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CBD Supplements

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The CBD market keeps evolving, with new products introduced regularly. We now have CBD supplements in stock that blend the benefits of CBD with some of nature’s best superfoods.

You can now enjoy our collection of CBD supplements by getting all your health benefits from one product instead of having to take multiple supplements to achieve the same benefits. At Flawless CBD, we have an expansive selection of CBD supplements featuring various ingredients. All you have to do is pick the supplements that best serve your needs.

What Are CBD Supplements?

CBD supplements are CBD products blended with other natural herbs and ingredients known to have substantial health benefits. The supplements come in either pill or capsule. They are easier to dose and come packed with multiple benefits because of the rich collection of ingredients.

Our collection of CBD supplements at Flawless CBD includes vital ingredients like green tea, active curcumin, activated charcoal, vitamin C and 5-HTP. The supplements are carefully blended with the best and natural power foods to deliver more benefits with every capsule or soft gel.

Benefits of CBD Supplements

CBD supplements are unlike any other CBD product that you have tried from Flawless CBD. They are jam-packed with nutrients and offer numerous benefits. These include:

Multiple health benefits

Depending on the type of CBD supplement you select, you can enjoy various health benefits. You will get the benefits of CBD and the benefits of the other ingredients added into the CBD capsule. For instance, if you choose our Vitamin C and CBD capsule blend, you get to enjoy the benefits of both CBD and Vitamin C. In some instances, the added ingredients also help to enhance the effects of CBD.

Easy to take

CBD supplements are easy to take.  The supplements and the CBD are enclosed in an easy-to-swallow capsule that dissolves when it gets to the stomach. This saves you the trouble of dealing with an unpleasant taste and meets your body's daily supplement requirements.

You take fewer pills

Even when taking supplements, you will appreciate taking fewer pills. With our range of CBD supplements, you take one pill that contains multiple supplements. It reduces the number of bottles you have to carry around and the number of pills you swallow.

Easy to dose

CBD supplements come in pre-calculated doses. You don’t have to worry about how much CBD you’re taking per tablet or the number of other supplements. All the nutritional information and composition of the tablets and pills are clearly indicated in the packaging.

All you need to know is how many tablets or capsules you should take. Everything else from there is straightforward.

CBD supplements are affordable

CBD supplements consist of multiple ingredients which you would otherwise have to buy separately. With our unique formula, you can enjoy the benefits of different supplements for the price of one. It's cost-effective and efficient.

Choose From A Wide Selection of CBD Supplements

At Flawless CBD, we believe in giving you the power to choose what works best for you. That’s why we have a rich selection of CBD supplements that feature all of nature’s best ingredients. We understand different CBD lovers have different needs and our broad range of CBD supplements reflects that.

Leading Online CBD Shop in the UK

Flawless CBD has dedicated its years of experience to deliver an amazing experience to all CBD lovers. We prioritise quality and diversity.

We understand there are thousands of CBD lovers that rely on us to deliver quality CBD products. That is why we stop at nothing to guarantee that we only deal with the best CBD supplements company and verify the quality of the products. All our CBD products come with a third-party lab report to verify the quality, ingredients and composition of our CBD products.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

If you’re new to the CBD scene or you’re looking for a CBD supplier, here are several reasons why Flawless VBD is the perfect fit for you:

  • Quality guarantee – With Flawless CBD, you never have to worry about the quality of the CBD products we purchase. We deal with the best CBD manufacturers and only sell products with a third-party lab report.
  • Diversity – There are thousands of products in our catalogue. Even better, we regularly update our store with the latest CBD products in the market. Whether you're adventurous or trying to find the perfect CBD product for you, our extensive range will ensure your CBD experience is always exciting and satisfactory.
  • Fast shipping – We deliver all orders in the UK by the next working day. If you place your order and check out before 5 PM, we will dispatch your order on the same day so it can get to you sooner.

CBD Supplements FAQs

Is CBD legal in the UK?

CBD supplements are legal in the UK as long as they are manufactured, processed and packaged according to UK regulations on CBD. The supplements are also safe to take.

Can taking CBD supplements get you high?

No, CBD supplements cannot get you high. Although some CBD supplements are made from full-spectrum CBD contain trace amounts of THC, it is not enough to get you high. If you're concerned about ingesting THC, you can consider purchasing CBD supplements made from broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. These forms of CBD don’t contain any THC.

How are CBD supplements made?

There are various types of CBD supplements featuring different supplements blended with CBD. They all start with the same process of harvesting CBD from the hemp plants. The CBD is then processed into various forms, then mixed with other natural supplements like green tea, vitamin C, Curcumin and others.

The mixture is then enclosed inside gelatine capsules that are easily digestible or pressed into tablets that are easy to take. You will find all the supplements included in CBD gels or tablets on the ingredients list on the packaging.

What types of CBD supplements are there?

There are numerous types of CBD supplements. The supplements vary in the amount of CBD they contain and also the types of additional supplements they contain. This makes it easier for CBD lovers to find the supplements that serve the purpose they have in mind. There are CBD supplements designed to energise, others to help you rest and to improve immunity.  

How should you take CBD supplements?

CBD supplements are not complicated. They are well packaged with specific amounts of CBD in each tablet or gel. All you have to do is take the gel and swallow. You can use water or any other drink to wash it down. The number of tablets you take depends on your daily CBD intake.

How do CBD supplements work? 

CBD supplements work the same way as other CBD products. They interact with the Endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for homeostasis in the body. Once the gel or tablet gets to the stomach, it dissolves, and the different compounds inside it are absorbed into the body, while the CBD travels to the receptor cell sites where it is broken down.

How many CBD supplements should you take in a day?

That depends on the amount of CBD you take in a day and your preferred CBD concentration. If it's your first time taking CBD products, it's recommended to take no more than 10mg of CBD per day. After some observation time, you can adjust your dosage accordingly.

When should you take CBD supplements?

There’s no specific time when you should take CBD supplements. However, if you have to choose, morning would be the best time so you can set your body up for success for the rest of the day.

Are there any side effects associated with taking CBD supplements?

Side effects associated with CBD supplements are rare and mild. They are mostly reported among new CBD users. These include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth and drowsiness. You can prevent these side effects by lowering your CBD substantially and observing your body for some time.

Need Assistance?
Need Assistance?

If you have questions about a product you’re considering or want guidance on choosing the product, our customer service team is here to help Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 6:00 pm. You can also speak to our helpful chatbot on the weekends for any assistance.

Call us: 0116 234 4820


Worry-Free Guarantee
Worry-Free Guarantee

At Flawless CBD, we've got your back. If you're not happy with your purchase or encounter any issues, simply let us know. We guarantee that we'll take care of you and make it right. Shop with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

With Flawless, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our products and are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience. Your peace of mind is our guarantee.

Our Mission: Elevating CBD Excellence
Our Mission: Elevating CBD Excellence

At Flawless CBD, we're on a mission to offer the highest quality CBD products available. Our extensive range includes CBD Vape Oil, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, and CBD vape pens. We've meticulously researched, partnered with top global CBD brands, and analyzed lab reports to ensure the purest CBD offerings. We strive to bring transparency to the CBD market, educating our customers about CBD's potential benefits.

Educational Content:
Educational Content:

At Flawless CBD, we believe that an informed customer is a satisfied customer. That's why we strive to provide comprehensive educational content about CBD and its myriad benefits. Our blog is a valuable resource where you can find articles, guides, and the latest information about CBD. Whether you're new to CBD or a seasoned enthusiast, our educational content is designed to empower you with knowledge, helping you make well-informed decisions about your health and wellness journey. Explore our blog and discover the world of CBD with Flawless CBD

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Compliance with Regulations:
Compliance with Regulations:

At Flawless CBD, we are committed to providing you with premium CBD products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our products are sourced from reputable suppliers, and we adhere to all relevant regulations and quality control measures. You can trust that every Flawless CBD product is compliant with legal requirements, ensuring your peace of mind as you explore the benefits of CBD.

Secure Payment Options:
Secure Payment Options:

At Flawless CBD, we prioritize the security of your transactions. Our website employs state-of-the-art, SSL encryption to safeguard your financial information. When you shop with us, you can trust that your payment details are handled with the utmost care, ensuring a secure and worry-free shopping experience.