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Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor

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Product Description

The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor is a refillable pod vape. It's compact and clean design make this an ideal starter vape kit for new users. Despite the size of this rechargeable vape device, it's capable of producing e liquid flavour that rivals many of the mouth to lung devices on the market today.

The Mi-Pod kit is powered by a custom designed built in 950mAh battery, giving the user a day’s use on a full charge on average - battery life is indicated by a built in LED. The device features dual airflow for increased vapour production and taste. The mi-pod refillable pods included in the kit are designed to be used with High PG liquids; these pods slot into place firmly and are easy to fill.


  • 1 x Mi-Pod Device
  • 2 x Refillable Pods
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Refillable Pod System
  • 950 mAh Battery
  • Built in LED
  • OAS System
  • Compact Size

The Mi-Pod is among the most exciting devices that Smok Vapor has come up with in the recent past. The small-statured vape device is surprising on many fronts, including its colour diversity, and it has a surprisingly high-capacity battery fitted in a small frame with good performance.

 The device joins the growing range of simple-styled pod systems that are perfect for all types of vapers. Its square shape is iconic and one of the reasons why the device stands out. As an AIO pod system, it has everything you need to get your vape started in just a few minutes after getting the vape out of the box.

Here's a closer look at the Mi-Pod device and what it has to offer.


The Mi-Pod is a striking device even while inside the packaging. It comes in an extensive range of colours and various faux materials, including cork, suede and digital.

Product presentation and packaging design are top-notch, with this device ,making the device feel like it is a desirable fashion accessory.


The Mi-Pod is a lux AIO device with a compact design that delivers flavourful vapes. Since the device was first released, it has been the recipient of many awards and remains among the best-selling pod systems in the market currently.

These accolades and milestones are largely attributed to the exceptional vaping experience that the Mi-Pod continues to deliver for the years it has been in the market.

The Mi-Pod isn't just an excellent performer but also packs stunning looks. It comes in 25 ornate designs, including a limited edition of the Grimm Green model. With such a diverse range of finishes, every vaper stands a fair chance of finding a vape device that fits in perfectly with their personal style.

The Mi Pod

The pod comes with an integrated 950mAh battery with an output of 3.0 to 4.2 volts. It’s an impressive performance given the size of the device. The fully charged battery should take you a few days of vaping before you need to recharge.

There’s a 15A micro USB port on the device, and it comes complete with the cable. You also get 2ml pre-wicked refillable pod cartridges that feature a plug-and-play design. The pods are beginner-friendly, allowing even starters to get their vaping experience started on the best footing.

The pod has a powerful output of 1.0ohms which earns the device major points among all types of vapers. Another feature you're going to like on this device is the draw-activated mechanism. You don't have to fidget with buttons. Just power on the device and breath in, and the Mi-Pod will fire.

There’s an LED at the base of the device that will indicate with the pod is in use and will also indicate your battery level.

The chip is also a winner, with the device featuring various protection features that include 10-second cut-off, over-heating, low voltage, low resistance and short-circuiting.

Design Update

The Mi-Pod has received several upgrades in its design and features to make it a more modern device and improve performance. Some of the design updates in the new device include:

  • Changes to the internal design and the sensor has been moved.
  • Smok Vapor also added an internal backup prevention system.
  • A silicone seal was added to the pods, which are now double sealed to prevent spills.
  • The pod was adjusted to 1.3ohms.
  • Improved QC for the wires and the wicks.


With vaping, performance is the only way to judge the success of a device. The design and appearance are only superficial if they are not backed up with good performance.

The Mi-Pod is designed for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping crowds. The pod comes with silicone inserts that reduce the airflow when placed on the airflow channel. They change the draw enough for your to feel the change from DL to MTL.

However, the Mi-Pod does its best work as a restricted DL vaping device. When using it this way, you don't have to use silicone inserts. You just fill up the pod and vape. The 1.3ohm coil has fantastic delivery producing a surprising amount of vapour and capturing plenty of flavour.

You can use the device with various nicotine and nic salt concentration levels while being assured of a satisfying vape at all times.

The flavour produced by the device is better than most of the other pod systems in the market. It might take about half a pod to start getting the right kick, after which it stays at that good level for most of the pod’s lifespan.

The coil lasts for at least seven refills which gives you plenty of value. With proper maintenance, it’s good for a couple more if you use light, clear juices. The wicking properties are also commendable. It's incredibly hard to get a dry hit out of the Mi-Pod even when using 70% VG juices. It’s an impressive fete considering the coils are only 1.3ohms.

Battery life and charging

With the kind of performance the Mi-Pod puts out, you can expect the battery life to be compromised. But that's not the case. The 950mAh battery will last you a good two pods with one charge. It operates on a direct output which maximises on the power that gets to the coil.

The pod has an operational voltage range of between 3 – 4.2 volts. The 1.3-ohm redesigned coils get about 13.5 watts from the battery, which drops to about 7 watts when the battery is depleted.

To help you keep an eye on the battery charge, the device has three LED colours. The blue colour indicates the battery is between 4.2 and 3.7 volts. The purple colour indicates between the 3.7 and 3.4-volt range, and below that, the device will have a red colour.

The battery is superbly strong, allowing you to vape about one and a half pods before turning from blue to purple. For average vapers, that will easily last you a day.

If you're looking for a pod that straddles the line between MTL and DL vaping flawlessly, providing excellent performance on both ends, the Mi-Pod fits the bill. It is also an excellent device to consider for vapers that prioritise appearances. There's no device in the market at the moment the edges the Mi-Pod in terms of appearance and sheer diversity of finishes and elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Mi-Pod

Where is the power button on the Mi-Pod?

The power button is located on the side of the device below the charging port. It’s a small rectangular button. You can use the power button to power the device on and off or use it to enter “Stealth Mode.”

How long do the Pods last?

Each pod for the Mi-Pod is designed to last up to five refills. However, the pod duration depends on how often you use the pod, the viscosity of the vape liquid used, how sweet the e-liquid is and how the pod is filled between fills.  

How long does the Mi-Pod battery last?

The Mi-Pod battery can last almost two days on a full charge. However, the length of the charge will also depend on how often you use the device. Continuous use means the length of the charge will be decreased. To make the most out of the battery, ensure you charge it often and don’t let the device sit on an empty battery for an extended period.

What juice should I use on the Mi-Pod?

The Mi-Pod is designed for full cross-compatibility. You can use it with regular free-base e-liquids as well as nic salt e-liquids. The most recommended PG/VG composition to use for Mi-Pod is the 50/50 to 70/30.