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How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

There are two tips to getting the most out of your CBD oil. The first is finding the right CBD oil with the correct strength and quality. The second is knowing how many CBD oil drops you should be taking.

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Unfortunately, unlike other products where the dosing is pre-determined, CBD, in general, is slightly different. The number of CBD oil drops you should take differs depending on various factors. That makes it hard for new users to know exactly how many drops they should take in a day. With the right information, you should be on the right track.

What To Consider When Determining How Many CBD Oil Drops You Should Be Taking

Before determining the ideal CBD oil dose for you, there are several factors you should consider. These will affect how many CBD sprays you should take in a day.

How long have you been taking CBD?

Seasoned CBD users have built tolerance over the years and are more likely to take more CBD oil drops to get the desired effects compared to new users. If you're a new user, starting with a low dose and then building your way up is recommended.

Reason for taking CBD oil drops

CBD lovers taking CBD oil drops as a supplement don’t need to take nearly as much as those taking it to manage severe and chronic symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Strength of the CBD oil drops

CBD oils come in a variety of strengths. Some can be as high as 6000mg. The higher the concentration of CBD in the CBD oil, the fewer the drops you should be taking because each drop contains more CBD.

Method of administration

How you take your CBD will also determine how much CBD you can take. When taken sublingually, CBD oil drops have a higher bioavailability, allowing you to take fewer drops while still enjoying the same results and effects. However, CBD has a lower bioavailability when taken orally and may require you to take more to feel the effects.

Finding the Right Formula

For new CBD users, it is highly recommended that you take a “start low and take it slow” approach. You can purchase CBD oil drops with about 200mg CBD strength which is a good starting point.

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If you're lucky enough to find a CBD oil tincture with a calibrated dropper, it is much easier to calculate how many drops you should take. Simply divide the CBD strength with the quantity of CBD oil. You will get the amount of CBD you consume per millilitre and then divide the answer with the volume of the dropper, which will give you the CBD amount per drop. Let's take a 200mg, 10ml CBD oil with a dropper with a capacity of 0.05ml, which is where most options lie;

200÷10 = 20mg/ml

If you buy a CBD oil tincture with 200mg of CBD, the CBD content in each ml of the tincture will be 20mg. How much CBD will be in a drop?

20mg x 0.05ml = 1mg/drop

Based on this calculation, you can determine how many drops you need to reach your desired CBD oil dosage.

CBD Dosages for different ailments

If you're using CBD to manage an existing condition, there are some approximate guidelines that should help you determine how much CBD you need to take. However, these just reference points. The ideal dosage will differ from person to person depending on your BMI, metabolism, and the severity of the condition.

For sleep

70mg per day

For migraines

18-60mg per day depending on the severity of the pain

For depression

40-70mg per day

For acne

20mg per day for a start

For Arthritis

30mg per day

For some forms of epilepsy

2.5mg per kilogram of body weight twice a day



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After calculating the initial number of drops of CBD oil, you should be taking, observe if you can feel any effects. According to the observation, you can increase or decrease the dosage. If you experience some effects like nausea or dry mouth, you're likely taking too much CBD. You need to reduce the dosage. If you can't feel any effects, you can increase the dosage. Just ensure you increase the dosage in small amounts and allow some observation time before increasing the dose again.

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