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Thanks to the ever-expanding range of CBD products, you can now enjoy your CBD out of a tincture, out of a can, or even out of a capsule. Some CBD lovers might be swept away by the new CBD products flooding the market, while others might still be hooked to consuming hemp the way it was meant to be consumed.

If you're an avid dry herb smoker, you know getting the perfect joint isn't an easy task. But having the right paper makes the task at hand a lot easier. When it comes to rolling paper, it doesn't get any better than Rizla – a joint rolling paper that has been around for years and held true to the test of time.

About Rizla

Rizla is arguably one of the best-known brands on earth. The company started off by introducing cigarette rolling papers in 1660. Over the years, the company has been behind some innovative rolling paper technology, including flavoured papers in 1906 and gummed papers in 1942.  

Saying the company has been around for some time would be an understatement. This revolutionary brand has helped push the limits of the dry herb industry and paved the way for other brands.

Despite being around for generations, the brand has held true to its ethos, creating quality rolling papers for centuries, and has managed to monopolise the rolling paper industry all this time.

Most dry herb smokers don’t need an introduction to Rizla. But if you’re just starting and haven’t heard about Rizla, you might benefit from a quick overview.

Rizla Paper Products

One of the worst assumptions new smokers make is that all rolling paper is made the same. It is not. You will realise that good-quality rolling paper eases the process of making the perfect joint. Rizla tries to further simplify this process by having different types of papers with different features.

Rizla Blue Paper

Rizla Blue rolling papers are chlorine-free, making them a healthier choice among many dry herb smokers. The Rizla Blue papers are fine and lightweight. They have a slow burn and leave behind minimal traces of ash. The Rizla Blue variety is the thinnest of all the Rizla paper options.

The paper comes in a single wide, king size and king size slim. None of the types is technically better than the other. It's all about preferences.

Rizla Silver Paper

The ultra-thin Rizla silver rolling papers are said to be thinner than a strand of hair on your head. They are perfect for a slow burn and barely leave any ash behind. Although the silver range has almost the same thickness as the blue, the silver rolling papers are see-through. You should take extra precautions when licking the gum on the silver paper because the moisture can cause the paper to disintegrate. The silver papers come in single wide, 1 ¼ and king size slim sizes.

Rizla Red Paper

The Rizla Red rolling paper has medium thickness and medium weight. The red paper doesn't burn as slowly as silver but still manages to leave very little ash behind. It comes single wide, king size and king size slim sizes, also called the king-size narrow.

Rizla Green Paper

The Rizla green rolling paper comes in medium thickness. Almost the same thickness as the red. But it comes with cut corners. The cut corners make rolling easier. All you have to do is tuck in the paper when you start rolling, and you'll finish the process like a pro.

This type of Rizla paper is perfect for smokers that are still trying to master the art of rolling because the cuts provide a touch guide for which way the paper is facing before you start rolling.

Rizla Green has a normal burn, with minimal ash. Each sheet has more than 200 holes which ensures you get a smooth, even smoke. The only downside with this type of paper is that it comes in only two sizes; single wide and king size.

Rizla Black Paper

The Rizla Black is a super-thin version of Rizla rolling papers. Thinner than Rizla Silver. They are perfect when you're rolling your dry herbs by hand.

Rizla Orange Paper

Rizla Orange is legendary. These were the first flavoured papers on the market that you could roll. The flavour is subtle and doesn’t overwhelm the natural taste of hemp. They are medium-weight papers that come in only one size.

Other Rizla varieties include;

  • Rizla Ventaire
  • Rizla Pink
  • Rizla Ciel
  • Rizla Oyster

What Makes Rizla Stand Out?

With the exemption of Natura, which are natural hemp papers, Rizla rolling papers are made from rice. The selection of rice allows the paper produced to be ultra-thin and produce minimal ash when burned.

Using rice as the raw material also helps the paper burn slow so you can get more out of your dry herbs. For new smokers, it’s easier to roll hemp than rice sheets.

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