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Hamilton KR1 Vape

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Product Description

The KR1 is the world’s first 2-in-1 vape cartridge and concentrate bubbler. This dual purpose bubbler allows you to interchange between your favourite 510 thread cartridges and a portable rig. The KR1 is a concentrate lover’s dream, and is perfect for on the go and seshing with friends.

The battery is engineered specifically for use with CCELL cartridges, but will also work with most 510 thread cartridges.

Key Features

  • Button activated
  • 500mAh Battery Capacity
  • 1 to 3 hours charging time


1 Wax coil, USB Charger, 2 O-Rings, Housing Unit and Glass Bubbler

*Cartridge not included

Benefits of KR1 Vape

Easy to use

Push a button to experience your botanicals' effects right away. There isn't any packing, rolling, grinding, or even a lighter flick.

You don't need to click a button if your battery is inhale-activated. It couldn't possibly be more practical. 

It Is Potable

510 vapes are portable, lightweight, and small enough to be taken anywhere. They'll hardly be felt in your pocket, bag, or backpack. 

The fragrance of vape pens is also unbelievably subtle. Without any problems, use them inside, in bed, or even in public. Curious people will mistake it for a juice vape.

How to use the KR1?

All you have to do is assemble the 3 parts that make it up and put the concentrate in the CBD Wax Coil or one or more CBD or THC cartridges and vape. But first, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Once all the elements are in place, choose the desired vaping power (low, medium or high) and enjoy the CBD benefits in complete serenity without any risk of addiction.

Use the KR1 for an exceptional experience! 


How To Charge A 510 Thread Battery?

To charge a 510-thread battery, you will need a battery charger compatible with the thread and the battery's capacity. 

Most 510-thread batteries can be charged using a micro USB cable. 

However, some may require a specific charger provided by the manufacturer.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging the battery to ensure it is charged safely and efficiently.

What Is A 510 Connection? 

A 510 connection refers to the threading of e-cigarette and vaporiser batteries that allows them to be compatible with various cartridges and atomisers.

It's called a 510 connection because the thread has a diameter of 5 millimetres and 10 threads per millimetre.

Can I Use A Rechargeable Vape With A Cartridge Battery?

It depends on the specific cartridge battery and refillable vaporiser you are using.

For example, some cartridge batteries are designed for use with pre-filled cartridges. On the other hand, others may be compatible with refillable tanks or cartridges.

It is essential to check the manufacturer's instructions or contact the manufacturer to determine if a particular cartridge battery is compatible with refillable tanks or cartridges.

What Is A Vape Style 510? 

A 510-style vape is an electronic cigarette or vaporiser that uses a 510-thread battery. This refers to the battery thread, which is 5 millimetres in diameter and 10 threads per millimetre.

Style 510 vapes are compatible with a wide range of cartridges and atomisers thanks to the standardisation of the 510 thread.

Can I Use A 510 Thread Cartridge With A Battery That Has A Different Thread? 

Using a cartridge with a different thread than the battery is generally not recommended.

Although it is possible to connect the two physically, they may need to be compatible with electrical connections.

They could damage the battery, the cartridge or both. It is always best to use a cartridge with the same thread as the battery to ensure compatibility and safety.

How to Maintain your Device

RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 1 to 2 times per cartridge change or depending on use. Please use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

RECOMMENDED BUBBLER CLEANING: Clean with an alcohol swab or Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol.

Remove the O-ring, cover the holes and shake with rubbing alcohol. Immediately after, shake with dish soap and water and dry accordingly.


Clean with an alcohol swab or Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol. DO NOT immerse the case in rubbing alcohol.

Immediately after, clean with dish soap and water, then dry accordingly. DO NOT USE ACETONE OR SOLVENTS FOR CLEANING. ONLY OLD ALCOHOL.