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How to Use a Shisha Pen?

How to Use a Shisha Pen?

Shisha pens are quickly picking up steam. They are simpler ways of enjoying a shisha experience without dragging around the entire hookah. If you're familiar with vape pens, shisha pens are not going to be much different. However, they have some slight differences. If you're thinking of using a shisha pen for the first time, this guide will walk you through how to use one and care for it.

What is a Shisha Pen?

Shisha pens go by many names, including e-shisha and e-hookah. All the terms refer to a device used to smoke a special type of liquid shisha that doesn't contain nicotine and can be vaped using a normal vape stick.

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The liquid used in shisha pens is slightly different from the e-liquid used in vape pens. Both liquids come in small plastic and sometimes glass bottles that you can use to fill the tank of your device. At first sight, the two look similar. But they have some slight differences among them, being that e-shisha doesn't contain any nicotine and is usually sweeter and more flavoursome than vape liquid.

How to Use Shisha Pens?

There are two types of shisha pens. The mode of operation in both of them is the same, but the setup and preparation of the device might vary slightly:

Disposable flavoured shisha pens

Disposable hooker pens are the simplest devices to use. They come pre-charged and pre-filled. They are perfect for first-time users or users who want a simple and straightforward device. Using a disposable flavoured shisha pen in quite simple:

  • Remove the pen from its packaging. Remove the seal and any plug that comes with the pen.
  • Check the pen for dents or holes that could prevent it from working correctly. Chances of finding any defects are relatively low, but it's better to check for safety, especially if the pen came through a third-party shipping company.
  • If the device seems okay, you can place it in your mouth and draw. Most disposable hookah pens are draw-activated. They don't have any buttons, and you don't need to worry about adjusting any settings. Just inhale. The device will power on and start creating vapour.

Rechargable shisha pen

Rechargeable shisha pens are slightly more advanced. These are perfect for users who have preferences on the pens they want to use and intend to use the pens often and regularly. Using a rechargeable hookah pen is not any different:

  • Remove the box containing the pen from its plastic cover and open it to expose the pen.
  • Remove the contents of the box, locate the charger and charge the device. If it has a removable battery, you can charge the battery using the appropriate charger.
  • Once the battery is fully charged, connect the hookah pen cartridge to the battery. How this happens differs depending on the design of the hookah pen. But most devices have threads that guide the way until it is fully connected.
  • Once the device is fully assembled, place the pen in your mouth and inhale to activate the hookah pen and start vaping.

Some shisha pens have a firing button. You have to hold the button every time you inhale for the device to produce vapour when you inhale. Pens that have a firing button also have an on/Off function. You can click the firing button five times in quick succession to turn the device on or switch it off.

How to Refill an E-hookah Tank

If you have rechargeable and refillable e-hookah, refilling it is one of the things you will repeatedly do. Without the proper technique, the refilling process can be tedious and messy. Here are a few steps that should make the process easier.

  • Start by unscrewing the flavour tank from the battery.
  • Unscrew the drip tip or the mouth tip from the opposite end of the flavour tank.
  • Place the flavour tank in your hand with the battery end at the bottom.
  • Slowly and very carefully, fill the tank with liquid. If the bottle has a dropper, the process is going to be easier.

Tilt the tank to the side slightly when refilling to avoid getting any liquid into the hole on the side of the flavour tank. Tilting also prevents bubbling, which can make the process messy.

  • Be cautious not to overfill the tank. A maximum of 1.6ml for most shisha pens is enough. If you’re unsure, the pen has a clear mark that shows where you should fill the liquid to.
  • Reattach the mouth tip and screw the battery back in place. Your e-hookah is now ready for your next vaping session.

Are Shisha Pens Safe?

Shisha pens are relatively new in the market. There are a lot of myths surrounding the devices. With the research that has thus far been conducted, shisha pens have not been associated with any health risks.

The ingredients used to make the flavours added to the pen are food-grade quality and have been used in other vaporising devices and e-liquids. The flavours only contain several ingredients, and most importantly, shisha pens don't combust like cigarettes and regular hookahs. Instead, they vaporise, which is safer and doesn't produce the toxins usually associated with health concerns.

How Long Does a Shisha Pen Last?

How long the shisha pen lasts depends on two factors: the type of shisha pen you have and how often you use it.

Disposable shisha pens come with a fixed number of puffs, usually about 600 puffs. After 600 puffs, you have to dispose of the device. If you have a refillable device, it can last longer. In most cases, you can keep using the device until the battery dies or the flavour tank fails. You just have to keep refilling and recharging the device as needed.

How often you use the device will also determine how long it lasts. If you use it rarely, even when it is rated for 600 puffs, it will last longer, especially if you take shallow draws. Also, with lower usage, the wear and tear of the device are lower.

How to Take Care of Your Shisha Pen

You can enhance your experience and prolong the life of your shisha pen by taking proper care of it. Here are a few tips that can help you make the most out of your shisha pen and enhancing your flavour experience.

Cleaning the device regularly

If you have a refillable and rechargeable e-hookah device, cleaning it regularly can prolong the life of the heating element. It will also reduce the chances of the device developing that burnt taste that is caused by having a clogged heating element.

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Don’t leave the device with vape juice for long

You shouldn’t leave your shisha pen filled with vape juice for a long time. If you intend to store the device for long, ensure the flavour tank is empty to prevent clogging.

Don’t leave the device charging

You shouldn't leave your rechargeable shisha pen charging overnight. Closely observe the device while it is charging. As soon as the device is fully charged, disconnect it from the power source. This will preserve the battery from overcharging, which over time could damage it.

Don’t leave the device on flat surfaces

Most shisha pens have a cylindrical shape. When left on a flat surface, the pen can roll off, fall down and break. Always ensure the device is safely kept when not in use and it is kept away from children's reach.

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