How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

CBD Oil Dosage Guidelines

Even though CBD oils have been found to be non-toxic, it is known to have some sedative-like effects, especially when administered in high doses which might leave the dog feeling lethargic.

In isolated cases, extremely high doses of CBD in dogs has been found to cause diarrhoea but this happens very rarely. It is recommended to start with small doses and gradually increase the dose over a couple of weeks.

Dogs, just like humans are different and the cannabinoid might react differently in different dogs so the first few are critical and the pet should be observed very closely.

Once you identify the right dose for your dog, you should give the dog 2 doses per day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. 

Although CBD for dogs is sold around the world, please find here the UK stance for CBD for pets via the VMD:

It’s important to know the strength of your CBD so you can properly measure the doses. Luckily, this is a simple process that only requires some basic mathematics.

You need to divide the concentration of CBD in the bottle with the total volume. For instance, if the quantity of the liquid is 30Ml and has a concentration of roughly 125mg of CBD, that means the amount of CBD per ml is 4.16mg.

On average, the drop from a dropper usually carries about 0.05ml which means each drop contains about 0.2mg of CBD.

Based on these calculations, you can figure out how many drops of CBD your oil needs based on the bodyweight of the pet.

Can Your Dog Overdose?

If the dosage is wrong and you’re worried of the risks possible overdose, for example the dosage is over bya couple of drops, there’s nothing to worry about. Research indicates that CBD is non-toxic so there’s no harm done.

If somehow the dog manages to down the entire bottle, you might notice that he is lethargic and drowsy. Discontinue use immediately and if symptoms continue please seek professional advice.

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