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Love CBD Dutch CBD Capsules 300mg 60 capsules

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Product Description
Dutch CBD Capsules by Love CBD are high quality full spectrum CBD & CBDa capsules containing 300mg of CBD in total. These capsules are a easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD at home or on the move, simply take one capsule per day as required and build up to multiple doses if needed.

Dutch CBD capsules contain only two ingredients; Cannabis Oil & Coconut Extract, which is perfect for users including Vegans.
  • Each capsule contains 5mg of CBD/CBDa
  • 300mg of CBD in total per pot of 60 capsules

Love CBD is a UK-based CBD company founded in 2014 when most of the world was not aware of the benefits of CBD. Over the years, the company has improved the quality of its products and expanded the range of CBD products it offers to include the Dutch CBD capsules. Despite the growth, Love CBD has remained compliant with the latest industry standards and maintained a high level of transparency with its CBD products for the sake of CBD lovers.

Love CBD Dutch Capsules Ingredients

Love CBD prioritises the efficacy of its products. To achieve this, the brand ensures only the most critical ingredients are added to its products to ensure the integrity of CBD is not compromised.

The Dutch CBD capsules are made from cannabis extract, Arabic gum (to prevent the capsule from leaking), terpenes and coconut oil. The choice of ingredients ensures the capsules are vegan friendly and preserve the quality and benefits of CBD oil.

Why Coconut Oil?

Each ingredient used in Love CBD products is carefully thought and consideration. The decision to use coconut oil is because of its ability to improve the absorption of CBD in the stomach. Increased absorption of CBD means there is higher bioavailability in the bloodstream.

CBD is fat-soluble, so it is important to take fat with it. Without fat, most of the CBD will be flushed out of the system. Using coconut oil as a carrier oil in CBD capsules ensures you can get the most out of your CBD capsules.

Hemp source

Love CBD uses full and broad-spectrum CBD depending on the type of CBD product you choose. The hemp is sourced from farms across Europe, including the Netherlands, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, which is common among the leading CBD companies in the UK. The CBD is of the highest quality, grown from approved hemp plants.


Love CBD has safety and the quality of its products at the forefront of everything it does. The Dutch CBD capsules are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the UK. The products are thoroughly tested and subjected to third-party tests. The results for the capsules and all other CBD products from Love CBD are readily available and detail the composition of each product. You also get vital information via a video that highlights the ideal dosage of each product. This is helpful, especially to new CBD users.

The certificates also contain a full screening for potential contaminants, which is crucial in ensuring you don't consume any unwanted substances.

Taste and effectiveness

If you swallow the capsule whole, it is tasteless. But if you bite it open, it has a pleasant coconut flavour, and you will also get a hint of the flavour of CBD, which is bitter. If you're uncomfortable with the natural taste of CBD, it is best to swallow the capsule whole.

The Dutch CBD capsules are extremely efficient and potent. The CBD concentration (300mg) is carefully thought and ideal for intermediate and high-volume CBD users. You can easily adjust the dosage to meet your CBD requirements.