Pure Ratios

Pure Ratios is a CBD brand that focuses on the natural health benefits of CBD. The brand takes herbalists approach to making CBD products that help the body maintain balance and empower the body to repair and sustain itself.

Pure Ratios was founded by two natural health practitioners with a combined experience of over 45 years. Together with the knowledge of over 5,000 years of plant medicine research and scientific RND, the founders set out to make the most out of CBD.

Using modern science, research and industrial grade laboratories, the brand has grown into a trusted CBD brand with an incredibly potent line of CBD products....

Pure Ratios Product Line

Over the years, Pure Ratios has constantly improved its product line to provide CBD users with as much variety as possible. Its range of CBD products include;

CBD transdermal patch reservoir

The demand for topical CBD products is on the rise. More CBD users are looking for CBD products that they can apply to their skin. The CBD transdermal patch is a great product that targets its effects directly under the skin.

The patch is designed to support recovery and sustain your active lifestyle. The patch has a reservoir that keeps delivering CBD into your body for up to 96 hours.

Pure Ratios Essentials Capsules

For CBD users that prefer conventional methods of taking CBD like capsules, Pure Ratios has a solution for you as well. The Pure Ratios range of essential capsules are made in the spirit of a legendary Chinese ruler who discovered superior herbs that could produce amazing results.
The Pure Ratios capsules formula uses adaptogenic Chinese and Aryuvedic herbs to support and promote overall wellbeing and cognitive functions.

The capsules are designed to optimize bioavailability and effectiveness with the addition of a variety of other well-known herbs. The capsule casings are made from water-soluble compounds to make them easier to break down and release the CBD along with the other ingredients.

What Makes Pure Ratios Different?

Most CBD products are similar on the surface. But the brands behind the products have a story and process that they follow which is what makes each CBD product special. There are a few factors that make Pure Ratios different from other CBD brands.

  • Approach – The most stand out feature for Pure Ratios is their approach to CBD and CBD products. While most other brands focus on making CBD products purely out of CBD and other basic ingredients, Pure Ratios enrols the assistance of other power foods and herbs in their CBD formulae to enhance effects and results.
  • Research – It’s not easy to add a variety of other natural plants into CBD products without first ensuring that the said products are healthy and safe. Pure Ratios confesses that it relies on research of over 5,000 years on plants as well as their own supplementary research to make their revolutionary range of CBD products.
  • Quality – Each of the Pure Ratios CBD products are made in cutting edge laboratories and thoroughly tested before being sold to CBD lovers. You can tell the attention the brand pays to detail even in their packaging. Everything about Pure Ratios CBD products screams quality.
  • Diversity – There are quite a number of products under Pure Ratios’ belt. The brand has topical, oral and other types of CBD products to keep up with demand for their products.

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