. Given the range of products and customer feedback the brand has received, it’s safe to say it has more than achieved its goal and purpose.

Nooro focuses on making its snacks using simple and natural ingredients from quality sources to ensure they are beneficial your mind, body and life.

It’s also a welcome addition that the brand offers a variety of flavours that make it easier for CBD users to pick a snack of their preferred flavour. It makes it much easier to stay on your CBD course and have fun while at it.

Nooro CBD Oil and Products Range

Creating a healthy and tasty snack is no walk in the park. It requires thorough research and endless testing.

It’s no wonder that Nooro doesn’t have the robust collection of CBD products that other brands boast of. It’s also worth noting that they haven’t been in the market for a long time.

At the moment, Nooro offers CBD oat bars. To make up for their limited line of CBD products, they make up for it by having numerous flavours and varieties to suit all CBD users, including vegans.

The flavours include lemon and ginger, banana and cinnamon, and cacao and coconut. Each of the oat bars is vegan-friendly, contains 0% THC and comprises of 25mg of CBD.

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