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Have you heard of Love CBD? There are several CBD brands that can claim to be the best, but one particular that is being considered by the consumers is Love CBD. Love CBD is one of the most established food supplement brands, including CBD oils, CBD balm, and e-liquid sprays.

Other brands we stock include Ignite CBD, Harmony CBD and Fly CBD.

Products from Love CBD are being supplied to Europe and Great Britain. As such, we at Flawless CBD are proud to offer their products and be part of our extensive collection

Some of our other Vape Brands include Love Hemp, Mari Pharm, and Mint Wellness CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the cannabinoids that is found in the flowers of the Hemp plant.

We are not in the right position to make claims about the benefits of CBD. Regardless, it is estimated that for the next years to come, there will be an exponential rise in the users of these substances.

Love CBD carries out regular lab tests on the products they offer to ensure the level of CBD that comes in every bottle of it is pure. Additionally, they are testing it for CBDA, THC, and CBG.

A Quick Love CBD Background

Love CBD believes in providing only the best products in the market. They are one of the longest-running CBD suppliers on the market that opens up the use of CBD to the British public.

They have worked closely with the Cannabis Trades Association and MHRA to ensure the products' quality follows the strict legal guidelines. Love CBD is focused on getting exceptional cannabis extracts and also formulating them into the class and trusted different CBD products.

What are Love CBD oils made from?

The Love CBD oils are made from the Cannabis Sativa plants that are naturally high in CBD. These came from the hemp flowers that are grown legally by the European Union. All of cannabis is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and also artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals. The production of hemp doesn’t need unnatural and additional help when grown because it is resilient and fast-growing.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oils or cannabis oils are preferred CBD products to provide CBD lovers with pure CBD that is easy to take.

For Love CBD, the CBD oil is made from full-spectrum CBD extract blended with high-quality olive oil extract.

The goal is to keep the CBD oil as simple as possible and, with that, retain the integrity of the CBD.

Because of the bitter taste of CBD, some brands will add flavourings to their CBD oil products to make it easier to take. However, Love CBD aims to keep processing and ingredients to a minimum, which means no flavours are added to these.

How to Use CBD Oil

There are different methods of using CBD oil. Love CBD designs its CBD oil in spray bottles, which help to cover a large surface area to maximise absorption during intake.

The CBD oil can be taken sublingually by spraying the contents under the tongue and holding it in place for a few minutes to be absorbed. CBD oil can also be taken orally.

More creative CBD users also spray the CBD oil on food and drinks before taking it. The sublingual method is the most preferred because it has higher bioavailability.

Love CBD Product Range

Love CBD has a great range of CBD products to suit different wants and needs. Each of the Love CBD products is made with love and only the best ingredients to ensure safety for all the customers and CBD lovers.

Love CBD Balm

Looking for CBD-infused skin-care products? Look no further! Love CBD Balm is a great multi-purpose skin balm made from quality cannabis flowers that grow in expansive fields in Croatia and Slovenia.

The balm comes in three different sizes and CBD concentrations allow you to choose what works best.

What is CBD Balm?

As the demand for CBD products grows, brands are looking for new ways of taking CBD. As a result of this search, products like CBD balm have been created.

CBD Balm is infused with cannabidiol and a range of other ingredients. The additional ingredients used to make CBD balm differ depending on the brand and the final product.

The Love CBD CBD-infused balm is made from hand-harvested cannabis flowers. It is mixed with other natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin to make a little 'pot of gold.' The CBD love range of CBD balms comes in three different jars with different concentrations of CBD.

CBD Love CBD Dutch Oil

Preferences in the CBD world are not new. One of the most common ones depends on where the hemp used to make the CBD products were sourced. Dutch CBD is a fan favourite which is why Love CBD has a great range of CBD products made from Cannabis harvest in Holland.

The CBD Dutch Oil is a revered product that contains high-quality cannabis extract and olive oil. The product's simplicity makes it easier to use and keeps the CBD as natural as possible.

CBD Love Entourage Oil

If you’ve been in the CBD circles for a while, you’ve probably heard of the entourage effect. The effect occurs when you take a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes, all found in the hemp plant. Most CBD lovers only subscribe to full-spectrum CBD products to achieve this effect.

The Entourage oil is just for you if you're one such person. The oil is designed to perfect and maximise the entourage effect by mixing different types of cannabinoids and other ingredients, making the perfect entourage cocktail blend.

Love CBD Entourage CBD Capsules

Love CBD believes strongly in keeping CBD products as simple and as natural as possible. The CBD Gels are another product that allows the brand to keep its CBD natural and still make it easier for users to take orally.

The capsules are available in different CBD concentrations, which include 1200mg and 600mg capsules, making it easier for CBD lovers to keep up with their CBD intake.

What Are the Effects of Taking too Much Love CBD oil?

Love CBD oil is made from hemp plants containing low levels of THC. This means that it does not produce the same psychoactive effects as marijuana but can still cause minor side effects.

The most common effect of taking too much Love CBD oil is headaches and stomach pain. These symptoms are usually mild and only last a few hours after taking the oil. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any other symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhoea.

However, the best way to prevent these side effects is to start on a low dose and slowly increase your dosage until you find the correct amount. There are no known serious side effects from taking Love CBD oil at normal doses, so you should be able to take it safely even if you have never taken any other kind of cannabis product before.

Does Love CBD Oil make you feel high?

Love CBD Oil is a hemp oil supplement that can be used in many different ways. For example, it can be taken to help you relax, to help you sleep, or to help with anxiety and depression.

It is made from pure hemp oil and has no THC, so it will not make you feel high like a marijuana product would.

The main ingredient in Love Hemp CBD Oil is cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. This compound offers many health benefits and has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for many ailments.

CBD oil can be taken orally or applied topically, but most people take it by swallowing small amounts each day. As a result, the effects can take time, with some users reporting that they experience relief after just a few days of regularly using the oil.

Why You Should Use Love CBD Oil

If you are not sure about this CBD oil, here is why you need it:

Grown without pesticides

Love CBD oil is grown without pesticides or chemicals, ensuring it's safe for consumption. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies or other health conditions such as asthma or eczema.

Non-intoxicating & Legal

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as an alternative medicine for its many health benefits, including pain relief and helping with anxiety. However, some forms of cannabis can get you high if consumed in large quantities or smoked too often over time (like chronic smoking). Love CBD Oil contains no THC, so it won't get you intoxicated.

Love CBD oil is also vegan friendly!

The natural compounds found in Love CBD Oil can help you feel more relaxed and calmer. This can help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and stress. The best part about Love CBD Oil is that it does not cause any kind of high or feeling altered like traditional marijuana products do.

Love CBD oil helps to go through day-to-day stress without any problem. It can also help you deal with different types of pain, like muscle aches and joint pains. As a result, you will no longer have to suffer from these problems. In addition, if you have any other health issues that are related to stress or anxiety, then Love CBD oil will help you deal with them as well.

Reduces inflammation

This CBD oil helps to reduce inflammation in your body and makes it feel relaxed after stressful situations. It also enhances your mood so that you don't feel depressed or anxious during these situations. The best part about this product is that it does not cause any side effects on your body as other medicines do!

Reliever after a Stressful day

If you are suffering from any kind of mental trauma or depression due to some stressful situation, then Love CBD oil can help you get rid of all these problems by calming your mind and body naturally!


Leading Online Shop in the UK

We understand the needs of our consumers and the struggle of looking for a reliable source of CBD products that can satisfy them. We at Flawless CBD aim to offer you only the best CBD products available on the market. As one of the leading online suppliers of CBD in the United Kingdom, we give you the best products that we source from the trusted and top brands of CBD products today. Each CBD product in our collection was classified to be the best and has been used by many consumers.

Why Choose Us?

Love CBD is just one of over a hundred brands we have carefully selected to ensure the overall CBD experience you will have. We have an exclusive range of CBD products that are sourced using only the best ingredients. Additionally, the brands we have chosen follow rigorous laboratory reports and are all licensed to offer organic, non-GMO products.

We are also known to be a sister company of one of the largest distributors of vape products on the market.


What is love CBD?

Love CBD is a brand founded in 2014 as one of the premier CBD brands in the UK. The founders of Love CBD were driven by their passion to provide CBD lovers in the UK with quality and premium CBD products.

What CBD products does Love CBD offer?

Love CBD has an extensive collection of CBD products which include CBD oil, balm, capsules, E-liquid, and CBD tea bags.

Are Love CBD products gluten-free and vegan-friendly?

Love CBD products are vegan-friendly and gluten-free, which encourages use by people walking down different paths in terms of health.

Are Love CBD products legal in the UK?

Love CBD is a UK-based company that is dedicated to helping CBD users in the UK enjoy the same quality and diversity that users elsewhere get to enjoy. All their CBD products are processed in line with UK regulations and requirements to ensure safety and compliance.

What makes Love CBD different?

What makes Love CBD products different is the backstory and development of the company. Initially, the company used leftover hemp fibre to make CBD products, being a pioneer, the company had and continues to chatter the path that other CBD brands use to succeed. Love CBD invests in extensive research to ensure its CBD range is well established and in line with international and regional standards.

What type of CBD does Love CBD use to make its products?

Love CBD products are made from broad-spectrum CBD containing all the impactful and effective terpenes to provide CBD lovers with that entourage effect.

Can I get high from using Love CBD products?

No. You cannot get high from Love CBD products because they don’t contain THC. What’s more, CBD does not cause a high. But it can help you feel energised and increase your focus when completing tasks.

Can I fail a drug test after using Love CBD products?

Because CBD doesn’t contain THC, it makes it nearly impossible to fail a drug test after using Love CBD products.

How much CBD is in Love CBD products?

The amount of CBD contained in the products differs depending on your preference. To make shopping easy, the products have the CBD concentration indicated on the packaging. It varies between 100mg to 1400mg.

Are Love CBD products third-party tested?

Yes, all Love CBD products are third-party tested. The certificates indicating the contents and composition of the products are available on the company’s website.

How do I use Love CBD products?

How you use the product depends on which product you purchase. CBD balms are meant for topical application, e-liquids for vaping, tinctures are taken orally, and hemp tea bags are used to make tea.

Is it Safe to Use Love CBD oil?

Love CBD oil is a naturally occurring cannabinoid extracted from the stalks and seeds of hemp plants. Many cultures have used it for thousands of years to remedy what ails them.

CBD is completely non-psychoactive, meaning it does not cause any type of "high" or "stoned" feeling when used. It actually counteracts the effects of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) if taken in conjunction with it. This makes CBD oil an excellent choice for individuals who want all the benefits of cannabis without any of the negative side effects.

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Our Mission: Elevating CBD Excellence

At Flawless CBD, we're on a mission to offer the highest quality CBD products available. Our extensive range includes CBD Vape Oil, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules, CBD Balm, and CBD vape pens. We've meticulously researched, partnered with top global CBD brands, and analyzed lab reports to ensure the purest CBD offerings. We strive to bring transparency to the CBD market, educating our customers about CBD's potential benefits.

As a part of the Flawless family, we maintain the same commitment to quality, serving as a leading online distributor in the vaping industry. With retail locations in Leicester, Loughborough, Rugby, and plans for more, we're dedicated to offering convenient access and expert guidance. Your satisfaction and well-being are our priorities, and our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to assist, whether in-store or online. Join us on the path to wellness and excellence in CBD.

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