20 Benefits of CBD

20 Benefits of CBD

There are numerous claims published online and on media regarding the benefits that CBD has offered patients and people who use it as a supplement.

Because none of the reviews and opinions has mentioned any adverse side effects caused by CBD, more people are opting to try out CBD for a variety of reasons most of the health and medical related. Surprisingly, as more people try out CBD oil, positive reports have only increased. Some of the most common benefits of CBD to be reported are listed below.

Please remember, CBD’s effect is not yet fully understood by researchers, and Flawless CBD is certainly not in a position to make any definitive medical claims. These are suggested benefits from research and studies, we recommend you try CBD out for yourself and consult your GP.

1. Relief from Pain and Inflammation

Pain can be caused by a variety of factors and affects different parts of the body. Because of the vague sources and causes of the pain, it’s difficult to find an effective medication that can address the cause of pain, particularly in chronic cases.

Most people who suffer from chronic pain have no option but to suffer in silence as most of the medication available cannot silence the pain. The same is the case with people who suffer from chronic inflammation.

Short of solutions and living in anguish, most chronic pain and inflammation patients have considered using CBD to test its ability to curb pain.

Reports suggest that CBD oil suppresses pain by targeting a3 glycerine receptors in the spinal cord and brain hence controlling the way we react to pain and reducing the sensation of pain. What’s more, those that have used CBD have reported improved pain management with no side effects.

2. Relief from Epilepsy Symptoms

There are studies currently being carried out to identify if CBD can help with epilepsy and particularly in the control of seizures even in children.

For the longest time, Marijuana and CBD have been commonly used to reduce how severe seizures are and also reduce the frequency.

The best-documented case of CBD helping to control the severity of seizures was the case of the Figi Family who used CBD to control seizures suffered by their daughter Charlotte. There have been a variety of other reported examples of how CBD has helped both children and adults to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures leading to a variety of clinical trials and studies.

Some of the studies have shown that CBD contains neuroprotective properties that help to protect the brain during the occurrence of a seizure.

3. Reduces Anxiety and Improves Mental Health

There is a hoard of conditions that are diagnosed under the realm of anxiety. Such conditions include social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and general anxiety disorder. 

CBD Tinctures are highly sought after to help with many anxiety disorders.

There is a variety of other symptoms synonymous with anxiety which make it challenging to make the right diagnosis and offer effective treatment. Finding effective treatment is vital in helping patients suffering from anxiety regain a sense of normalcy in their lives.

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The problem is, most anxiety treatments come with a range of adverse side effects some of which are mood-altering, weight loss and even causes dependence on the medication.

For most patients, CBD has been a natural alternative that supposedly helps to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety without the negative side effects.  Most patients have reported noticeable relief after trying out CBD oil leading to speculation that CBD oil might hold the key to treating anxiety without the debilitating negative effects.

4. Cancer Side Effects

It's important to start by noting that no one has reported being healed from cancer by taking CBD. However, there are reports that cancer patients have had an easier time dealing with the terminal disease after taking CBD oil for some time.

Current cancer treatments are harsh and have extremely negative effects which is driving cancer patients to seek alternative treatments.

Even though CBD capsules and tablets cannot reverse the damage caused by the disease, people that have used it while suffering from cancer or undergoing cancer treatment have reported improved alleviation from pain, reduced nausea and a better appetite. Given the odds that such patients are faced with, these few benefits would be a huge success and could come in handy in helping them back to a full recovery.

Even more interesting is that recent studies have shown that CBD oil might have some anti-carcinogenic properties that can help to decrease the ability of cancer cells to grow, attach or migrate to other organs and parts of the body.

5. Relief from Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Unlike type 2 diabetes which is caused by lifestyle choices, people suffering from type 1 diabetes have little control over the condition.  It’s characterised by an autoimmune disorder that affects the pancreas leading to long-term failure. As a result, the patient has trouble controlling their blood sugar levels.

Type 1 diabetes is classified as an autoimmune condition. From research, CBD has exhibited an ability to regulate and promote balance in the body using the different systems in the body.

At the moment, traditional medication like insulin is still the most reliable method of treatment. However, early research results on the interaction of CBD and the pancreas are encouraging.

In one study, CBD oil was found to ease inflammation caused by type 1 diabetes in the mice. While the studies are not yet conclusive on whether CBD can have the same effects on humans, it has demonstrated that it can reduce the amount of insulin that type 1 diabetes patients require to reach the ideal blood sugar levels helping to reduce dependency.

6. For Acne and Skin Care

At one point or the other, people suffer from one skin condition or another. Considering the role of physical appearance in today’s society, having blemishes on your skin can result in social stigmas and lower self-esteem leading to depression.

Skin care companies have leveraged this to produce a wide range of solutions that promise to deliver exceptional results. But, the potential CBD creams and balms has elicited a lot of excitement in the skin care and beauty industry – mainly because there are no negative side effects.

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A report from a dermatologist expert indicates that the interaction of CBD oil with the skin helps the skin to achieve a more radiant and youthful look. Apparently, it can slow down the signs of ageing, and its anti-inflammatory properties can help to minimise acne breakouts, psoriasis and eczema.

Because it’s a natural remedy, it doesn’t present negative effects like dizziness, dry skin and irritation that are usually caused by traditional medications.

7. Improves Appetite and Manages Nausea

Whether the loss of appetite or nausea come as a result of a disease or treatment, the results can have significant negative effects on the body, its functions and its ability to fight diseases and recover.

The body needs a constant supply of nutrients to heal, repair and grow. When it's deprived of these nutrients, or they are difficult to keep in, you become weaker and diseases advance faster.

Experience has shown that cannabis can help to improve appetite in the user. Which has raised the question if CBD oil can have the same effect? In the ‘80s CBD was widely studied for its ability to prevent vomiting. Even though the study was never completed, it has started to pick up steam once more.

In a recent publication on the British Journal of Pharmacology, it was found after a study involving many human trials that CBD might have formidable properties that can help in preventing vomiting and loss of appetite in children and adults.

It’s suggested that it works on the same receptors as with traditional medication offering the same if not better results but without the negative effects.

8. Helps Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the leading conditions in disabling neurological conditions in young adults. It’s estimated that over 2.3 million people in the world are living with MS.

Different reports which are slowly being backed by studies are showing that CBD can help in a variety of ways in patients suffering from MS. These include;

  • Reducing the amount of pain patients suffering MS experience
  • Reducing dysfunction associated with MS in the bowel and ladder
  • Reducing stiffness of muscles
  • Reducing spasms in the extremities which are associated with MS relapses and MS

9. Improves Cardiovascular Health

    Cardiovascular diseases and dysfunction is the leading cause of death in most first world countries. Because of the vast causes of these diseases, people are looking for every way possible to minimise risk and improve cardiovascular health.

    Thus far, the anti-inflammatory quality of CBD has been proven. It is also suggested that possesses anti-oxidative properties which are extremely useful in preventing heart and cardiovascular-related diseases.

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    According to the National Institute of Health, the theoretical explanation is that CBD works on isolated arteries helping to promote relaxation and reduce negative response to the cardiovascular system.

    10. Exhibits Anti-bacterial Properties

    Drug-resistant bacteria is the cause for sleepless nights for many world-leading scientists and health experts. The over-dependence of antibiotics has caused the bacteria to evolve and become resistant to the treatments.

    Research has shown that cannabinoids (CBD included) have antiseptic properties and have shown very promising results on bacteria like MRSA which are drug resistant. 

    Studies have shown that CBD and other cannabinoids are more effective than traditional treatments and lotions. The same studies also showed that people using CBD reported a lower number of negative interactions while enjoying superb results. 

    11. Improves Sleep

    Many anxiety sleep disorders are represented in a wide variety of diagnosis. It can be a lack of regular sleep or poor quality sleep. Regardless, the lack of enough rest can severely impact the performance of the brain and the body. As such, it needs to be treated like the dangerous condition that it is.

    While traditional medications have helped people sleep better, they are not without their downsides. These range from dependency on the medication, digestive problems, shaking, loss of appetite and balance and withdrawal challenges.  

    Over the years, a lot of people who have insomnia and other sleep-related conditions have relied on CBD to improve their sleep patterns. Even though the results have been positive, it wasn’t until recently that studies started to explain how CBD oil achieves these benefits.

    CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is critical in the regulation of sleep and sleep stability. Studies suggest that CBD oil interacts with this system to help patients enjoy more extended and better quality sleep.

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    There are also reports that CBD might help provide some relief for patients who have Insomnia and struggle to achieve REM because of anxiety.

    12. Assists with Withdrawal of Drugs

    There are numerous medications in the market that help with drug withdrawal. While they are effective, they are dreaded for the negative side effects they possess. These include low energy, insomnia, digestive complications, pains in the body and muscle, hot and cold sweats and low energy just to mention a few.

    According to on-going research, CBD can help in reducing cravings of addictive substances like Nicotine and it is suggested that it could also help in suppressing the desire for other drugs as well.

    Other than regulating the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD is also thought to regulate the neural pathways which control withdrawal symptoms and craving for drugs.

    A recent case study showed that withdrawal patients using CBD exhibited less anxiety-related withdrawal symptoms.

    13. Helps with ADHD

    Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is often diagnosed in children but lasts well into adulthood. The effects and symptoms can make life difficult for the patient. But, that is only one part of the challenge. There are various medications available to assists in curbing the symptoms.

    However, each person reacts differently to the medication with a variety of negative effects reported which range from loss of appetite to increased blood pressure.

    With its natural properties, fewer patients have reported any negative side effects when using CBD to curb the symptoms of ADHD. What’s more, the introduction of CBD Edibles has made administering it to children much easier and fun.

    Experts believe that CBD works by interacting with neurotransmitters to increase focus and reduce anxiety. The benefits and results reported thus far indicate that CBD might be a worthy addition to the routine of patients living with ADHD.

    14. Alleviating Symptoms of Arthritis

    Arthritis is wreaking havoc in the lives of elderly citizens. The debilitating pain makes movement difficult and living a normal life is almost impossible. As expected, most of the pharmaceutical products available through effective, come with undesirable effects which discourage the patients from using them.

    CBD could be the best alternative for such patients. Sativex, a cannabis-derived medication was put to the test and garnered impressive results on managing pain during movement and when resting. It also helped to improve sleep quality.

    These benefits along with CBD’s anti-inflammation qualities are thought to be the reason behind the reduced and prevention of nerve damage by inflammation helping arthritis patients live a healthier life and pain-free life.

    15. Helps with Depression

    The effects of depression can be drastic. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives to suicide as a result of depression.

    There are numerous avenues of treatment that can be used to address the condition. These include therapy, medication and changes in lifestyle. Finding the right cure takes time which is a luxury you can't afford when treating depression.

    What’s more, the different treatments come with varying adverse effects which include dry mouth, gaining weight and even sexual side effects.

    CBD has been found to provide faster acting results and positive effects on patients suffering from depression. The results have been attributed to the potential of CBD to enhance the signalling of the endocannabinoid system to reduce activities that increase neuroendocrine stress.

    16. Helps to Quit Smoking

    Smoking is a highly addictive habit. Quitting always presents a challenge to those who dare resulting to more failure than success.

    Most smokers trying to quit have been attempting various options which include medications, counselling and alternative methods like e-cigarettes.

    Concluded research has shown that treating quitting smokers with an 800mg dose of CBD improves the success rate by up to 40%. Apparently, CBD can help to reduce intrusive thoughts which makes it easier to go through a day without smoking.

    There are also other additional benefits that have been reported by people that have used CBD when quitting smoking. They indicate that it helps to suppress the symptoms of withdrawal including combating related pain like headaches. 

    17. Lowers Risk of Diabetes

    Earlier, we mentioned how CBD could help patients with type 1 diabetes. But, that's not all. Cannabidiol has also been found to lower the BMI index which in turn reduces chances of obesity and diabetes.

    An observational study comprising of over 4,600 men and women past and current marijuana users noted that they had lower insulin and fasting glucose levels and smaller waist circumference. All these factors are related to diabetes and Cannabinoids seems to offer protection reducing exposure to diabetes in people using CBD.  

    18. Enhance Bone Growth

    Lesser known is that bones also have cannabinoid receptors. In recent years, the use of CBD has been linked with helping to heal broken limbs in mice. In just-concluded research, both CBD and THC were used on mice but, only CBD seemed to increase the collagen structure through activated genetic pathways.

    19. CBD Might Help with Dyskinesia

    Dyskinesia is a movement disorder resulting in involuntary movement. The condition is more common as a side effect of Parkinson’s disease and some time, it is presented after therapy for schizophrenia.

    Even though no human patients have formally expressed the benefits of using CBD, scientists have conducted research with promising early results in mice. In this study, CBD was able to reduce the symptoms of dyskinesia in the mice and with time, the findings might help to improve the condition in humans.

    20. Improved Pet Health

    The benefits of CBD have not only been limited to humans. Pet lovers have also embraced the use of CBD for their pets and the market has responded by having CBD oil for pets. In most cases, CBD oil for pets is used to address the same concerns as in their human counterparts.

    It’s used for anxiety, stress, gastrointestinal problems, back pain and also to relieve symptoms of cancer. It’s commonly used in dogs, cats and horses.

    As it turns out, CBD could become the key to Pandora 's Box. If the reports and claims are anything to go by, it has far-reaching benefits with little no side effects which fit perfectly with the regimen that most people prefer. Its preventative ability could also be vital in preventing life-threatening conditions and helping both people and pets live a longer, more functional and healthier life.

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