CBD Oil And Dogs

CBD has enjoyed a lot of success with humans. It’s only natural that pet owners would want to know if the same cannabinoid would ideal for a man's best friend.

Many people are looking into cannabidiol or CBD to experience its numerous benefits researchers have found. This substance or chemical can be found in a hemp or cannabis plant. Though related to THC, CBD does not create a buzz and is not psychoactive but rather gives an anti-psychoactive effect. 

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Although CBD for dogs is sold around the world, please find here the UK stance for CBD for pets via the VMD: 


However, hemp products are available for dogs. We recommend you view HOWND Hemp products.


CBD Oil for Dogs FAQs

Is CBD oil for dogs and humans any different?

Ideally, the CBD oil for dogs and humans is the same. However, there are some differences in the products in terms of dosing, additives, or flavourings. For both pets and humans, we make sure all the products are made from safe and approved ingredients.

Can CBD Oil get my dog high?

No, CBD oil cannot get your pet high. The maximum THC content of CBD oil for dogs is about 0.2%, which is not enough to cause a high in dogs. However, CBD is known to cause a feeling of calm and relaxation in dogs. 

What can CBD oil for dogs help with?

CBD oil offers various health benefits to dogs and can help manage different conditions and illnesses, including digestive problems, aggressive behaviour, neurological conditions, skin conditions and allergies, stress and mental issues, and arthritis and joint pain.

Can my dog overdose on CBD oil?

Pets can’t overdose on CBD oil. CBD has very low toxicity. If you accidentally give too much CBD oil to your dog, the worst that can happen is that he might become sleepy and possibly suffer some diarrhoea.

Can I use CBD oil for dogs on my cat?

CBD oil for dogs is safe for all mammals, including cats and horses. However, it's best to treat your cat to our range of CBD oil products designed for cats for the best results. We recommend you consult a vet first.


How do I administer CBD oil for dogs?

There are several ways to administer CBD oil tinctures to your dog. The fastest is by lifting the lip and applying the CBD onto the gums. You can also add the CBD to the dog's food, or you can apply the CBD on the dog's tongue.

How long will a bottle of CBD oil for dogs last?

That depends on what you're treating, how much CBD you administer in one dose, and how often. On average, one bottle of CBD could last for about six weeks.  

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How Does CBD Work

Depending on the mode of administration, the CBD works its way to the reception site, to the liver, and finally to the bloodstream.

In the bloodstream, the CBD enters receptors cells in the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) and stimulates the endogenous molecules or activates the CB1 receptors.

The receptors are located in different parts of the body, which include the muscles, various organs, nerves, and tissues, among others.

Through the ECS, the CBD helps to maintain homeostasis in a variety of biological functions.

CBD Treats

There is a variety of CBD products that you can give to your dog. The most common are CBD dog treats.

CBD treats are much easier to give to dogs. The treats are made from CBD extracted from the hemp plant and incorporated in different everyday dog treats. The treats include chewy treats, dog snacks, and dog biscuits.

CBD dog treats are much easier to give to the dog. You can let the dog have the treat on its own or incorporate it into food.

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