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Green Monkey CBD

Energy drinks are a great way to add a short of excitement and activity to your life. Green Monkey CBD has found a way to make a carbonated drink infused with CBD, making it better than most of the existing energy drinks. Green Monkey fondly refers to itself as the first brand to produce a CBD infused energy drink in the UK.

Other brands we stock include GoodBody Botanicals CBD, Cannabigold, Kaam Pharma CBD and more.

From the companies branding and choice of colours, you can easily tell they are lovers of natures and work tirelessly to provide their customers with a great CBD experience...

The roots of Green Monkey CBD are not clear and the fact that they don’t have an ‘About Us’ page on their website doesn’t help. However, their product has been interesting enough to warranty the company the attention they are enjoying.

Green Monkey CBD Product Range

Green Monkey CBD has perfected the art of specialisation. They have focused on producing a handful of products and doing it well.

Green Monkey CBD Drop

CBD drops have been in the market for some time. CBD drops are a great method for administering CBD directly or indirectly.

With the Green Monkey CBD Drops, you can choose to take a few drops of CBD under your tongue. You can also mix the CBD with different foods and drink.

Green Monkey goes the extra mile to ensure that their products offer value for money for its customers and are of the best quality.

The Green Money CBD Drops offers about 200 drops of high-quality CBD oil with between 250 and 500mg. the drops have all the necessary lab reports to guarantee a worry-free experience to all their customers.

Green Monkey CBD Balm

CBD has plenty of application and some of those are topical. Green Monkey has addressed the rising demand for topical CBD products by manufacturing a CBD balm that packs up to 300mg of CBD in a 30ml container.

The balm is packed in an elegant and stand out packaging that offers all the vital information CBD lovers need to know before using the product.

Green Monkey CBD-infused Energy Drink

Green Monkey CBD Drink is the company’s pride and joy. It can be an alternative to caffeine based CBD drinks. The brand has invested time and effort into developing and perfecting this product.

The CBD-infused energy drink 250ml is carefully tailored with unique ingredients to provide an excellent and refreshing method of taking CBD.

UK's Leading Online Shop

When it comes to the distribution of CBD products, no one understands the market better than us. As a sister company to Flawless Vape – one of the biggest online distributors of vaping products in the UK, we have been in the market long enough.

We understand the difference between good and great CBD products and we also know how to protect our customers. With us, you will not only enjoy various CBD products but also the quality and worry-free shopping experience.

Why Choose Flawless CBD?

  • Diversity and quality guarantee - Balancing between variety and quality takes serious dedication. That is what Flawless CBD. We understand that as much as our clients want the best CBD products, they also want nothing short of the best quality and that is what we offer.
  • Free shipping – If you spend £30 or more on us, we will return the favour by delivering your order to you free of charge.
  • Lab reports on all our products – One of the ways to know if you’re buying a genuine CBD product is to ensure you get a full lab report with the purchase. At Flawless CBD, we always ensure each product has a comprehensive lab report.

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