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What is CBD E-Liquid?

What is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e-liquid or CBD e-juice as it is otherwise known is a combination of CBD and some of the basic ingredients used to make other types of e-liquids used in vaping.

Given the popularity of vaping, and the high bioavailability of CBD when vaped, CBD brands had to come up with an interesting product that would appeal to both CBD and vaping lovers. The result was the CBD e-liquid.

What is CBD E-liquid Made From?

CBD e-liquid and the normal e-liquid share several similarities. However, unlike the usual e-liquid, CBD e-liquid has the nicotine removed and in its place is CBD extract.

The other ingredients used to make CBD e-liquid are the same as those in other e-liquids. These include vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, food-grade flavours and colours. 

The selection of ingredients and concentration of Propylene Glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) determine the profile of CBD e-liquid which include the sweetness, cloud density as well as throat hit.

It is also possible to find CBD e-liquids that come in different CBD concentrations. This is critical especially for advanced CBD users who prefer high concentrations.

When purchasing CBD e-liquids, pay close to the composition. The composition will determine the quality of the CBD e-juice as well as the experience.

You can see how to make your own CBD vape juice here.

Does CBD e-liquid Make You High?

CBD is often confused with THC. While the two compounds are somewhat similar and are both found in the hemp plant, CBD does not have psychedelic effects like THC.

Regardless of the method, you use to take CBD (including vaping CBD e-liquid) you will not get high. However, does cause a sense of relaxation and calm especially when taken in high amounts.

What Does CBD E-liquid Taste Like?

Most CBD e-liquids are flavoured to mask the taste of CBD. Depending on the CBD e-liquid flavour you pick, the taste will vary. You can try out some of the most common and preferred flavours like menthol, cherry, strawberry or some of the custard flavours.

You also have the option of trying out some unflavoured e-liquid. The taste of CBD is evident in unflavoured options but varies depending on the composition of the e-liquid. Most vapers describe the taste of CBD as earthy and some say it’s a grassy taste.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

CBD is legal in the UK. But, it is highly controlled and rightfully so. From growth to extraction and processing, there are strict guidelines to be followed to ensure CBD products are of the highest quality and do not contain THC.


CBD e-liquid is not to be confused with CBD vape oil. Vape oil is an additive. You can buy an e-liquid of your choice that doesn’t contain CBD and add the vape oil to get your daily dose of CBD. Also, it’s important to consider buying CBD vape pens. These are specifically designed to vape CBD and allow you to get the best results.

When purchasing CBD e-liquid, check the ingredients list and ensure the THC levels don’t exceed 0.2%. These are the maximum permitted levels of THC in the UK.

Would you like to find out more about CBD? Explore our Ultimate CBD Guide for information on how you can take CBD, how it works and the recommended dosage guidelines.

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