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Trip CBD

Trip CBD is a brand deeply rooted in love, family and second chances. The story behind the founders of the brand is a heartwarming one and one that puts into perspective the power and benefits of CBD.

Trip CBD was founded in 2019. In its short stay, the brand has managed to climb up the ladder to be one of UK’s most popular CBD brands with its line of unique products. Trip is all about sharing the benefits of CBD through a range that effortlessly fits into your life and encourages you to take a healthier path that is more about you and your body.

This family-owned and family-run business is dedicated to providing you with quality CBD products based on its own experiences with CBD.

Trip CBD Products

One of the reasons that inspired the birth of Trip CBD is its bitter CBD. Despite the apparent benefits of CBD, one of the founders always found the palate a big hurdle. This is why this brand has a unique collection of products that make it easier for you to take CBD without worrying about the bitter and earthy taste.

CBD Oils

CBD oil is the most popular of Trip CBD infused products Unlike other CBD brands that pair the CBD with a carrier oil and leave at that, Trip has gone a step further to make their oil easier to take and full of flavour without taking away the natural benefits.

Trip CBD oils come in different flavours which include wild mint and chamomile. In addition to the flavours, some of these ingredients like chamomile help to enhance the effects of CBD, ensuring a better all-round experience.

CBD Drinks

In addition to the CBD oils, Trip also offers CBD drinks which feature cold brew coffee drinks and lightly sparkling drinks.

The drinks come in various flavours that taste like fruit juice from concentrate and feature varying natural ingredients known for their benefits to the body.

All Trip CBD products are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and don't contain any added sugar. To make sure the benefits extend to the environment as well, the drinks are packaged in recyclable cans.

The products are designed to suit different levels of CBD users and different needs. With this carefully selected and crafted range of CBD products, taking CBD is not only beneficial but also fun!

Trip CBD Drink Flavours

Elderflower mint

This light sparkling drink is packed with 15mg of CBD and amazing elderflower extract, lemon balm, ginseng, rooibos, L-theanine. The drink is packaged in a clean, elegant pink can that gives off that refreshing feeling.

The drink starts with a sweet and refreshing note, with hints of mint that resemble mint chewing gum. The flavours of elderflower, lemon and mind notes come together to create a refreshing drink that helps you relax and stay cool on those hot days.

Peach Ginger

The peach ginger CBD drink delivers flavour with the aromatic punch that comes with ginger. The effervescence bubbles together with the punch of ginger deliver an amazing, energised, but smooth zing with a well-rounded experience. Other natural flavours that come through as you sip on this refreshing CBD drink include turmeric, lemon balm, and chamomile. Together, they leave you with some sweet, tingling calmness in your mouth.

Cold Brew Coffee

If you’d prefer a more mature and laid-back flavour, the cold brew coffee is an excellent option to consider. This flavour is soaked in Guatemalan coffee and infused with 15mg of CBD. It is sugar-free, vegan-friendly and dairy-free. This relaxing drink is both potent and smooth, packed in an easy, grab-and-go can to get your morning started on the best footing filled with energy and vitality.

Lemon Basil

The lemon basil flavour is the ultimate summer spritz. Like the other flavours from Trip CBD, it contains 15mg of CBD. For those looking to stave off the effects of the summer heat and enjoy some health benefits as well, this is the best drink for you. It is fun and invigorating.

What Makes Trip CBD Different?

There are tens of CBD brands and others sprouting every week. Each brand works to stand out from the crowd and to create a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Trips CBD is not only one of the best-selling UK-based CBD companies. It is also the UK’s only crown-approved CBD brand.

How Much Do Trip CBD Products Cost?

Trip CBD has maintained a competitive edge on the market because of the quality of its products. The products are reasonably priced and affordable, starting at £2.50 for the Trip CBD infused drinks.

How Does Taking CBD Drinks Make You Feel?

Taking CBD drinks is not very different from taking other CBD products. However, most CBD drinks have other natural ingredients like ginseng, turmeric, curcumin and ginger. These might slightly affect the taste of the drink. Because most CBD drinks have a low CBD concentration, you are likely going to feel energised, alert and focused after taking the CBD drink.

Does Taking CBD Drinks Have Side Effects?

CBD products are highly tolerable. They are not associated with many side effects. However, in isolated cases, mild side effects like diarrhoea, nausea and dry mouth. Most of these side effects are associated with high strength CBD products. CBD drinks have low CBD concentration, which minimises the chances of the side effects occurring.  

UK’s Leading CBD Shop

Flawless CBD is a leading CBD shop in the UK where you can get all your favourite CBD brands including Trip CBD products. We stock all the leading CBD brands in the UK and abroad and are your one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs. 

We guarantee the quality of all our CBD products, and we only work with responsible and diligent brands that are dedicated to providing the best quality CBD products. We also conduct random tests and ensure that all the brands in our catalogue have third-party lab reports for the sake of transparency.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

  • Responsibly sourced and quality CBD products – Quality is a top priority in all the products we stock. We ensure the process of production right from the hemp plants selected right down to the packaging are the best and preserve all the CBD goodness.
  • Competitive pricing – CBD products don't have to leave holes in your pockets. We get our products directly from the producers, and we buy in bulk. As a result, we get great prices which we pass on to our customers.
  • Experienced customer support – Flawless CBD is not only about quality CBD products. We also want you to have an excellent shopping experience. That is why we have an experienced customer support team in place to help you with any questions you might have and a fast shipping process to ensure you get your new purchases in the shortest time possible.

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