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How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

Do you intend to try disposable vapes? These vape kits have several benefits and amazing flavours that will keep you refreshed. Disposable vapes are easy to use and pocket-friendly. Additionally, the disposable fact means you can always get a different brand, flavour and battery capacity as you want.

It is, therefore, important to be in the know of what you’ll be having when you get a disposable vape. The term “disposable” means the device won’t last forever but will only be useful for some time. Different factors affect this last period, so it may not be as definite as you expect it. Read on for different tips on how to tell the last period for the vape and different signs to look for.

What factors determine the lifespan of a disposable vape?

Every vape has unique features and specifications. Similarly, every vaper has different ways they take their puffs. 

Here are some key factors that determine the disposable vape's lifespan:

Battery capacity

Disposable vapes have varying battery capacities. Most disposables have 500mAh batteries. This can last about 3 to 5 days based on many factors. A smaller battery typically has a reduced lifespan than a large battery.

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E-liquid capacity

On average disposable vapes have 2ml e-liquid tanks, although improved models have 4ml tanks if you want. So, the larger the e-liquid capacity, the higher the vape's lifespan.

Usage habits

It is recommended that you take slow and steady puffs for a flavour-filled experience. Other than the sweetened vapour the slow draws on your device help manage the available e-liquid with the available battery power. Continued and improper use of the vape pen drains out the battery and the e-liquid much faster than slower puffs with frequent breaks.

Quality products

This factor depends on the vape companies constructions. A vape made with premium quality products lasts longer than one with less quality products. The latter can malfunction or fail to hit, from simple knockups or accidental drops on hard floors or wet surfaces.

What’s the possible lifespan of a disposable vape

Based on your usage habits and each factor determining its lifespan, disposable vapes can last anywhere from several days to a few weeks. This, however, takes into consideration how hard you puff. The vape’s battery often runs out while there’s still more e-liquid to vaporise.  By controlling your vaping habits, you can determine how long you want the vape kit to last.

How do you know when the disposable vape has run out?

Your vape may have stopped vaporising, making you think it's finished when it's a defect on its parts. Here are some tips to guide you on how to know whether your disposable vape is done:

The vape has a burnt taste

A burnt taste means you may have run out of e-liquid  when the battery still has the power to burn more. So, as you inhale, the wick may absorb heat from the coil giving the burnt taste. The only remedy here is to get a new vape.

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Flavourless vape

You will have tasteless flavours after using the vape for some time. If the wick in your device is made of metal, you could also smell the burnt metal flavour which means you’ve run out of e-juice in the vape pen.

Less or no vapour

Once you have used the vape over time, you’ll notice the vapour produced being less cloudy as before. It will get thin and thin until there won’t be any more vapour after firing the vape.

Dead battery

When you draw on the vape, you can notice a dead battery if the indicator light is not blinking. If your disposable is rechargeable, you may be lucky to draw the last drops from it. But if it’s not rechargeable, there’s nothing else you can do other than to get another vape.

How to extend the lifespan of your disposable vape

Despite being disposable and bound to run out of eliquid and battery, you can do a few things to prolong your disposable vape’s lifespan. These include:

Store the vape in a cool and dry place

This means storing the vape kit away from direct sunlight. The heat, whether from the sun or any other source, can affect the battery and the e-liquid in your vape.

Take short breaks between puffs

You don’t have to use the disposable vape throughout. You can take short breaks between your puffs to preserve the battery and the wicking material. Prolonged and harder puffs often drain the battery and weaken the wicking material in your vape.

Avoid mishandling the vape

Although most disposable vapes have stainless steel covers they are still susceptible to damage when they hit concrete floors. Therefore, you need to think about investing in a protective case that will reduce the impact on the vape when it falls on such concrete floors.

Such protective cases are also helpful to prevent the vape from soaking when it falls in water or when placed close to steam in the kitchen or bathroom.

Keep the vape clean

With a little wiping disposable vapes are easy to maintain. However, if you fail to clean their surfaces, you may have tiny debris blocking the airflow holes or the mouthpiece. This can be quite frustrating once the vape fails to hit as usual. So, being a simple maintenance task, you should do the wiping a little more regularly.


Disposable vapes can last for as long as you use them responsibly. These vape manufacturers have approximated about 600 puffs. But you can only attain these puff counts if you take regular breaks between your puffs and if you draw moderate air when firing the device. These may be quite hard for anyone switching from smoking, but with gentle practice, you’ll learn to manage the nicotine urge in your body.


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