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LINX EDEN Flower Vaporizer

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Color: Onyx

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Product Description

Introducing The Linx Eden; Vaping paradise in the palm of your hand.

Linx Eden is a powerful yet sleek, true convection vaporiser device, featuring 100% air insulation with no synthetic materials in the vapor path.  

Linx Eden has been designed with quality in mind, incorporating a quartz heating chamber to ensure exceptional flavour and only the highest quality vapor.

Available in 2 sophisticated colours, Onyx and Steel.

Linx Eden Flower Vaporizer Features

  • True Convection heating - To ensure smooth clouds are delivered with every puff.
  • All quartz heating chamber - A chamber free from harmful toxins and plastics ensuring the highest quality vapor.
  • Four temp -  Variable temperature settings that can be adjusted in 30 seconds.
  • Lava Plates for extracts - Vaporize your extract and dry flower together.
  • Interchangeable silicone sleeve
  • Glass mouthpiece - To ensure that no metal or plastic comes in contact with your vapour before it reaches your lips.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Linx Eden vaporizer
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 3 x Mouthpiece glass tubes
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 3 x Silicone mouthpiece caps
  • 4 x Filter screens
  • 3 x Lava plates
  • 1 x Magnetic mouthpiece cap
  • 1 x Silicone sleeve
  • 1 x User manual

How It Works

The Linx Eden Flower vaporizer is a simple but effective device. it has only one button that controls everything on the device.

Five quick clicks turn the device on and three clicks cycle between the temperature settings. The device has a hybrid heating system. Finely ground herbs packed down slightly will yield the best results and performance. Give the device about 30 seconds to reach an operating temperature which saves you a lot of waiting time.

Temperature flexibility

With vaporizers, you want to have as much control over the temperature of the device as possible for a tailored experience. The Linx Eden has four temperature settings you can choose from. The four options offer plenty of versatility with each temperature setting in a different temperature range allowing you to enjoy vaping at different temperatures.

Flavour and Vapour production

 The Linx is not designed to deliver serious vape clouds. Although the cloud production is significantly less, the flavour production is on point. This is because the device has a quartz bowl and a glass vapour path that ensure the flavour of the vapour is as pure as possible.

With the Linx Eden, you can get the full flavour of the terpenes but it comes with a small drawback of the smaller clouds. But the production is still satisfactory to most vapers.

Manufacturing Quality

When you think of leading vaporiser manufacturers around the world, Link does not jump out as a candidate. But they have made a case with the construction of the Eden, which comprises a long line of well-crafted and attractive units.

The Eden has an appealing stainless steel body that delivers an excellent experience. It feels and works like a premium product which is astonishing considering it is a budget device.

Besides the build, the device comes with a decent number of accessories that include 3 glass mouth prices, cleaning brush, mouth cap, 4 screens, USB-C cable, 3 Linx concentrate pads and silicone sleeves. For the price of the Linx Eden, this is a steal.

Battery Life

The addition of a USB-C charger means you get super-fast charging. The charger delivers 0.5 amp charging and takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery. Once fully charged, the battery should give you about 5/7 sessions which is more than enough to last an entire day for most vapers.


The Linx Eden is almost the same size as a usual baton-style e-cig. It will easily fit into most pockets and bags without creating a bulge.

Even better, it comes in a nice carry case that makes it easy to bring the device with you on the road without worrying about it getting damaged.

During use, it fits in your hand comfortably and the unique design and matte black finish give it a touch of discreetness of shy vapers that want to avoid curious looks while vaping.

Ease of Operation

As mentioned earlier, the Linx Eden has a single button for simple operation. The button turns the device on and off and lets you scroll through the different temperature settings.

Loading the device is very easy. It has a nice concave loading area that makes sliding in your herbs a breeze. There’s no special draw technique with the device. It’s just sticking your lips around the mouthpiece and inhaling.

Its simplicity is particularly handy when you want to share your vape sessions with friends or even strangers. There’s no coaching necessary on how to use the device once it’s up and running. 

Overall Experience

For a budget device, the Linx Eden hits way above its class. The delivery of the device is exceptional particularly in terms of flavour which is what most herb vapers are after and it has a decent enough battery that should easily last you the whole day.

If you’re looking for a budget dry herb vaporiser that will deliver a stunning experience, the Linx Eden is definitely worth considering.