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10 Best CBD Oils

10 Best CBD Oils

CBD oil is one of the most notable CBD products in the market. Even with the ever-expanding CBD market, CBD has held firm to its popularity. CBD oil is one of the best ways to consume pure unadulterated CBD. Although the formula for CBD oil is simple, involving CBD extract and a career oil, different brands follow different processes and use different career oils in an attempt to make their product stand out.

As with other CBD products, you shouldn't settle for anything other than best when purchasing CBD oil. There are tens of excellent CBD brands that offer top-quality CBD oil, and we have reviewed the top 10 below.

  1. CBDFx CBD Oil     

CBD FX Is one of the largest and most reputable CBD brands in the market. Each of the brand's CBD products lives up to its mission of delivering the purest, finest and most effective CBD products.

The brand combines fun and seriousness in all its CBD products. It has a vast range of high-quality products, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate CBD products. CBDFx uses responsibly grown hemp by licensed farmers and only picks the best plants for the extraction of CBD. This excellent start is one of the reasons why the brand's CBD oil stands out. The CBD oil is perfect even for vegans and features only the best ingredients.

Some of the CBD oil varieties under the CBDFx brand include plain CBD and flavoured CBD oil that comes in various flavours.

The plain CBD MCT oil is among the most impressive, packing quite the punch. It comes in various CBD concentrations, so you can choose what works for you. There's a vast range of flavoured CBD oils to choose from, adding a fun aspect to the excellent quality that CBDFx offers with each of their CBD oil ranges and three plain CBD oils.

  1. Somnio

Somnio is one of the best-kept secrets in the CBD market today. There are only a handful of CBD brands that embrace the boldness Somnio exhibits in the transparency of their CBD products, CBD oil included.

Each of Somnio's products embraces the company's philosophy of passion for a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle. The production process follows the best industry practices, and the packaging is the best.

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Somnio has a vast range of CBD oil products. For users that can handle the bitter taste of CBD, the brand has natural CBD MCT oil that comes in various strengths from 250mg to 1500mg. There are also flavoured options. Some of the most common flavours including lemon, orange, mint, chocolate, hazelnut, mint chocolate, among others. The diversity of the products makes the brand an excellent choice for new CBD users and experienced looking for the best quality CBD with the heaviest punch.

All Somnio CBD products have coconut oil as the carrier oil. It's a natural oil packed with long chains of fatty acids that help to increase the bioavailability of CBD in the body. Additionally, fractionated coconut oil has no flavour or smell, so it doesn't alter the taste of CBD or the flavour of the flavoured CBD oils.

All of Somnio’s CBD oils are vegan friendly, GMO-free and come with a full third-party report. The CBD oils are made from natural ingredients, making them an ideal addition to your daily health and wellness supplement routine.

  1. Koi Naturals

Koi Naturals is another recognisable CBD brand with a storied history, producing quality CBD products. Koi Naturals features in almost all leading CBD products lists. It's a California-based CBD brand and a respected member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable.

The brand was started even before the Farm Bill was started and has been thoroughly market-tested. They have remained a top CBD brand by producing high-quality CBD products and particularly their CBD oils.

Koi has a total of six CBD oil products. They come in different flavours that include Lemon-lime, Orange, Spearmint, Strawberry and peppermint. For CBD lovers that want all-natural CBD, they have that too.

You can get the various CBD oil flavours in various CBD concentrations that include 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg tinctures. 

The one thing that Koi has done differently is having a variety pack of CBD that is perfect for first-time CBD users and also those that haven't picked a preference and want to get a taste of a bit of everything to finally settle on something they like.

Although Koi might not be the most popular CBD brand, it is among the best in terms of the quality of its CBD oil and other CBD products. The brand has also done a phenomenal job of creating a well-balanced offering that caters to new and seasoned CBD lovers.

  1. Love CBD

Love CBD operates from the small, cosy town of Newmarket, Suffolk. It’s a family-owned company offering wholesome CBD products handled and processed with pristine care. Although Love CBD doesn’t have the might of large multinational CBD brands, it makes up for this shortfall by making products that have a fantastic first impression.

Love CBD has been around for almost six years. During this period, they have crafted various CBD products, including a commendable range of CBD oil products packed with high-quality CBD extract that delivers palpable therapeutic effects even when taken in small amounts.

What stands out with Love CBD is that they have stuck to their guns. The brand has stayed true to the production of CBD oil by not having flavoured options. Instead, the brand has added a spray that adds a twist to how you take your CBD oil.

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The hemp used to make Love CBD oil is grown in Holland under the strictest conditions. Each of the bottles of the brand’s famed Dutch CBD oil spray contains both CBD and CBda. The CBD oil comes in various CBD concentrations starting at 150mg to 500mg.

The Love CBD Gold Spray also falls in the CBD oil category. It only features two ingredients which are hemp extract and MCT oil. This particular CBD oil is different because it is one of the few in the market that is THC-free making it ideal for users that don’t want to consume CBD. It comes in various CBD strengths from 250mg to 1000mg.

  1. ERTH Hemp

One of the ways a CBD brand can have a firm grip on the quality of its CBD products is by being vertically integrated. Because most brands source hemp and other production processes externally, they don’t have full control of their production processes and quality.

ETRH Hemp is one of the few brands that are fully vertically integrated from seed to sale. The brand controls every aspect of production from seed propagation, growing, extraction and the finished product. As a result, users can enjoy uncompromised quality CBD oil.

All ETRH Hemp CBD oils are fully traceable, so buyers know where the products came from. In total, ERTH has three different types of CBD oils.

There's the full spectrum CBD that features less than 0.2% THC, THC-free CBD oil and water-soluble CBD oil. The full-spectrum CBD oil is packed with terpenes and cannabinoids for the full entourage effect.

The THC-free tinctures are for CBD lovers that prefer not to consume any THC in their CBD. The CBD oil is made from CBD isolate, which also makes the product easy to take because it has little to no taste.

The water-soluble CBD oil is made from the latest technology that reduces the size of the CBD molecule, so it is miscible in water. This technology makes it easier for CBD to enter the bloodstream for higher bioavailability and faster results.  

ERTH Hemp CBD oil is perfect for experienced CBD users who don’t leave anything to chance and want to purchase CBD oil from brands that can trace their products from seed to sale.


Pachamama is an outstanding CBD manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. Pachamama is known for testing for purity in its CBD products twice. The first round of tests is done in-house, and the second is done by a third-party independent lab. To keep up with its high standards of quality, the brand uses U.S. grown and sourced hemp, clean CO2 extraction methods and only the best non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp.

The brand's efforts to deliver amazing, high-quality CBD products have not gone unnoticed. The brand won the Purity Award and the best packaging award. It has also won the best CBD oil tincture, which is why it is featured on this list.

Pachamama's list of CBD oils is creative, striking and appealing. Right from the package, the brand sets an expectation, and it doesn't disappoint.

The CBD oils are mixed with a variety of nature’s best herbs and plants. These include Ylang Ylang, Holy Basil, Goji Cacao, Green tea, Echinacea, Kava kava, Valerian, Black Pepper and Turmeric.

The addition of this impressive superfoods allows the user to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil and the added benefits of the added ingredients.

The natural ingredients also add an aroma and alter the flavour of CBD slightly depending on the blend you select.

The mix blends come in two variations of 750 and 1750mg CBD concentrations to deliver the right CBD experience to all users.

If you're only interested in taking CBD and nothing else. The Pachamama Natural CBD oil is for you. It is a full-spectrum CBD blend that only features pure CBD and MCT coconut oil. The CBD oil comes in only the 750mg variety.

  1. Aztec CBD

Aztec is a relatively new brand in the CBD market. It opened its doors to CBD lovers in 2016. But, in their short stay, the brand has made significant steps towards becoming a CBD brand. Aztec runs out of a fully licensed production facility in Europe.

The brand selects the best strains of EU-approved hemp that are organically grown and GMO-free. Supercritical CO2 is their preferred method of extraction that delivers pure CBD extract without leaving behind any chemicals.

One of the reasons why Aztec's CBD oil has become so popular is because it is one of the few that has stayed true to the form of its CBD oil. For CBD users looking for pure, full-spectrum CBD oil Aztec is one of the few remaining brands that makes it the right way. The CBD is packed with all the vital terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids that amplify the effects of CBD and deliver that entourage effect.

The natural CBD comes in a vast range of concentrations starting at 300mg to 4000mg. The high concentration of CBD is perfect for CBD users that require a CBD intake. It ensures you can get the desired results while taking minimal amounts of CBD.

If you find the taste of natural CBD a little too hard to stomach, Aztec has the spearmint range of CBD products. This flavoured range of CBD products starts at 300mg to 1500mg and has cool and refreshing flavours that masks the bitterness of CBD.

  1. Naturecan

Although nature is a relatively new brand, it has grown in leaps and bounds in the CBD industry. It is firmly rooted in Ireland and focuses on harnessing the benefits of hemp to aid in relaxation, beauty and general wellness.

Most of the hemp Naturecan uses to produce its range of CBD products comes from Oregon State. The brand has various facilities on the west coast of the USA, which it hopes to use to grow its brand and increase the awareness of CBD rapidly. 

Nature has several CBD products in the market already. One of those is CBD oil. The brand has taken all the fuss out of its CBD oil tinctures and gone back to basics. It has a line of broad-spectrum CBD oils that come in different concentrations. Unlike other brands that indicate their CBD concentration in mg, Naturecan indicate it as a percentage.

The CBD oils start from 5% (500mg) CBD to 40% CBD (2000mg) of CBD. The CBD tinctures also vary in quantity. You can choose to but the CBD oil in 10ml or 30ml tinctures. This range of CBD oil is perfect for CBD users who are regularly tested and prefer to avoid ingesting any THC.

All the CBD oils have undergone extensive third-party lab testing to confirm the use of certified ingredients. The CBD oil has to through a 7-step process to guarantee composition and quality. It is vegan friendly, GMO-free and only uses organic MCT oil. If you prefer your CBD without all the bells and whistles, you’re going to love what Naturecan has to offer.

  1. Provacan

Provacan is one of the few brands that treat CBD with the seriousness it deserves. The company develops its CBD oil products in conjunction with a team of world-leading scientists at the Hebrew University to ensure they can get the most out of CBD.

Provacan uses the best CBD processing methods to guarantee the best CBD extract. Most CBD companies have vegan-friendly, non-GMO products. Provacan further provides kosher CBD products and is Kosher certified by the Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din (KBDL).

All the hemp used to make Provacan CBD oils is grown in the European Union in organic culture. It meets all the laws and restrictions set by the U.K. and the European Union, guaranteeing legal and safe CBD oil.

The only reason why Provacan is not at the top of the list is its limited range of CBD oils. Unlike other brands that have invested in various flavours of CBD oil, Provacan only has the natural CBD oil but in different CBD strengths starting at 300mg to 2400mg.

However, this is not your average CBD oil. It features active hemp compounds in addition to the CBD like phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. The CBD oil has a boosted terpene profile which includes natural non-psychoactive hemp phytocannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBC for more effective and enhanced CBD effects.

Provacan places high value on the quality of its products. All the products are third-party lab tested. The results are posted on the company's website for buyers to see before purchasing the CBD oil products.

Provacan is an excellent brand for CBD lovers that appreciate the power of CBD and prefer to consume it in its most natural state.

  1. Goodbody Botanicals

Goodbody Botanicals is a UK-based CBD manufacturer with a 160—acre farm and facility Southwest of England.  The brand is relatively new but has a positive rapport with customers receiving numerous five-star reviews for its high-quality products.

It's not just the quality of products that earn this brand praise but also the thought and quality of their packaging. Goodbody Botanicals CBD drops come in stunning packaging that gives you a good idea of what to expect once you remove the CBD oil from the packaging.

As customers get a better understanding of the CBD products they want, Goodbody Botanicals has been consistent in introducing new and creative products. Their range of CBD oils is one of the most intriguing and tasteful in the market.

The CBD oils come in various flavours, CBD strengths and some even have other natural ingredients added for more health benefits.

The range of flavours in Goodbody Botanical's CBD oil line includes orange and lemon, peppermint and the natural flavour.

Each of the flavours come in multiple CBD strength and have added supplements like Vitamin D. The various CBD strengths start at 2.5mg to 2000mg. The vast range of CBD strengths makes this an excellent choice for new CBD lovers who want to start with a low CBD dose then work their way up.

Goodbody Botanical's CBD drops come with all the tools you need to start taking CBD. The flavoured options come with a plastic syringe with quantity markings for precise and easier dosing.

Goodbody Botanical's guarantees their products are THC-free, are U.K. lab-tested, and you get the same quality every time you make a purchase. Each of the CBD oils in Goodbody Botanical's staple is designed with specific goals in mind hence the different ingredients and formula. You can choose one depending on your reasons for taking CBD oil.

All the CBD oils use MCT oil as the carrier oil to improve the processing of CBD extract and increase bioavailability.

Final Thoughts

Even with the introduction of new products in the market, CBD oil will continue to be the most popular CBD product because of the strength of CBD it can carry, and there are numerous ways you can take CBD oil. However, you should know that not all brands offer the same quality of CBD oil. For the best results, you should take time to research the best brands that have the best CBD oils. We have covered the top ten to make the task easier for you. Although you might pay a little more for these CBD oil products, you’re assured of getting the best value for your money.

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