Dinner Lady CBD

Dinner Lady has been a staple in the vape juice industry for several years. Their nostalgic and unique flavours are well received and a favourite for most vapers. They have several award inning flavours which are still widely available.

Their CBD vape juice brand is a premium variety that features different flavours and CBD in different forms. They extract their source from hemp. To guarantee quality for their products, all their CBD vape juices and products are made in-house.


Highest Quality of Ingredients Available

Quality in the CBD circles is key. For a brewery that has been around as long as Dinner Lady, the essence of quality is well imprinted at the back of their minds.

Other than using CBD rich hemp to extract their products, their state of the art in-house manufacturing plant also guarantees 99% CBD purity. Customers looking to partake Dinner Lady CBD products are assured of getting what they pay for without any surprises.

With this award-winning CBD company, you’re assured of quality, diversity and value for money with their various CBD products.

Dinner Lady Products

Vaping CBD is quickly gaining traction. But, the other methods of taking CBD are still formidable. There's still need to have different CBD products to appeal to customers who are not fond of vaping. Dinner Lady has taken a multi-pronged approach to satisfy their CBD clientele by producing different products.

Their products all match up to high standards of quality they have set up for themselves and you can always expect nothing short of excellent with each and every one of their products.

CBD Vape

For CBD lovers looking for fast effect and direct delivery of CBD, vaping is the best method. Vape juices allow the vaper to not only deliver CBD but also enjoy the different flavours that come with the e-liquid.

Vaping delivers CBD faster to the bloodstream. Unlike other methods of ingestion like oral drops, the CBD is not digested. It is not filtered when going through the digestive tract and the effects take a shorter time to be felt.

Vaping CBD also makes it more potent because it delivers more CBD to the bloodstream. For starting vapers, it is also easier to find the right dosage when vaping CBD.

Dinner lady has a variety of CBD vape options available with different flavours. Each of their CBD vapes is highly potent, but each flavour offers a different experience. Their range of CBD vape includes sweet fruit CBD vape which appeals to vapers with a sweet tooth.

They also have a lemon tart CBD vape. Their CBD vape varieties come in 10ml and 30 ml varieties. To make sure you have enough liquid to keep you dosed.

CBD Oil Drops

Dinner Lady has flavoured oral drops both of which we have in stock at Flawless Vape. The first benefit of oral CBD drops is they don’t have the unpalatable taste. They come in different flavours just like the CBD vape juice.

They are easier to administer and because they are administered in drops, it’s easier to determine and stick to your dosage. Unlike vaping where you could inhale slightly more CBD, the doses when taking CBD orally are just right.

Dinner Lady oral CBD drops also come in a range of high-quality flavours and CBD extracts. At Flawless CBD, we know how important it is to keep all CBD lovers happy which is why we try to stock as many varieties as possible.

The oral drops from Dinner Lady come in two different flavours which are worlds apart. The tropical oral drops which come in 30ml bottles offer a fruity explosion which helps to mask the taste of CBD without taking away the potency or the effectiveness.

There's also the oral peppermint drops. This variety leaves you with a fresh breath and burst of cold air running around your mouth. It also comes in 30ml packages and is highly potent.

UK’s Leading Distributor

Flawless CBD is not just another CBD vendor. We are one of the largest and best-networked distributors in the UK. Over the years, we have built a network of suppliers and buyers that reach all corners of the UK.

Our status in the market has allowed us to dictate the quality of products that our suppliers deliver to us guaranteeing that you only get the best quality products from our stores. In addition to the high standards, we also check the products we receive to make sure only the best ingredients and processes have been used in producing the products.

With Flawless CBD, you have access to an extensive selection of high-quality CBD products. We have stretched our limits to make sure our customers have nothing to worry about. With us, you just need to enjoy.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

There are many CBD vendors. What makes Flawless CBD stand out? To start with, we are driven by our passion for CBD products and to provide our customers with an excellent experience when buying their CBD products from us.

With Flawless CBD, you don’t need to have your guard up. We won’t disappoint you. We spend time checking the quality of each product to verify aspect and claim. Our goal is to have CBD products that are impactful and made from the best quality ingredients. We also have a sister company called Flawless Vape Shop and together, we ensure you have everything you need for your CBD experience. Thousands of customers have trusted our brand for years, so you have nothing to worry about.

In case you run into problems with your purchase, we have an experienced customer support team that will help you sort out the problem in the shortest time possible. With Flawless CBD, everything is flawless. From the products right to the experience.