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Squid Game 1000mg CBD Honeycomb Game

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Product Description

At Flawless CBD, we're giving you the opportunity to partake in the honeycomb carving challenge from the hit Netflix series Squid Game. Not to mention, if you complete the challenge successfully then you get the chance to enter the prize draw!  Break the shape and your doomed.. well, not completely doomed, you'll still have some delicious CBD infused honeycomb.

  • 1000mg of CBD per Honeycomb
  • Each  Honeycomb is in an aluminium screw top tin
  • Each Honeycomb measures 70mm across
  • Daily Cash Prizes Up To £150

Available in four difficulties: Square (easy), Triangle (moderate), Circle (skilled) and Umbrella (hard).


Each player is given a flat Honeycomb with a pre-carved shape in the middle. Each player needs to cut the shape out using the needle provided without it cracking or breaking.

Snap an image of the completed shape, scan the QR code and your entered.

Prizes will be: Easy - £25, Moderate - £50, Skilled - £75, Hard - £150

1 winner chosen randomly per day

The Honeycomb Game is a chance for our loyal fans to get rewarded for choosing us as their preferred supplier of CBD products. The game is inspired by the hugely popular series Squid Games, where one of the challenges involved participants using a needle to carve out a shape from a honeycomb. Our game is largely the same. The only difference is that everyone is a winner.

What is the Honeycomb Game?

The Flawless CBD honeycomb game is an exciting opportunity for CBD lovers to get a little more than what they ordered by participating in a fun and thrilling game of chances. We provide you with the honeycomb. All you need to do is find a needle you can use to carve out the shape.

The honeycomb comes in an aluminium screw-top tin. What’s more, the honeycomb is infused with 1000mg of CBD. So, it will be like buying your CBD products. Only that with the honeycomb CBD, the honeycomb will come with various shapes that you should carve out. The shapes vary and pose different challenges;

  • Square – easy
  • Triangle – moderate
  • Circle-skilled
  • Umbrella – hard

If you can carve the shape successfully without breaking it, you get a chance to win up to £150, depending on the shape you carve out successfully.

How the Honeycomb Game Works

If you’ve watched the Netflix series Squid Game, understanding how the honeycomb game goes is much easier. But if you haven’t, you shouldn’t have any challenges either.

Start by heading to the Flawless CBD website. Purchase your preferred CBD-infused honeycomb. You can choose the shape engraved on the honeycomb while placing the purchase. This is the shape you’ll be expected to carve out.

Once you receive your honeycomb, you can start working on carving out the shape. If you successfully carve out the shape without breaking, scan the image of the completed shape and scan the QR code to enter the contest. Depending on the shape you selected to carve out, the prizes are as follows;

  • Easy - £25
  • Moderate - £50
  • Skilled - £75
  • Hard - £150

Every day one winner is randomly picked to win the prize. If you don’t win or break your shape while carving it out, you still enjoy the delicious CBD-infused honeycomb, so you still win.

What Does the Honeycomb Contain?

The honeycomb is a bonafide CBD edible made using the best quality CBD and other natural ingredients. The honeycomb comes in an aluminium screw top tin and measures 70mm across. It is packed with 1000mg of CBD, enough to last most CBD consumers for a couple of days.

The honeycomb is made from CBD isolate, making it safe for active CBD consumers and those that undergo regular testing and don’t want to risk consuming CBD products containing THC, even in trace amounts. As a method of taking CBD, the honeycomb is effective and fun to take. It is particularly exciting for CBD consumers that avoid the natural flavour of CBD.

The Honeycomb game is a fun way to add excitement and adrenalin to your CBD routine and stand a chance to win some money.