4 Small CBD Bath Bomb Bundle 2oz

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Product Description

4 CBD Bath Bomb Bundle 2oz each featuring a selection of aromatic bath bombs containing 35mg of CBD.

Find your favourite bath bomb with this 4 piece set featuring a range of bath bombs each with unique ingredients including essential oils and salts.

Allow yourself  to lie back and soak yourself into a state of pure relaxation with these superior bath bombs. 


1x Fresh Bombs Energizing CBD Bomb
Features the fresh, fragrant aroma of wild watermelon to your bathroom! Energize your mood and encourage recovery and inner peace in a blissful bath experience. 

1x Fresh Bombs Anti Fungal CBD Bomb
A delightfully sweet and relaxing aroma with cleansing oils to keep you fresh.

1x Fresh Bombs Shea Skin Healer
A citrus scented bath bomb, including essential oils Shea, Helichrysum & Bergamot with the added benefits of Himalayan pink bath salts.

1x Fresh Bombs Yograss CBD Bomb
Featuring Lemongrass & Kiwi, YOGRASS is potentially one of the most relaxing bath bombs around with fragrant ingredients including citrus lemongrass and sweet fresh kiwis.

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