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How Long Does Vitamins take to Work?

How Long Does Vitamins take to Work?

Gone are the days when you needed blood tests to check your vitamin levels. These nutrients are essential for your body’s proper functionality. But if you aren’t taking a balanced diet, it’s already clear that you are walking on a low vitamin case, so it wouldn’t be necessary to confirm with a blood test.

But with the increasing scientific achievements in today’s world, you need not worry about monitoring your foods to ensure you eat meals rich in Vitamin B12 and others. Instead, you can use vitamin supplements rich in essential nutrients for your body’s proper functioning. This explains why vitamins have been on the rise.

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What are Vitamins

Vitamins are important nutrients for the body that can be obtained from plant or animal products. There are different methods involved in creating Vitamins, so there is no one for the all-extraction technique. For instance, a lab can extract a vitamin from fruit or work on obtaining the same vitamin or another from an organic compound, such as Acetone.

When people think of vitamin supplements, many think of naturally sourced products. This isn’t wrong but the fact is vitamins can be natural or artificial. The law requires that dietary supplements include a labelled list of ingredients and any other contents in the product. So, some manufacturers may not be truthful with the information on your Vitamin’s packaging at all times.

So, you should always know when a Vitamin is marked as “natural”, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has 100% natural ingredients. Instead, it means the vitamin product has about 20% of actual natural ingredients, and the remaining 80% could be synthetic or not.

How long does Vitamins take to work?

The speed at which you first notice the benefits of your vitamin supplements depend on different factors.

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One key factor determining the effective time of vitamins is how deficient your body is. So, if you are extremely deficient in a specific vitamin, it may take quite a while to rectify it. This may be between a few weeks to months. Alternatively, you may also choose to take higher doses of the vitamins to recover the lost levels.

Secondly, the type of vitamin supplement you take also determines how long it will take to work. These, too, come with many hidden features, including the administered form of the vitamin. For example, if you take liquid vitamins, you may experience faster effects than if you take capsules. This is because the body will need some time to break down the capsule to extract the vitamin inside.

Additionally, if you apply the vitamins topically through your skin, it may take time for them to work based on your skin absorption rate. In this case, the vitamins through the skin will only be absorbed fully once they reach the muscles. This may be quite some time.

Your lifestyle and habits also play a major role in this issue. For instance, if you take alcohol or smoke, these substances will need a higher intake before the body achieves the desired nutrient stability. In addition, there are many energy boosters such as caffeine and ginseng root that may block the absorption of essential nutrients, including magnesium, calcium and iron.

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So, there is no specific time frame on how long it might take to see the effects of the vitamins.

How do you know when vitamins are working?

Once you start using vitamins, your body begins to absorb them into your bloodstream based on how you administered the supplement. However, you must know this won’t be an overnight fix. So, if your vitamin has no signs of working, you shouldn’t give up.

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Therefore, the signs that the vitamins are working depend on your body, age, digestive health, gender and any pre-existing medical conditions. This means the only way you can tell if indeed the vitamins are working is by looking for signs of deficiencies. For example, the supplements have not yet kicked in if you still notice wrinkled skin or nails and are often feeling fatigued. But if all these signs are no longer present, the vitamins may have started working.

When should you switch vitamins?

This depends on why you’re taking the vitamins in the first place. However, a 3-month period is long enough to tell whether there are any effects from taking the vitamins. But remember, everyone has a different body, so what works for you may not work for someone else immediately.

It’s also important to note that if you stop taking the vitamins and are not eating a healthy, balanced diet either, the vitamin levels will still decrease.

How often should I take vitamins?

It is a fact that most people don’t need a constant intake of vitamins because they can get all the necessary vitamins from eating balanced diets. However, many people prefer taking supplements, but the problem comes in when you overdose for long periods; this could be quite harmful to your body.

According to the health department, you should only take vitamins if you are at risk of deficiency. So, if you have to take the vitamins, use them once or twice daily. But you must ensure you read the instruction on each package you pick since different vitamins have different strengths and different dosages.

You also need to know that too many vitamins have side effects on your health. On average, the body takes 3 to 4 months to have stocked enough vitamins for proper functioning. But if you overdosed on the vitamins, some of the side effects you need to be aware of include constipation, nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhoea. In case of any of these side effects after taking your vitamins, you should contact a professional healthcare provider for assistance.

Who is most recommended to take vitamins?

Not every vitamin supplement is beneficial for your body. However, those who may be recommended to take vitamins are the elderly, people who consume alcohol excessively, anyone on strict diets, women with heavy periods, people with food allergies, etc.

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However, you must know this is not a medical prescription, so you may need to consult a health professional before starting your vitamin intake.

Final Wrap

Besides being quite beneficial for the body, you can buy vitamins without a doctor’s prescription, which makes many people think the supplements are risk-free. But this isn’t the case. Despite their benefits, vitamins are also dangerous if mishandled.

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