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Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

Can CBD Oil Go Bad?

CBD oil is not particularly cheap. You might land on a great deal and want to purchase enough to last you a long time. But you're worried the CBD oil might go bad before you consume all of it. It's also possible that you came across an old bottle while cleaning out your cabinets, and you can't overcome the pain of throwing it away.

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Can CBD oil go bad or expire? It is a question that many CBD users have asked themselves at some point. If you haven't, it's only a matter of time before you ask yourself the same question.

Factors To Determine How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

A few factors determine how long your CBD oil is going to last. These range from the quality of the ingredients down to how you store it. Understanding each of these factors can help you prolong the life of your CBD oil and get more value for your money.

  • Quality

Higher quality CBD oil tends to last longer. The growing conditions, the quality of plants and the quality of any other ingredients used to make the CBD oil all determine how long the CBD will last. Read our guide on the best CBD oils to ensure you only have top-quality CBD oil!

  • Ingredient

If the shelf life of your CBD oil is a primary concern, it’s best to purchase pure CBD oil. That's because every ingredient, like flavouring, has a shelf life of its own. Ultimately, the additives can affect the shelf life of the entire product.  

  • Extraction process

Carbon dioxide extraction is the gold standard in CBD oil extraction. It maximises the level of CBD and other cannabinoids extracted from the plants. It also keeps the compounds stable and prolongs the life of the CBD oil.  

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  • Packaging

Packaging is crucial when determining the shelf life of CBD oil. CBD oil lasts longer in dark-coloured and airtight glass containers. In addition, the right packaging will help limit exposure of CBD oil to sunlight and the air.  

  • Storage

Heat and light accelerate the degradation of CBD. Storing it in a cool and dry place will help maintain CBD oil potency and keep it fresh for longer.

How to Tell If CBD Has Gone Bad?

There are plenty of ways you can tell that your CBD is expired. Some are relatively easy, while others require taking a small risk.

  • The expiration date

The easiest way to tell if your CBD has gone bad is the expiration date on the label. The label should tell you if the CBD is past its prime. If the product doesn't have the expiration label, there are other indicators you can use to determine if the CBD oil has gone bad.

  • It has a funny smell

Fresh CBD has an earthy smell. The smell of fresh CBD is not unpleasant in any way. However, once the CBD has started going bad, you will notice it has a foul odour.  

  • It's thick and murky

It's common for CBD oil to appear cloudy when it has been sitting in a cold room or the refrigerator. However, when the CBD oil is thicker and has a murky and dark colour, it’s an indication that the product is degrading.

  • The taste

Naturally, CBD has a nutty, earthy or grassy flavour. Even for artificially flavoured CBD oil, the flavour is palatable. If the CBD has a funny taste, usually like other oils that are past their days, it’s an indication that the CBD oil has gone bad.

Will Expired Oil Make You Sick?

There haven't been any reports of expired CBD oil making people sick. However, it might leave you with a mouthful of a bad taste and smell, and you won't get the full therapeutic effects of the CBD oil.


CBD oil can go bad. However, it has plenty of shelf life. Even if you don't take it regularly, it will last for a while as long as you store it properly. It's important that you choose good quality products as well for longer shelf life. 

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