Cannabigold is widely recognised because of the quality and processes they follow. They offer food supplements that are quite different from the usual CBD products that you can find. The supplements are rich in phytocannabinoids that is naturally present in the Hemp. This golden oil is guaranteed to have CBD concentration and was already confirmed by multiple laboratory tests.

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Guaranteed Highest Quality of Hemp Oils

One thing that many people love about Cannabigold is that the oils are produced with CO2 extraction from their facility. This facility follows close supervision of their PhD. scientists that all have proven and multi-year experience through innovative extraction methods.

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All the production sites are also equipped in the custom-engineered and cutting-edge machinery that uses SFE or the Supercritical Fluid Extraction. This is made specifically for the production and needs of the Hemp extracts.

  • Agriculture – Cannabigold has approximately 600 ha of Hemp planned in the year 2017, and all of it offers carefully selected hemp strains and follows environmentally-friendly farming.
  • CO2 Extraction – Cannabigold has one of the few laboratories across the world that was equipped with the custom-engineered Super Critical Fluid Extraction Device that is fully dedicated for the extraction from the cannabis plant.

Cannabigold CBD Products

CannabiGold Food Supplement Capsules

CBD capsules provide an easy and quick way to take CBD especially when you’re on the move. The capsules are easy to swallow and CannabiGold has designed a variety of CBD capsules using different ingredients for you to look at. The CBD capsules are made in Poland under a process that is strictly controlled by HemPoland.

The CBD Capsules are designed for CBD lovers that don’t like the taste of CBD but don’t want to try out other products like CBD edibles. The Capsules lock in the CBD goodness and taste. The capsule is digested when it gets to the stomach releasing the CBD.

CannibiGold Food Supplement Balance Oil

CannabiGold has a variety of CBD oils and drops made from high-quality hemp sourced from Poland. the unique composition of CBD oil makes it one of the most revered CBD products on the market. You can take the oil as it is or add it to foods or drink. CannabiGold has a variety of different CBD oil products that you can choose from. Each of them is made from careful and strict procedures to lock in all the CBD goodness inside the packaging.

CannabiGold Quality Control

When it comes to CBD products, quality is the most important factor. Thankfully, this is the one aspect that CannabiGold takes very seriously.

The quality control process starts with the selection of seeds. There are over 20 strains of CBD to choose from and CannabiGold chooses those with the most favourable profile.

During growth, the plants are regularly checked and the best cultivation and harvesting methods used to ensure the best possible hemp for extraction.

The extraction process is just as rigorous as the growth of the process. The CBD extract is rigorously tested to ensure all the parameters are favourable.

To guarantee the quality, CannabiGold also uses external laboratories to cross-check and verify their findings.

For CBD lovers that are keen on the quality and composition of the CBD products they are using, CannabiGold is a great candidate because they take the production process extra seriously.

The People Behind Cannabigold

Cannabigold is one of the innovative solutions that is made by HemPoland. It is one of the first private companies in Poland that was able to obtain a state license which allows them to grow and manufacture the Cannabis Sativa. Since the start of the company, they aim to offer dynamic and innovative solutions for the needs of the people globally.

Their team is consisting of dozens of experts from various fields and have international experience, commitment, passion, and was guaranteed to be on the top quality of their production process. Because of the production control that they follow, they were able to create the Cannabigold which serves as their flagship product.

Cannabigold oil has gained well-deserved recognition internationally, especially in different European countries such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. To ensure that the consumers will have the highest quality of extracts from the company, they are conducting dozens of studies of the composition and the desired parameters that are commonly met daily.

With their analytic support and combination of a broad network, the external laboratories have cooperated to have a guarantee on every product that leaves the factory. We always check everything and determine the overall quality and purity of the content of our products.

Additionally, the company is not just offering cannabis, but they also have a wide range of experience in the extraction of different biological materials. This gives total peace of mind to our consumers as we are known in the business for years.

UK’s Leading Distributor

Flawless CBD has been committed to carefully selecting the great brands and products that can offer guaranteed satisfaction. As one of the leading distributors of CBD products on the market today, especially in the UK. We always make sure that all of the products we offer give you the best experience you need. They were sourced from trusted suppliers, and we let you choose from a wide selection that gives you limitless options.

Why Choose Flawless CBD Shop?

Here at Flawless CBD, we care to the needs of our consumers, and we want to make sure that you’ll get guaranteed satisfaction from your purchases. We select companies that are licensed to create organic and non-GMO CBD products. As a sister company of a well-known distributor of vaping products, you can be sure that all our products are to the highest standards.

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