PACHAMAMA is a brand built on helping people find quality CBD alternatives. From founders that strongly believe in helping get their lives back on track, these same principles are applied to the brand's range of products.

PACHAMAMA is dedicated to helping users have easy access to high-quality CBD wellness supplements right from the heart of Colorado. The brand has not only invested in a state of the art manufacturing facility but also a one of a kind research and testing centre dedicated to making sure all their products are thoroughly tested before they introduce them to the market.

Some of our other Vape Brands include Reakiro, Somnio CBD, and Tillmans Tranquils.

The brand has also paid equal attention to their extraction processes to make sure they milk all the beneficial components of the hemp plant and include them in their range of CBD products.


What makes PACHAMAMA stand out from the other quality CBD Brands?

The brand is driven to produce wellness products that can help CBD users find various ways to include CBD in their daily regimen.

The brand doesn't compromise on quality, as is evident from their investment in their plant. They use top of the line machines and methods. For instance, the PACHAMAMA uses the fifth generation proprietary extraction machine. It not only ensures maximum extraction but also guarantees the integrity of the CBD they harvest.

You can choose from the range of CBD products that PACHAMAMA offers. They have topical as well as oral CBD products designed to serve different functions and appeal to different types of CBD users.

PACHAMAMA aims to provide premium products for all CBD users that enhance wellness and are tailored to the nature of the lives of CBD users.

PACHAMAMA product range

In addition to quality, PACHAMAMA has also invested in a variety of CBD products to provide CBD users with a holistic range of CBD solutions. Some of their products include:


You have the luxury of choosing from an extensive range of CBD tinctures courtesy of PACHAMAMA. The range consists of a non-flavoured variety of tinctures perfect for CBD users that want their CBD in its purest form without additives. For users that would like to mask the taste of CBD, there are different flavoured tinctures to choose from. Some of the varieties available include green tea Echinacea, goji cacao, and Kava Kava Valerian.

CBD Isolate

Not many brands offer CBD isolate as a product. PACHAMAMA has the equipment and technology to ensure you can enjoy 99% CBD isolate in various exciting flavours like strawberry watermelon, grape berry, and minty mango.

Topical cream

For CBD users looking for CBD skin products, PACHAMAMA has the full spectrum body butter athletic rub that you can apply on your skin. The rub is made from high-quality ingredients and CBD.

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