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How long does it take for Shilajit to work?

How long does it take for Shilajit to work?

Shilajit is a sticky substance composed of complex organic and inorganic compounds that develop in the Himalayas rocks. It forms from the decays of certain plants and is a safe nutritional supplement that has been used for centuries as Indian traditional medicine. In addition, the compound is believed to be useful for enhanced physical performance, supporting the immune system, anti-inflammatory energy booster, among many other benefits.

While more research is ongoing to understand the full benefits of Shilajit, it’s a supplement that’s been quite helpful for maintaining different cognitive disorders such as ageing and many more.

What are the compositions of shilajit?

Shilajit composition varies from region to region based on geographic origin and processing methods. But, 60% of its compositions is fulvic acid, humic acid, and many other minerals, including polyphenols, aromatic carboxylic acids, sterols, albumins, resins, latex, gums and many others. The fact that shilajit’s formation varies from region to region has led to its increasing demand in the medical field as an ancient Indian pharmaceutical product of (Ayurvedic) medicine.

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Correct dosage recommendations for shilajit

The appropriate dosage for shilajit varies depending on your age to your health status. Different research outlines that it is best to consume shilajit in average doses. Similarly, how effective the dose will depend on the compound's form. In this case, shilajit resin is the most unique and preferable form that’s 100% unique, with different benefits.

Scientific research found the minimum dosage for shilajit to be 100mg, as long as you are using shilajit resin which is the purest and freshest dose. Additionally, starting slowly and adjusting the doses gradually for effective results is the best approach. This is because the quality and purity of shilajit keep varying significantly. This is also the reason why you need to get a shilajit resin supplement that has been independently tested for purity by a third-party lab.

Shilajit’s Dosage for adults

An adult can take between 300 to 500mg of shilajit resin in a day, but some people have gone beyond and are taking up to 1000mg. Advisably the higher milligrams are best for anyone who weighs more and is much more active in person.

There are also many other factors that determine how much dosage one can take.  But essentially, it is best that, just as with any other supplement, you consult a doctor before starting off on shilajit. The healthcare provider can even clear you to go ahead with specific milligrams that he will have seen won’t affect your body.

When is the best time to take shilajit?

The best time to take shilajit depends on what’s stated by the manufacturer as well as a healthcare provider’s guidance. The most applicable time is, however, in the morning when you are on an empty stomach. This is believed to be effective and increases the absorption rate into your bloodstream.

You can also dissolve it in hot water, milk, or tea and take it once or twice during the day, depending on your expectations and your dosage. You must, however, remember shilajit is a potent substance that can react differently with any underlying medical conditions. This is why you need to go for checks and get a go-ahead from a professional doctor before using shilajit for your safety.

How long should you take shilajit?

Shilajit is a unique and authentic biomass with no additives that may threaten the human body. However, this does not rule out the fact that you need to visit a doctor for a consultation about your intentions to take shilajit.

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Its supplementation may vary depending on your individual needs, health status, the form of the compound, and many other needs. This means some people may experience the results immediately, while others may take some time before experiencing the results.

Scientific research recommends taking shilajit in small amounts daily for effective results. Being an authentic supplement, it has no high dosage dangers. However, you may want to take it for between one to three months and observe any changes in your health condition. If your goal is not yet met, you can still use shilajit for as long as you want since it’s a natural substance it has no proven dangers that may be harmful if used in small amounts for a long time.

When should you stop using shilajit?

With the scientific research finding shilajit to be pure with zero side effects, it means when you stop your consumption is up to you. This is because the supplement is an active resin packed with nutrients and minerals.

You may also want to stop its consumption if you have completed your recommended dosage. If you have adverse effects from using shilajit, whether it's an upset stomach, dizziness, or diarrhoea. It is also advisable to stop if you feel it has different allergic reactions on you, from difficulty in breathing, swollen face, lips, tongue or throat and many others. In that case, you should seek immediate medical attention.

It is important to note that the above conditions have not been associated with side effects of using shilajit, but since the human body varies from one individual to another, it means anything is possible moreso, with underlying health conditions.

How long does it take to get a result from shilajit?

Many shilajit users are curious about how fast its effects are; no wonder the question is quite common. As much as the effects depend on different factors, some people noted changes on their second day of consumption while to others it took as long as a week or two before seeing any changes. The reason for the different periods is from the various formation of shilajit resin as well as everyone’s different lifestyle.

For example, some immediate benefits of shilajit are mental clarity and improved energy. You may notice these within a few days to the first few weeks of use. But if you were taking it to help with your better exercise performance, improved immune function or help with reduced inflammation, the effects may take some time before feeling the effect in your body.

Always remember that being a natural substance, shilajit may not produce the same effects every day. So you may want to get directions from a doctor, who can guide you accordingly.

Final Wrap

In summary, the effect time for shilajit depends on several factors, from your health status to your aim for using the resin. While some people may notice benefits immediately after taking it, it may take much time for others again, depending on the goal.

Advisably for effective results, it is best to follow a specific dosage instruction consistently. If, however, you have used it for over 3 months with no visible changes or if you experience any medical issues when using it, it's best to visit a healthcare provider for further assistance.

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