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PB1 Hamilton Vape

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Product Description

The PB1 takes you back to the future with a classic concept that’s brilliantly wrapped up in a modern design. The PB1 conceals and protects your cartridges all while providing an unrivalled vape experience.

This battery is engineered specifically for use with CCELL cartridges but will also work with most 510 thread cartridges.

Key Features:
- Button activated
- 500mAh battery capacity
- 30 minutes charging time
- Colour: Black

1 Device, 1 Type-C Cable Charger
*Cartridge not included

What does the PB1 Vape look like?

PB1 is solid in hand, with almost a matte leather-like finish. There is top-notch circuitry within, so it’s not just about the look.

It has a very flat base that is made to stand alone.

This pipe flips open into two parts: the mouthpiece and the other as the battery chamber. One is separated from the other by a simple twist.

The mouthpiece is incredibly ergonomic and curves out at the top so the lips can rest comfortably. The base secures the cartridge and supplies power; It is simple to use.

The base has a 510 threaded slot, and you attach your cartridge by threading it on, similarly to how many other battery sticks are used. You can start vaping after reassembling the pipe. Almost all 510 threaded cartridges ought to fit.

On the base, there is a sizable fire button with two uses. You can access the charging port by swivelling the top cap to one side (USB).

You can start vaping or inhaling without pressing any buttons because this battery operates by draw activation. 

All excellent cartridge batteries should have variable voltage because different extraction techniques might produce oils that are either thicker or runnier.

It would help If you used the lowest temperature and voltage feasible for effective vapour formation.

The PB1 can be fully recharged with a USB-C charger; it should take about an hour to fully charge, and the battery capacity is 500 mAh. 


The cartridge (or “dab cart”) is the top portion of the vape pen and consists of a chamber that holds the cannabis oil and a mouthpiece for inhalation. A vape pen’s battery is located at the bottom.


 A 510-thread vape battery is a tool for vaporising either nicotine or cannabis.  

The term "510" describes the threaded connection used to connect parts and means 10 threads at 5mm.  

Most e-cigarettes and vape pens immediately adopted this style of threaded connection as the norm, making combining different cartridges and pens simpler.

Today, the majority of 510-threaded batteries and cartridges are thought to be compatible and interchangeable.

How does it work?

A rechargeable battery base that is screwed onto an oil cartridge loaded with oil heats the oil so it can be vaporised and breathed.


Ceramic Cell is referred to as CCELL. This ground-breaking innovation uses a ceramic cartridge with a heating element integrated into a coil and was developed exclusively for powering cannabis vape pens. 

The earlier cotton-wicking method, which caused oil to burn by pulling it in unevenly, has been replaced by ceramic heating components.

CCELL batteries were developed to be more potent and long-lasting, in contrast to the majority of batteries in the market, which are based on the Typical e-cigarette model.  


The ceramic heating components in CCELL® cartridges are perforated with nanoscale intake holes, which are incredibly small; because cannabis oil can be dense and thick; the spots are perfect for absorbing, storing, and vaporising it.

Moreover, because they are ceramic, they provide more heating, resulting in consistent draws from the vape. This method is significantly superior to cotton wicking, which can cause oil to burn and draw oil unevenly. 


Read the following advice on vape battery safety to avoid hurting yourself or others or destroying your battery:

  • Make Use of the Right Charging Cable

Your battery may overheat if you use a different cable than the one the manufacturer recommended for it. This happens when the battery is charged at a higher voltage than it should be. Use the charger that comes with the device at all times.

  • Never leave a battery charging unattended.

Your vape batteries could overheat from overcharging, mobile phone batteries or while you are gone.

  • Don’t drain your batteries excessively

Every time you use your vaporiser, your batteries shouldn’t run completely flat. Try to charge your battery before it runs flat because over-draining it can harm it.

  • Prevent High or Low Temperatures

Vape batteries can endure various temperatures, although extremely hot or cold conditions may damage them. Don’t forget where you put your vaporiser. High temperatures might shorten your battery life and reduce the amount of use your vaporiser can provide. Cold temperatures cause similar effects and decreased battery capacity.

  • Replace damaged or wet batteries.

It would help if you didn’t keep wet batteries in your vape. In your instance, a damp battery could lead to leaking because it weakens the seal.