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Reishi Mushroom Dosage

Reishi Mushroom Dosage

Reishi is one of the best-known mushrooms in the world. It makes up 2% of worldwide dietary supplement sales. The fungus has been around for thousands of years and has deep roots in traditional Eastern medicine. Dubbed the mushroom of immortality, Reishi mushrooms have a unique polysaccharide content packed with possible anti-cancer and immunostimulatory effects. In addition, the mushroom is thought to have antiviral activity and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

You can experiment with these benefits by adding Reishi mushroom to your supplements routine. Finding the right Reishi mushroom product won’t be hard, but you should also know how much to consume for the best results. Before we get to the right amount of Reishi you should consume, here’s a quick overview of Reishi mushrooms.

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What Are Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms have a long and illustrious history in Asia. In China, the mushrooms are called Lingzhi but go by Reishi in Japan and Ganoderma Lucidum scientifically. They grow on plum trees in Asia and are identified by their coarse, woody texture. They are edible, but because of their woody and bitter taste, they are far from your favourite delicacy.

For thousands of years, Reishi mushrooms were used to increase energy, boost immune function and promote longer and healthier. You could say they were the elixir of immortality.

Reishi mushrooms have numerous functional food properties. It’s why they are aggressively sought-after despite having a bitter taste. When taken regularly, the mushrooms may provide support for;

Immune health

Reishi mushrooms are rich in beta-glucans and polysaccharides. These elements support a healthy immune system function. They support phagocytes, killer cells, and white blood cells, enhancing cellular and humoral immunity. The functional concoction helps to improve immune response and mitigate inflammation as a response, conditioning the immune system to provide the best response when confronted with pathogens.

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Stress response

Reishi mushrooms belong to a unique group of herbs and mushrooms that support the body’s homeostatic balance. As an adaptogen, the mushrooms help the body adapt to internal and external stresses. Research suggests that some mushroom elements can help the body respond to oxidative stress through their antioxidant properties.

Heart health

Eastern medicine has used Reishi mushrooms as a cardiotonic for thousands of years. It’s one of the reasons researchers started looking into the medicinal potential of the mushroom and its bioactive substances. The triterpenes in Reishi may help support low blood pressure and low cholesterol levels and inhibit plaque buildup in the arteries and platelet aggregation.

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How Much of Reishi Mushrooms Should You Take Daily?

You must find the right amount of Reishi mushrooms you should take to get the right results. The ideal amount you take depends on the reason for taking the mushrooms. As a supplement, you will take less than when taking the mushroom for support with various conditions.

The common range for most people taking Reishi mushrooms as a daily supplement is 6-12g. Most people find the 6-8g range sweet spot. If you're starting, begin with the lower side of the dosing threshold and work your way up.

Start with the lowest dose you can find if you're using Reishi mushroom products like capsules or other pre-dosed products. It takes some experimenting to find your dosing threshold. That's why you should start low and build up. Also, only buy your Reishi from an experienced and trustworthy manufacturer. Besides having quality products, they also have more accurate dosing guides that you can use.

Reishi dosage for stress and fatigue

When using Reishi for stress and fatigue, you need a higher intake. But that doesn’t mean you immediately jump on the highest serving you can find. You should start with lower doses and gradually work your way up to where you feel the mushroom is effective. On average, most people taking Reishi for stress and fatigue find that 8g daily does the trick.

Reishi dosage for blood sugar

Reishi mushrooms are excellent if you have low blood sugar. Not only for their medicinal value, but they are low in carbohydrates. However, if you’re already taking antidiabetes medication, we recommend you consult your doctor before adding these supplements to your routine. Again 8g is the sweet spot for most people, but we insist on starting with the lowest dosage you can find to see what will work for you.

Reishi dosage for neurological benefits

Reishi extract may have success in combating various neurological conditions like seizures that may result in neurological damage. About 10-80mg/kg is enough for some individuals to start feeling some effects. However, the ideal amount varies from person to person.

What’s the Best Way to Take Reishi Mushroom?

It’s best to start with how not to take Reishi mushroom, and that is by cooking. Reishi may have numerous benefits; taste is not one of them. Also, the heat could denature some elements and reduce the effectiveness of the mushroom.

Consider Reishi mushroom products like whole Reishi mushroom powder or Reishi extract in various forms like capsules. Take time to find an extract with the nutritional and therapeutic compounds you want because the formulas differ depending on the manufacturer.

When is the Best Time to Take Reishi?

When to take Reishi purely depends on personal preference. Some prefer to take it at night before sleep to maximise its potential relaxing benefits that could aid in better sleep. Others prefer to take it in the morning. If taking Reishi in the morning makes you tired and run down, try taking a lower dose.

The most important thing is to be consistent and take your supplements around the same day every day.

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