Fresh Bombs

A nice bath is always perfect after a day of hard work. We want to soak ourselves in a tub that releases our body stress and eventually have the relaxation we deserve. However, with the latest advancement of technology and new research, there is no doubt that you would find a lot of things that you can use to make that experience even more unforgettable, you’d like to try out the use of CBD Bombs!

CBD Bombs are starting to be popular and surely, here at Flawless CBD, and we make sure that you are going to experience the best of it! We have partnered with trusted and known manufacturers of the best CBD Bombs on the market such as the Fresh Bombs! They are a boutique of Bath Bombs that is based in Hollywood, Florida. ...

Some of our other Vape Brands include George Botanicals, Harmony CBD and Hope CBD.

They have been offering CBD Bombs and other CBD products since 2016 and have a good reputation on what they can offer. Fresh Bombs specialise in creating the best quality of Bath Bombs and also create unique products for wholesale, retail and spas. They have been trusted, not only by us but also by a number of institutions across the globe.  

Highest Quality of Ingredients Available

One of the first things that we check on our suppliers is their commitment and ingredients. We can assure that Fresh Bombs uses only the best and highest quality of available ingredients. They also manufacture everything in-house before you make a purchase. All of the products are based on natural essential oil blends and aromatherapy.

Aside from their popular CBD Bath Bombs, they also have natural and super luxurious Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Manicure Cubes, and Pedicure Treatments.

Fresh Bombs Products

We all love to pamper ourselves, and with the use of Fresh Bomb CBD products, we are taking a new experience that will surely make us fully satisfied. There are a wide range of CBD products and to know the first to try, check out the below: 

  • CBD Bath Soak - Fresh Bombs offer us the CBD Bath Soak that is made with Himalayan Pink Salt. It has been infused with 100mg of CBD Spectrum.
  • CBD Bath Bombs – Fresh Bomb is most famous for their CBD Bath Bombs that are also available in different kinds such as YoGrass, Shea Skin, Peace & Love, and CBD Isolate.
  • CBD Manicure and Pedicure Treatments – Try out the most revolutionary add-on manicure treatment with Fresh Bomb.
  • CBD Fizzy Dust. Just like their other products, this one is also available in different options such as the YoGrass, Shea Skin moisturiser and Peace & Love.
  • CBD Coffee – The CBD Coffee by Fresh Bomb offers you a full-bodied and relaxing cup of coffee. It was grown in the highlands of Costa Rica, Guatemala and Colombia. It gives you a sweet and complex aroma that will go pleasantly with the smooth aftertaste of the rich chocolate.

Each of their products was made for a variety of purposes, so make sure that you’ll be more familiar with your options and achieve a better choice for your needs.

Fresh Bomb CBD Bath Bomb

As the most innovative product of Fresh Bomb, CBD Bath Bomb can be efficient for the needs of many.

  • YoGrass – The YoGrass Bath Bomb features the lemongrass kiwi aroma.
  • Shea Skin moisturiser – The Shea Skin moisturiser uses Shea Butter as the base oil and features citrus as the main aroma.
  • CBD Isolate & Hemp Seed Oil – This CBD Bath Bomb uses fresh bamboo aroma and coconut oil as the base oil.

UK’s Leading Distributor

We all love CBD products, and that’s why, here at Flawless CBD, we offer only the best available! It becomes a very significant trend, and we are always here for you. We are one of the leading distributors of CBD products and have the most extensive collection that you need. We have carefully selected all the CBD products on our list and was manufactured by the trusted and top brands. All of it is also tested, and we ensure that it gives you the best experience.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

Even though CBD products are all over the market, most consumers won’t still have the guarantee on the experience and ingredients they are going to have. Thankfully, Flawless CBD won’t be able to disappoint you. Flawless CBD is your one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs. We have a complete and comprehensive collection of CBD products that are made for the different preferences of our consumers.

We have spent time in checking the quality of each product, and we can ensure on every bit of it. Our CBD products bring the right result that you are expecting from it! We have combined our passion and dedication, so you’ll only get the products you deserve. Additionally, we are a sister company of a well-known vape shop that also has the same beliefs as us!