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Nothing beats the refreshing and revitalizing feeling you get from consuming a well-served chilled bottle of energy-giving carbonated soft drink after carrying out a difficult energy-sapping task or after a very tiresome day. You quickly rush to your refrigerator to grab a bottle of any available carbonated soft drink just to feel refreshed again. It is for this very reason that we at Flawless CBD UK are proud to introduce to you the collection of soft drinks made by the Rebelicious brand.

Rebelicious drink cream soda

Rebelicious cream soda is another excellent product. It is a sweet soft drink flavoured with vanilla and based on the taste of an ice cream soda. In addition to that, it is also a CBD-infused cream soda that keeps you refreshed, relaxed, and focus. Rebelicious drink cream soda is specially prepared with a broad spectrum of CBD along with sweet organic Madagascan vanilla extract and stevia.

Does the CBD affect the Vanilla in the cream soda at all?

The relationship between CBD and vanilla in cream soda is quite interesting! With our vanilla water-soluble extract which readily dissolves in water, there is a fast absorption rate into the CBD oi during infusion making.

This, by implication, means that the vanilla is left unaffected by the CBD oil leaving our cream soda to retain the ice cream soda taste which you love so much. In addition to that, the quick and direct absorption of the vanilla by CBD oil makes it easier to carry CBD into the body. This interesting relationship between the two compounds is what makes rebellious cream soda a wonder and a product that should be found in your refrigerator.

Rebelicious drink real cola

Rebelicious drink real cola is just as excellent as Rebelicious drink cream soda. This is a magnificent mixture of natural ingredients including cola nut oil extract. Just like Rebelicious drink cream soda, Rebelicious drink real cola and is also CBD infused.

This product is CBD-infused real cola that keeps you refreshed and revitalized. It is specially prepared with a broad spectrum of CBD along with rea cola nut to create the nostalgic taste of real cola.

How is the Cola infused with the CBD?

The process of infusing cola with CBD is a very careful one. There are experts at CBD who carry out the infusion process ensuring that the product comes out just the way you like without altering the taste, appearance, and acceptability. At Flawless Vaporisers  UK, only the best natural ingredients, the best processes, and the best hands are considered just for your satisfaction.

What makes Rebelicious drinks unique and why should you choose them?

There’s a lot to say concerning our Rebelicious drink cream soda and Rebelicious drink real cola that makes these two products unique. Let's take a look at just a few, shall we?

  • Infusion with CBD oil: cannot be overemphasized. Each of these products has its nutritional benefit it is combined with CBD oil which is one of the most versatile products in the market and produces what we call “the perfect soft drink.”
  • Therapeutic effect: Much more than just replenishing energy after a very difficult task or revitalizing the body after a weakening expedition, our rebellious collection of soft drinks is also therapeutic. Due to the infusion of our natural ingredients with CBD oil, the combination gives a perfect natural therapy that cannot be overlooked.


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